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    1. ' So, hearing about the Ten Tigers was somewhat reprehensible to me, and I only wished to distance myself from any taint of exhibitionism they represent

    2. Orion also explained that the Black Wolf half of the disc represented the Shadow and the taint, and that the White Fox half represented the Power of the Light

    3. That must have been years ago in the history of Kismeria – maybe even ten years – though the taint was not felt from this time to the time he arrived with his friends

    4. He decided it was either that he was not fully within the world of Kismeria in that first short visit, or that it required all three of the Sons of Odin to bring the taint to teron

    5. “The taint will drive you into madness,” she would tell them, “and there is no way to guard against it

    6. Arig Flamebow told them he feared the taint would infect them all sooner than later, and he referred to the entire male population of wielders

    7. “There has never been anything like the taint in any of my memories though there may be information I hold that could help us find a way to avoid its affects

    8. They had also increased, the more he worked with Power; Torin told him it was the taint infecting his mind

    9. “The taint will corrupt his mind completely!” Terese interjected

    10. “Terese says the taint will drive you mad, more than you are already

    11. They are fighting over the arrival of the Saviours to Kismeria and the threat of Alit’aren going mad from the taint on teron

    12. “King Olderon of Monjor is also facing revolution as a result of the taint

    13. With the effects of the taint, it was likely he would need to increase the dose

    14. Adem still had lingering symptoms of the taint, despite accepting his evening Healing before setting out on the streets

    15. Orion had told them that they would all suffer elements of the taint in time, though Adem was always likely to show the first signs as he was already the most affected before arriving in Kismeria

    16. “I often wonder what the effects of the taint will be

    17. If his friends were already feeling the effects of the taint, how long before they also started to pose a risk to innocent lives?

    18. The idea of having another man wield the taint upon me sends a shiver down my spine

    19. The taint was a part of their destiny, a battle they would have to fight whether to win or lose

    20. Was it the taint infecting his mind or was it a sign? He needed rest and another day of Healing to set his mind right before he could make any sense of it

    21. He seized the Power; lava and ice flooded his veins to mix with taint

    22. Suddenly he considered that these men may all be wielders who were turning mad from the taint! That would be his fault for bringing the taint, and he slaughtered these men without a thought to their motives other than the belief that they served the Dark One

    23. If it was the taint that had infected them, perhaps that is why Arawn could sense no evil in the men in at The Dark Hound, because it was madness that had them in its grasp

    24. The Prophecies said that the taint would eventually turn madmen into evil men, though perhaps Adem could see the aura of men tainted with madness before they became evil

    25. For some reason, the dark colours reminded him too much of the taint

    26. He wondered if the taint was infecting his teacher also

    27. And in every future, she saw disaster for this world, great armies massed across the Free Lands doing battle with Alit’aren gone mad from the taint

    28. And in every future she saw, Adem, Carl, and Wil were eventually also turned to madness from the taint, betraying their own kind in a bloodbath of battles

    29. He released the Power and felt the eternal bliss slip from his soul, though he was glad to be free of the taint that had consumed him inside the Arch

    30. This was separate from the taint; however, it was a Power that infected both male and female Great Angels

    31. The proclamation stated that a trial would be set up for each man infected by the taint to the point of madness, before they were severed from teron and watched over for the rest of their short lives

    32. It was still uncertain whether the taint would actually kill a man, or whether he would remain mad for as long as the Power preserved his body

    33. Adem felt the Power flow into him, rivers of ice and avalanches of fire, mixed with the foulness of the taint that made him want to empty the contents of his stomach

    34. Carl shook his head as he stared at the friezes, saying, “I think I have worked out a way to filter the taint out of what I create with the Power

    35. I still sense the taint as it is a part of what I am weaving, though the final creation seems to be cleansed

    36. They would have to give up their Lukrorian Bows if that plan was to succeed, or else they too would slowly turn mad or evil from the taint

    37. If only he could find a way to remove the taint from teron

    38. He wondered if Carl could figure out a way to cleanse the taint, given his new understanding of weaves that could create something like the Holy Crosses, which were removed from the taint in their completion

    39. The taint had infected their minds to the extent that they could no longer be trusted to hold the Power, though they showed some signs of regret for their crimes once they were shielded from teron and made prisoners in preparation for trial

