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Introduce in a sentence

1. Allow me to introduce my.
2. Let me introduce my band.
3. To at least introduce you.
4. Brian stood to introduce her.
5. I will introduce you to.
6. He turned to introduce Grace.
7. Allow me to introduce myself.

8. Introduce a group of small.
9. How would she introduce me?
10. Now I introduce myself with.
11. I will introduce you to them.
12. By trying to introduce these.
13. Perhaps you will introduce us.
14. Permit me to introduce myself.
15. I need not introduce you to Mr.
16. He is going to introduce Tucker.
17. In the third step we introduce.
18. I’ll introduce you to Venom.
19. Then did John introduce another.
20. Let me introduce you to Roqford.
21. Are you going to introduce me.
22. Allow me to introduce them to you.
23. You are there to introduce balance.
24. May one introduce oneself,’ she.
25. Please allow me to introduce Mr.
26. Let me introduce you to the vessel.
27. We are about to introduce that new.
28. First, I must introduce my brother.
29. She had no need to introduce herself.
30. First allow me to introduce myself.
31. I'll introduce her to ya pretty soon.
32. The purpose of lungs is to introduce.
33. I was going to introduce her to Ricky.
34. That is why I introduce gravity by a.
35. Now, let me introduce some of the crew.
36. Now, I introduce the first of several.
37. Miss Shirley, permit me to introduce Mr.
38. I must here introduce a short digression.
39. This is what he says to introduce this:.
40. Then, Ill introduce you to the Garlands.
41. And Introduce Its Wonders to the Universe.
42. After I introduce you to him, you leave.
43. Come, gentlemen, and I will introduce you.
44. If you have the opportunity to introduce.
45. Such thinking would introduce some sanity.
46. It'll introduce you with the truth of life.
47. Please allow me to introduce Mister Ncgobo.
48. I want to introduce you to Otto von Eschen.
49. Please, introduce the rest of your group.
50. Let me introduce myself; my name is Velmont.
51. Anyone who wanted to introduce a bill could.
52. Come on Ted, time to introduce the next star.
53. He is also the man who tries to introduce the.
54. I want to introduce to you a special, lovely.
55. Then I can introduce my products and services.
56. You’ll have to introduce me to the old lady.
57. Then, they would introduce themselves one by.
58. Let me introduce you to my pal and buddy here.
59. You should never introduce new words related.
60. When you introduce the negative vibration of a.
61. And I suppose we should introduce ourselves.
62. You should introduce yourself to Joe Johnson.
63. The food is still alive when you introduce it.
64. You’ll have to introduce me, Lucas said.
65. He stretched out his hand to introduce himself.
66. Finally they were ready to introduce the riders.
67. Then you have to structure a plan to introduce.
68. Magda sighted the kid but didn’t introduce him.
69. Come and introduce yourself to Pastor Richie.
70. Let me introduce you, he shouted, to Mr.
71. Sarah was the one to introduce realism into the.
72. I place my arms around her and introduce myself.
73. Whenever they spoke he would introduce the name.
74. I motioned to Meana and started to introduce her.
75. But I was only trying to introduce you to them.
76. It should introduce the main characters and the.
77. Professor Cole decided to introduce another topic.
78. Sorry that I didn’t introduce myself earlier.
79. But let's introduce ourselves first, shall we?
80. I should introduce ourselves, the woman says.
81. However, I wanted to introduce some of these here.
82. You can then introduce yourself in all the forums.
83. Shiza wanted to introduce us to influential people.
84. And now I really think I should introduce myself.
85. That is, if you would care to introduce her to me.
86. I’ll introduce myself, said the man curtly.
87. To introduce change would be to have the machine.
88. Omes, my biology teacher, to introduce me to the.
89. Charles felt as though he should introduce himself.
90. I’ll introduce you to them when we have a chance.
91. Would it not have been safer to introduce monetary.
92. First, though, I should introduce myself, I suppose.
93. Guess we will have to introduce you around today.
94. He will introduce his mark which must be needed to.
95. Sometime in the future I’ll introduce you to his.
96. She actually seems relieved when I introduce myself.
97. Let me introduce you to God’s Witness, Jack South.
98. Kevin decided to introduce some of the HPC to Andrew.
99. But before that, I would like to introduce you to Mr.
100. Permit me to introduce to you her Majesty, the Queen.
1. And now by introducing the.
2. This time he was introducing his.
3. And introducing us to the Admiral.
4. As I am introducing a very new convey.
5. Introducing these flavors to children.
6. Ros-ejjon, said Rand introducing them.
7. They were subtly introducing 24th century.
8. And this is why we are introducing Amenment 2.
9. Answer: You are introducing the theme of incest.
10. They started introducing themselves one by one.
11. No, no, I’m just introducing her to Victor.
12. He motioned to the barkeep before introducing us.
13. You will be introducing your legacy to the next.
14. Enrique, may I have the honor of introducing Mrs.
15. I had the privilege of introducing these two titans.
16. Introducing poles has a lot to do with the title of.
17. We were twelve girls, introducing before the clients.
18. The captain was very formal when introducing the crew.
19. From that day on, I stopped introducing myself as Bruce.
20. Because of this, introducing the subject is made easy.
