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    1. God who came to introduce His Father and Holy Spirit to

    2. those things in the beginning, to introduce Himself to

    3. · Gradually introduce whole grained and sprouted cereals

    4. “I think it’s time to introduce you to the rest of the team

    5. "Introduce carbon dioxide to the cabin and have a fingerprint, those are the most sophisticated biometrics

    6. Leonora hadn't realized they had all failed to introduce themselves!

    7. My good friend Louise has often asked me to visit her at the law office she works in as a secretary, so as to introduce me to Peter, one of the lawyers

    8. In the end, he even asked me if there was another friend of mine to introduce to him

    9. Parking the two excited young people and their baggage in a café nearby with strict instructions not to wander off, she went to introduce herself to the warden, a woman by the name of Zareide

    10. ‘If you’ll let me finish, you exasperating woman! – you can then make an appointment to meet with Pippa Akeman and her cronies, explain your connection with Joris and how you wish to use your inheritence and introduce the idea of JJ – how does that sound?’ he suggested, ‘That way, they’d have a chance to consider the idea without him being there

    1. introduced Himself to us in His word

    2. Praying Mantis: The Chinese mantis was first introduced into the United States in 1896

    3. Instead a new scheme is likely to be introduced soon wherein one can but Gold Mutual Fund

    4. "doostEr," he introduced himself and they pressed palms

    5. She introduced herself, then asked, "Your note says you want someone to power up your old starship

    6. Once the last client was gone Travis introduced himself

    7. ‘Ah, the secret is that I have only introduced Liz to a very select few

    8. Version two had introduced the partial binding, whereby the device and the host's mind could inter-operate without the bother of typing or talking or displaying images on a screen

    9. Version three had introduced trans-volitional search, whereby the device would immediately seek and discover throughout the connected universe whatever topics had entered the host's little mind

    10. Aphrodite introduced him to me as Zisis, her new boyfriend, whom she already lives with

    1. Tatania dragged him from one VIP to another, introducing him before dominating the conversation with amusing epithets about speculative inappropriate behaviour from Sam

    2. " Without introducing themselves, they just nodded their heads and walked away

    3. JayJay not only performed in this extravaganza but also compered, introducing with great pride all the students he has helped hone their skills to professional status

    4. You may wonder why I have waited until I reached more than half-way through this book before introducing you to this best known of all Yoga postures

    5. Wiesse shows an unexpectedly tender side while introducing me to the birds

    6. programs available, and it works by introducing two different tones that are close in frequency, one into each ear

    7. She plays in Alan’s universe a lot, she went thru that whole game of her and Thom introducing electronics to Alan’s World

    8. The Llanberis pass has the children gasping - just as Gary intended - he’s enjoying introducing them to this, for him, much loved area

    9. Anna is virtually glowing with happiness when we arrive and ushers us in, introducing Simon with an air of pride which is delightful

    10. I was tempted to thank her for introducing me to you but thought that was a little OTT so refrained

    1. In a nutshell, that introduces you to the Law of DELIGHT

    2. ’ He said warmly, holding out his hand and shaking us all by the hand as Berndt introduces us

    3. His smile broad and proud, he introduces me to them – Guner Falke, a representative of the Waymasters and Dorintze Traught of the Printer Guild

    4. As promised, Jo introduces me to her at the end of the evening

    5. “But that introduces a happy topic

    6. Each of those different branches of trade, however, is not only advantageous, but necessary and unavoidable, when the course of things, without any constraint or violence, naturally introduces it

    7. Every such regulation introduces some degree of real disorder into the constitution of the state, which it will be difficult afterwards to cure without occasioning another disorder

    8. Those improvements in husbandry, too, which the progress of arts and manufactures necessarily introduces, leave the husbandman as little leisure as the artificer

    9. It is in the age of shepherds, in the second period of society, that the inequality of fortune first begins to take place, and introduces among men a degree of authority and subordination, which could not possibly exist before

    10. It thereby introduces some degree of that civil government which is indispensably necessary for its own preservation; and it seems to do this naturally, and even independent of the consideration of that necessity

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    Synonyms for "introduce"

    enclose inclose insert introduce put in stick in inaugurate usher in acquaint present precede preface premise bring out enter infix innovate bring in instruct lead bring conduct initiate institute ventilate bring up usher include interpose insinuate

    "introduce" definitions

    cause to come to know personally

    bring something new to an environment

    place, fit, or thrust (something) into another thing

    bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment

    bring in or establish in a new place or environment

    put or introduce into something

    bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc.

    put before (a body)

    furnish with a preface or introduction

    be a precursor of