    40. Was it the taint infecting his mind, the Sickness, or the Darkness as the immortals called it? Or was it a part of that connection with this Angel of the Low Realm

    41. And if so, was it a vision, or a Reading, or did she simply sense the nature of his illness which was enough to intimidate her into hiding from his sight? She had some ability to see the taint, or at least the illness that infected his mind before he learnt to wield the Power, though Orion and other close confidants insisted these were one and the same thing, the taint and his illness

    42. Surprisingly, he sensed little contempt from the male wielders in regard to the Sons of Odin infecting teron with the taint

    43. What would this world look like after the Age of Chaos? Would any of the cities still stand? What of his immortal friends? Would they survive to see the next Age? How mad or evil would Orion and Tobin be if they lived another thousand years with the taint in their veins?

    44. He and his friends had brought the taint

    45. He felt he needed that as many months working with teron, and the taint, was taking its toll on his state of mind

    46. The Angel of the Underworld had done this for as long as Carl had been joined with him through the kigare, though he understood it was a new practice as a result of the taint

    47. There was another pause and then, But who will you fight for when the taint has you in its grasp?

    48. Perhaps the effects of the taint would be different for all of them

    49. “It is the taint on teron

    50. Odd! Perhaps the taint had infected all of their minds in some small way

    1. Both Ava and Tahlmute were tainted, he had to rationalize around that didn't he?

    2. Here he paused, savouring the taste of their tainted love

    3. There was no sacrifice on earth the blood of which was not tainted

    4. and His blood was not tainted with sin

    5. The vat of water in the Women’s Brigade quarters has been tainted with a slow acting poison

    6. The sky was tainted dark-red with black clouds

    7. The deafening screech of new caterpillar treads and the smell of diesel tainted eucalyptus smoke in the rising heat mixed with red dust and shifting sand, gave the site a post apocalyptic appearance

    8. but yet I have found my heart tainted by the lust for possessions

    9. Once he calmed down they had a fine Dawnsleep, only slightly tainted by the knowledge that she was home because she hadn't been lucky that Nightday

    10. A soul tainted beyond anything she had ever seen, its true identity hidden from her and from the rest of the world

    11. It depended on redeeming her tainted life, so she might join them in the favored reaches of the

    12. I know you believe they tainted you, but they never did

    13. He had discarded the tainted ern blade he had used to escape Lanshire, but he asked Gerill for another, and the sword was readily given

    14. The Sickness, they said, was growing stronger in his mind as a result of wielding the tainted Power

    15. The Prophecies said that the taint would eventually turn madmen into evil men, though perhaps Adem could see the aura of men tainted with madness before they became evil

    16. The first choice of action for dealing with these tainted souls was death

    17. Before the Power was tainted, it had been a wellspring of ecstasy, now that feeling was melded with a dark plague

    18. Teron became tainted with the power of the Dark One when the three Sons of Odin arrived in Kismeria

    19. “I feel like this chapel has been … tainted, somehow,” she responded, moving slowly, carefully to the pew she had just been sitting on with Uther

    20. “Clearly she is already tainted, and I would have no use for her here

    21. whose natural or primitive condition, independent of good and evil, has been tainted by the harmful effects of a corruptive ―society‖

    22. Many Americans would continue to die from tainted products until such a law was finally passed, perhaps under Wilson in 1912

    23. The disgraceful episodes of child abuse by some clergy – even though most of it has taken place in the Roman Catholic Church – unfortunately has, by association, tainted everyone in the Christian church

    24. Pure and raw as it is, it can still be tainted, poisoned, turned against you and God

    25. “Sin then becomes an act and it has no existence apart from the act…[Therefore] that Man was endowed with original perfection, not tainted with original sin…Pelagianism was condemned by several Synods held between 412 and 418, when Pelagius was banished from Rome, and the condemnation was confirmed by the Council of Ephesus in 431

    26. “Likely a tainted essence

    27. “The River is tainted

    28. What if her essence is tainted because of something that we…Aren’t seeing?”

    29. “Is it…Really tainted?” The canine Enma asked feebly

    30. The water sprayed angrily, and yet, not one drop of it was murky or tainted

    31. and his squadron was reminded of the tainted serum in his veins

    32. It was the first time he’d truly seen her since Ardara’s tainted essence had taken him

    33. “Ardara injected him with tainted

    34. cackled and wriggled painfully, driven insane by tainted mutation, as it took him