21. She had been introducing herself to people in Japanese.
22. We will need to start introducing her to the kingdom.
23. Introducing the most powerful scientifically formulated.
24. Brent, I want to thank you, for introducing me around.
25. And, finally, I have the honor of introducing to you the.
26. My name is Gary Seven, he said, introducing himself.
27. Libby most of the time and only introducing her to anyone.
28. After introducing the Evangelical, the young host asked Mr.
29. There are numerous ways of introducing innovations to give.
30. Are they introducing you to others or finding a convenient.
31. After formally introducing the rest of his family he resumed.
32. After introducing myself I told the general that I also 119.
33. He flourished his hand as if introducing him to their notice.
34. Abanir accepted the challenge and began introducing himself, too.
35. You may have problems introducing them into a tank with larger.
36. This is brought about a fear to the females I tried introducing.
37. As always, use caution when introducing these angels to your tank.
38. They follow suit, replying with hola, introducing themselves with.
39. For example, its hard to imagine that introducing exercise into.
40. Vince has been introducing me to lots of the local business owners.
41. Testimonials, really, introducing one up front is great, but they.
42. It is introducing you to the High Court and the ruling families.
43. Hey, there, Wendy said soothingly after introducing themselves.
44. The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity: Introducing The Sound Barrier.
45. Resisting the Billionaire Series - Introducing the Drummond brothers.
46. He proffered his hand and bowed slightly before introducing himself:.
47. Introducing the most powerful scientifically formulated programme ever.
48. She was trapping fish from the other ponds and introducing them to the.
49. He sat down and poured a glass, introducing himself only as RC asking me.
50. I have been entering onto this discourse without even introducing myself.
51. Don’t mention introducing him or her to your parents on the first date.
52. Theodore lost no time in introducing me to his best friend in the capital.
53. She had never had an easy time introducing her relatives to other people.
54. But Natalia was adamant about not introducing drugs at this stage of his.
55. Cock this up, sunshine, and I could be introducing you in an hour or so.
56. Wiesse shows an unexpectedly tender side while introducing me to the birds.
57. He treated me as though I was his world, introducing me to all his friends.
58. In most sales situations, there is a lag between introducing a product into.
59. This drastic action takes the form of introducing ourselves to strangers on.
60. Yes, you should quarantine your coral before introducing it the display tank.
61. This work contains ideas about the introducing of a totally new concept on.
62. Within seconds they heard her cheerfully introducing herself to the newcomer.
63. Before introducing the essential wealth skills, it is only proper to prepare.
64. After introducing himself and the rest of the destroyer’s crew to Isaac, Lt.
65. It didn’t look quite like the pictures in the books introducing the country.
66. A prophecy introducing Jesus as the heavenly messenger, preparing the way for.
67. She went and took the child and then they turned to her introducing themselves.
68. In introducing South African Breweries to the product, I had been working with.
69. He was introducing himself as the ‘Almirante’ of the Ocean Sea and the.
70. She was accustomed to introducing herself to drivers as they had saved her life.
71. Your tone of voice when introducing Jarek indicated that he was special to you.
72. I could not avoid touching on these themes if, besides introducing the concept of.
73. The story of Halfway House would not be complete without introducing you to three.
74. The concert’s going to be very informal with me introducing the pieces as we go.
75. Introducing a collection of quality resources that students should find invaluable.
76. She imagined him introducing her to a stranger, saying: This is my wife, Gwenda.
77. Introducing another bar of lag further decreases the average correlation, and so on.
78. She put her hand out towards him, as if introducing herself to a nervous, snappy dog.
79. It was instrumental in introducing both Patrick and Declan to the women in their lives.
80. Introducing himself as Murat, he glanced at Mark and offered to act as a intermediary.
81. Models proposing that psychological balance can be achieved by introducing the father.
82. After all I did for her by introducing her to Frau Hussman so she could be a strumpet.
83. I repeat, you are introducing a new principle in the mode of administering Government.
84. That shan’t be necessary, averred the prince, introducing said bloom into the.
85. The guards after introducing themselves ran to be located on the hard lid of the volume.
86. And this," he continued, similarly introducing the driver, "is my faithful servant Johann.
87. Eric this is Adriela, Adriela this is Eric Zion said introducing them to each other.
88. Acclimation is the process of introducing fish or other animals into new conditions (tank.
89. Consider that introducing people is making you money because you’re building a huge asset.
90. The students have taken their coats off and Amy has been introducing everyone to her mother.
91. They took turns introducing themselves to Than’s sister, who was courteous if not friendly.
92. The Path to Enlightenment: Introducing Buddhism (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1997), 159-162.
