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    1. My propensity to see the larger picture and innovate came to the fore when I proposed:

    2. 5 In a utopia, there will be no impetus to innovate; on the contrary, vested interests will exert a strong and continuous force in favor of the status quo

    3. the most innovate forces in the field of bot manufacturing

    4. Complex organizations need to simplify to innovate successfully

    5. He realized that he should definitely make changes and try to innovate and push the concept in new directions, because "Even Alex Tew himself can't seem to replicate the success of Million Dollar Homepage !" Roland said later

    6. new things, innovate and test whether your efforts are bringing in the desired

    7. Being an optimist by nature, I truly believe in humanity's capacity to innovate ourselves out of the dark places our biology and self-interest often lead us

    8. innovate with time find it hard to retain

    9. Users could innovate without Stallman

    10. yers out the door; 5-6-7-8, innovate don't litigate; 9-A-B-C,

    11. He is convinced that his uniqueness is purposeful, that he is meant to lead, to chart new ways, to innovate, to modernise, to reform, to set precedents, or to create from scratch

    12. It gives us the ability to worship, express, innovate, create, and believe

    13. the masters continued to refine, innovate and evolve their systems

    14. learned and in many cases modify, innovate and adapt his original

    15. Islam doesn't enchain the creative power of individuals for developing life, but it encourages them to produce, innovate, construct and progress on condition that all this is legal, without wastefulness and they should thank Allah for it

    16. individual the intelligence to innovate in creating their next incarnations

    17. And that meant more time to innovate new tools

    18. Then their time was not used up in traveling, moving, or having to constantly innovate their tool-use to changing climates, environments, and resources

    19. It forced us to innovate and invent better tools

    20. Once a new technique in painting was developed… other painters took it, stole it, and used it to innovate even better techniques of painting

    21. Once a new technique in painting was developed… other painters took it, stole it and used it to innovate even better techniques of painting

    22. Without Galileo: scientists would never have become worshipped as a religion, scientists would never have become this religious sect of crazy people who are wedded-to and bought and owned by the most evil elite of the world, used exclusively to innovate more horror and death on this Earth

    23. We were forced by war: to innovate better killing tools, better weapons of mass destruction that the weapons the Neanderthals had

    24. But Lydgate meant to innovate in his treatment also, and he was wise enough to see that the best security for his practising honestly according to his belief was to get rid of systematic temptations to the contrary

    25. If a business doesn’t innovate successfully and defend itself, competitors will always be there to chip away at the business

    26. Does the business have a hostile relationship, in which it is constantly finding ways to pay suppliers lower prices for their goods or services? Or does it have a good relationship, where it helps suppliers innovate new products and services for the benefit of the business’s customers?

    27. Does the business help the suppliers innovate by providing them with customer feedback?

    28. Does the Business Help the Suppliers Innovate by Providing Them with Customer Feedback?

    29. The truth is that, over time, these advantages can be imitated, and if the talented managers who created these advantages leave the business, then the business will struggle to continue to innovate and create value

    30. Today teachers there are constantly encouraged to study, to innovate, to teach the same class in a new way every day

    31. Since then, the Charles Schwab Corporation has ridden the wild bull and bear markets of the past four decades, bouncing back from the crashes of 1987, 2001, and 2008 that wiped out lesser firms, taking on the slew of copycat companies that eroded its market share, always finding ways to innovate and grow in every environment

    32. Opportunities and problems are always there, but are you clear that there is a wave of technology that is going to continue to innovate and empower us as individuals and enhance the quality of life for human beings all over the earth?

    33. Large companies are often run by older and more conservative “caretaker managements” that are less willing to innovate, take risks, and move quickly and wisely to keep up with rapidly changing times

    34. If the company does not innovate the next product before the end of its current product’s life cycle, it will not be able to sustain its revenue and earnings

    35. It had served them well, it had nurtured the Territories from infancy to maturity, and he hoped the house would not innovate on the system, but for the most substantial reasons

    1. In the 2012 assembly elections, Modi would appear in 3D in an almost static position on a flat screen; this time, the technology team innovated and attempted to capture every movement, including someone serving him a cup of tea, or a towel being asked for to wipe the sweat

    2. "This book is valuable to two main audiences: project managers and senior managers…useful for dealing with one of the most difficult and pressing management challenges: developing highly innovated new products

    3. innovated songs and rhymes, games with rules, relays and other

    4. Smiling wryly, he imagined that he suddenly understood what it was like to be a veteran master of some now obsolete technology: that which he had been most intimate with had gone and innovated itself on him

    5. This is how and why: modern man invented and innovated modern abstract culture

    6. Dell innovated supply chain efficiency and sold low-priced computers to the consumers; they called it “Made to order

    1. Once these two factors came into play together, then they were given the opportunity of exploring how to exploit this overabundance by developing and innovating better tools

    2. The history of human civilization is NOT a history of living humans innovating tools

    3. The other 57 hours are spent researching, innovating, developing curriculum, and responding to students

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