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Ominous in a sentence

That sounds ominous.
The sound was ominous.
The weather was ominous.
(to the ominous figures).
An ominous year to start.
It was both ominous and.
This one, more ominous;.

No ominous signs, apart.
The atmosphere was ominous.
Some angels carry ominous.
His gaze was naked, ominous.
There was an ominous silence.
Nothing could be more ominous.
afraid of their ominous heights.
The ensuing silence was ominous.
But the signs were ominous as.
His voice was somewhat ominous.
The silence about me is ominous.
Rather ominous things, it seems.
CRUCIFIXION! What an ominous word.
It was an ominous, solemn feeling.
Dark, ominous clouds hung overhead.
nervously watching the ominous shadow.
Nothing ominous here, thought Nathan.
ominous darkness of the path I was on.
And the ominous, ominous dancing ahead.
Mordor; a vast shape winged and ominous.

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Synonyms for ominous

ill inauspicious ominous baleful forbidding menacing sinister threatening