93. And the bulk of those views favoured introducing directly elected members into the legislature.
94. If the company is not introducing new products all the time, it is in danger of losing revenue.
95. Are you not going to keep your promise of introducing me to the fair subject of our remarks?
96. Mohammad Amin approached the commander and saluted him as an officer before introducing himself.
97. Descartes founded the study of analytical geometry introducing the use of Cartesian coordinates.
98. Carr is also the author of the popular textbook, Introducing Death and Dying (2005: Prentice-Hall).
99. Introducing the fast, smart way to show related content on your blog with thumbnail images or text.
100. By introducing Facade, the client code can use a system by simply calling a single method/function.
1. He introduced me to a lot.
2. She was introduced to me.
3. I was introduced with Rita.
4. I was introduced to this.
5. I was introduced to him.
6. He was then introduced to.
7. I introduced myself to him.
8. Doc introduced her to Henri.
9. He introduced Lyla to his.
10. I am introduced as Lintze.
11. I was then introduced to Dr.
12. You introduced in the drink.
13. He introduced himself to it.
14. He introduced Pon to Ratray.
15. He introduced himself as Dr.
16. I introduced him to my wife.
17. If you were introduced to a.
18. This month we introduced an.
19. He introduced the man to me.
20. I introduced her to Steffan.
21. I introduced myself, told Mrs.
22. He introduced himself as Leo.
23. He introduced himself as a U.
24. I introduced her to my friend.
25. We were introduced all around.
26. She was introduced only as Dr.
27. He introduced her to the new.
28. He introduced me to the Guild.
29. Jane introduced Peter and Sam.
30. I introduced Cindy and Claire.
31. The water has been introduced.
32. Kailash introduced me with them.
33. Theodore introduced me to them.
34. Rajan introduced him with them.
35. Undo was introduced in 1974 [j.
36. He introduced himself as Diego.
37. It was Pat who introduced them.
38. She introduced herself as Vera.
39. So our myth, having introduced.
40. In 1962, I was introduced to Dr.
41. He introduced himself as Joahaz.
42. Rajan introduced girls with Jeet.
43. She introduced herself as Angela.
44. I stood up and introduced myself.
45. He introduced her to his father.
46. Jason introduced Kosmo all around.
47. He introduced me with his guests.
48. It was introduced on 31 May 2012.
49. Now we’ve introduced a river.
50. We came and introduced ourselves.
51. Well, I introduced her to you.
52. You will be introduced to Doctor.
53. I was introduced to a man by the.
54. She smiled as Janice introduced her.
55. He was eventually introduced to a.
56. Canler introduced him to the others.
57. He was, and he then introduced me.
58. The next Candidates were introduced.
59. They who introduced it, abjured it.
60. Finally, a third angel is introduced.
61. Data introduced her to Garcia, and.
62. Zolla introduced the assistant medic.
63. As I sat down, Harvey introduced me.
64. I shook hands and introduced myself.
65. I was introduced with the other girls.
66. The priesthood of Belial introduced.
67. Jennabeth introduced me to the others.
68. She was slowly introduced to pasture.
69. Bilibin introduced him to the others.
70. Garcia introduced her to the dolphins.
71. The guests were introduced as Rupert.
72. This custom, introduced by Moses, is.
73. Tribe of Juda have been introduced yet.
74. The man and I were introduced, and I.
75. Television hadn't yet been introduced.
