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    1. If Onidas's aim was true, the infection would travel to the giant’s heart in a day or two

    2. months, because the infection will kill the rest of kidney tissue

    3. They told me that The Kid even sat with me during the dark hours, watching blood pound through the artery in my thin skinned neck as my body fought for oxygen under the onslaught of fever and infection

    4. They arrived to find Ernesto abed with a brain infection

    5. His oldest sons had ridden out to deal with Waldeis, the one who had given Ernesto the infection and now ridden off into the wild chaparral in fear

    6. He has a very strong will- that should help him fight the infection

    7. He was fighting the infection that had engulfed his body

    8. This is because there is the danger of infection due to the freshness of the

    9. Ruptured or open skin will be easily penetrated by bacteria that cause infection

    10. ’ Berndt interrupted, ‘It’s good for wounds … stops infection

    11. becoming more virulent, more invasive, and with every infection

    12. told that he had picked up a life-threatening infection

    13. is extra stress, an injury or an infection, or some other

    14. 5 May : letter from Mother - father has another chest infection

    15. viral infection, nor stop hallucinations

    16. Since they left Sol the second time, the ship had been boosting for the nearest border of Wetat, determined to be the seed of the infection called mankind that made it out of Wetat, and built their own Afterlife

    17. and a tree-moss poultice to draw out any infection

    18. ‘I’ll try, but if the infection spreads to the blood

    19. infection enters the blood

    20. still some infection inside the cavity but it could

    21. do nothing for the patient if the infection had spread

    22. The infection had entered the blood

    23. The infection was stubborn; it fled her

    24. But it seems that during Enjteen’s shift at watching that room, the airlock had been left open and it is possible that spores of the infection could have drifted out

    25. One had died and his body had been brought to the Kassikan for medical study where it was possible the infection could have been released

    26. and it was found out that he has a urine infection

    27. And then the doctor made me feel a little better when he said that if you don't suffer from high blood pressure, the high reading today is probably due to the pain and infection that is spreading from your finger throughout your body

    28. After a millennium of infection, its cells and its soul were utterly consumed by the dark power, endowing it with strength equal to the greatest of the Boulder Lords

    29. The only positive note to the battle – if it could be considered as such – was that the defenders no longer had to worry about infection

    30. "But why would you not let me near you, since there was in truth no infection?"

    31. Because of our failure, the infection continues to spread eastward

    32. "She fights the infection like few can

    33. But a full scale assault? Surely our order would have been alerted of such a widespread infection

    34. Though he believes the only way to stop this infection is to eliminate the source

    35. When we heard of the infection, eliminating the remnants of the Keeper's Guard became essential

    36. Without further words she reached out to him with her remaining charred hand and then meticulously began to inspect his massive body for infection

    37. It wasn't long before Alec was fast asleep, his nasal cavity booming louder than a thunderstorm, and soon afterwards his students began yawning, one after another, as though the weariness was an infection

    38. However, there was little she could do and rest would not slow the infection

    39. The shorter Death Guard paused, fingering the blade in its hand as it studied Tetloan's actions, perhaps uncertain his infection had been removed along with his arm

    40. But every moment the infection claimed more of him, and soon it would take his soul

    41. Already his veins had blackened and swelled to near bursting with the infection

    42. I am curious to see how the powers of the pure strain compare to this new infection

    43. When they finally stopped, the infection was all but drained from Anon’s veins

    44. If they had, maybe the God-tree of the elves would have escaped infection

    45. Jakkar was more familiar with ‘plague’ and infection than anyone present

    46. The garlic would fight off infection, though she wished she’d had it days ago

    47. What he sought was infection – the building bloodlust

    48. to cold, lower resistance to infection, and slow wound healing

    49. The Oneness had no effect on the infection -- fortunately, elven blood did

    50. The infection would spread, but his blood was strong and he yet had time

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    Synonyms for "infection"

    infection contagion transmission disease poison virus illness taint pollution bacteria disease germ bacillus communicable disease

    "infection" definitions

    the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms

    (phonetics) the alteration of a speech sound under the influence of a neighboring sound

    (medicine) the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms and their multiplication which can lead to tissue damage and disease

    an incident in which an infectious disease is transmitted

    the communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people

    moral corruption or contamination

    (international law) illegality that taints or contaminates a ship or cargo rendering it liable to seizure