    35. Dacian grabbed at it, and began his attempt to diffuse the tainted essence

    36. Once a church is registered as a church, with a minister who studied theology, it is tainted and can not and will not bring you the true gospel

    37. of tainted water have escaped into the sea

    38. polished daily, and gave a poor, often wrinkled, reflection tainted by the colour of

    39. tainted as a cruel heartless monster, tight with his wallet and

    40. Our wine tainted lips and tongue move together, tasting and teasing, and our hands explore

    41. Black leaders and the politicians, both black and white, who manipulate this tainted power cannot afford to let go

    42. Such consciousness, when tainted with

    43. liance or to be tainted and dark from the absorption of the

    44. Some of the dragons on earth are so tainted by

    45. glowed with a tainted, dark reflection from the many years

    46. into the tainted material realms of this world in a physical

    47. form or they would become also tainted by the corruption

    48. tainted with the personal, that they cannot be trusted

    49. Tainted in hues of idiocy

    50. That inconceivably atrocious reality that tainted history with the blood of thousands of innocent people synthesizes the most malevolent perfidy that most deeply affected Roger’s feelings and, without doubt, the entire world in the earlier years of the 21st century

    1. Rather than tainting the elements, it drew from the Power of the elements, making the Dark One stronger

    2. This goes beyond tainting water supplies; this is about worldwide control on an unprecedented scale

    3. The State spewed out lies, tainting and moulding minds with its pollution

    4. There was no use tainting her name now

    5. Looking over the inspector’s shoulder, Terence could distinctly discern dark patches of crimson tainting the once-regal and flowing silk neckwear that was torn and stained with what was obviously Faye’s blood

    6. tainting our hands with a certain pungent foulness that could not

    7. when all of man-kind endorsed the tainting of those bloods

    8. However, as a safety measure and in order to avoid tainting any of the investigations you are presently handling, I will ask you to avoid any working contact with Merrick until he has been cleared of those allegations, and this until further notice

    9. The bleeding had slowed but he was stil tainting the fabric of the car with his

    10. The poor pastor bore his son for 2 years , one day his deformed son died relieving his parents of their burden,but tainting his father’s heart with bitterness and anger

    11. Barclays is only one of a number of global banks being investigated for further tainting the credibility of Libor, the benchmark figure that largely determines the adjustable lending rates for credit cards, student loans and many mortgages

    12. And it is exactly what you see in the demagogic insult battles for the higher leveraging ground of political and social language: the more morally charged the verbiage, the more tainting any suspicion of trespass

    13. What is entertainment? It is undead ghouls and half-human reptilian bird entities ENTERING your body: TAINTING your awareness: MEANT to distract you from becoming aware of their vicarious desire to live through you,: so you the living will not become aware of their hold over you, as they make sure you become a passive spectator

    14. Jess has the magic …but Judy’s tainting it

    15. More dangerous to the wielder, too, this weapon of wealth, double-edged with the cupidity and misery of mankind, steeped in all the vices of self-indulgence as in a concoction of poisonous roots, tainting the very cause for which it is drawn, always ready to turn awkwardly in the hand

    16. Rinse between showers to reduce tainting

    17. She is terribly afraid I may be hurt, but far more afraid of the tainting of my soul

    1. But despite the frenzied activity, an underlying futility taints the atmosphere

    2. by taints that come from without 16 ‘Samskaras’ and ‘vasanas’ are seen as

    3. The superficial need taints your perception of and your feelings for them

    4. We know a polluted planet taints air, water and land, the basic mediums in which our food is grown, harvested, and ingested

    5. Similarly, there are impurities of the mind impaired by which the mind is not pliant and wieldy, lacks radiant lucidity and firmness, and cannot concentrate well upon the eradication of the taints

    6. If the mind is freed of these impurities, it will be pliant and wieldy, will have radiant lucidity and firmness, and will concentrate well upon the eradication of the taints

    7. to the fact that a soul’s perception is colored by character (spirit), which affects, casts, or taints your

    8. That's not my meaning: but breathe his faults so quaintly That they may seem the taints of liberty,

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    Synonyms for "taint"

    contamination taint infect cloud corrupt defile sully blot besmear tarnish blur blemish besmirch pollute poison debase deprave

    "taint" definitions

    the state of being contaminated

    place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

    contaminate with a disease or microorganism