76. George introduced Liza and George Two.
77. Bilíbin introduced him to the others.
78. Gary introduced himself and the others.
79. Turning to Rayne, Kai introduced them.
80. He introduced me to the writings of C.
81. Flash was introduced in the year 1996.
82. His father was introduced to me as a.
83. Jackson introduced him as Judge Arnold.
84. Cole herself, and introduced into her.
85. New reforms were studied and introduced.
86. She introduced herself as Carolee Brown.
87. He introduced his family to the Gamers.
88. On that day we were introduced by fate.
89. I approached her and introduced myself.
90. Lucky smiled as she introduced us as Mr.
91. Haynes stood, waiting to be introduced.
92. By the way, you have not introduced me.
93. Then she introduced me to the Navy guy.
94. Their new friends introduced themselves.
95. ADA Lewis introduced his first witness.
96. Then Panos came and introduced himself.
97. An old man introduced himself as Simeon.
98. The woman stood and introduced herself.
99. Arthur introduced Donald to the lasses.
100. We embraced and I introduced her to Rex.
1. It introduces a note of.
2. She then introduces her family.
3. The man introduces himself as Mr.
4. This introduces a selection bias.
5. Lastly, Joshua introduces his 10 lb.
6. But that introduces a happy topic.
7. The soul introduces the state of folly.
8. The next line introduces a new keyword:.
9. He introduces me the the state prosecutor.
10. This segment of the Adam legend introduces.
11. Luat introduces us to the head of the family.
12. Hauptmann introduces the laws of thermodynamics.
13. Guru introduces you to the unlimited power of faith.
14. I barely take note of his cousins as he introduces them.
15. This is the epsidoe that introduces the Ferengi for the.
16. The teacher introduces various new commands and actions:.
17. Abuse and mistakes introduces the warrior’s disease.
18. In the Tenth Book Plato introduces a new series of objections.
19. They go horseback riding and he introduces her to some friends.
20. As promised, Jo introduces me to her at the end of the evening.
21. This is why he introduces himself to Polyphemus with this name:.
22. In a nutshell, that introduces you to the Law of DELIGHT.
23. As they enter the burrow the rabbit introduces the bear to the lion.
24. Her companion shakes Luke's hand before Luke introduces them as Dr.
25. Well, there's this song he sings as he introduces his creation.
26. However chapter 18 introduces perspectives that call into question the.
27. Psychoanalysis introduces us to knowledge of the oedipal problem, but it.
28. He introduces us to Paul, the manager, who lets us in without the ID hassle.
29. I mean, I know it introduces me into your vampire society and everything.
30. Coles smiles awkwardly and introduces his companions, as if it’s necessary.
31. Headwaiter/waiter/hostess introduces the buffet theme of the day by saying:.
32. His host introduces a mysterious dealer wearing a full-length white linen robe.
33. This title introduces our second general type of adjustment of reported earnings.
34. In Book One of his Enlightenment Trilogy, Jed introduces us to a process he calls.
35. It introduces quite a new element in the complicated problem of the Jewish Temple.
36. This verse also introduces the concept that God is a Spirit, there are many other.
37. The course introduces words that are useful and applicable in real life situations.
38. A person only knows about God and Heaven because some other person introduces that.
39. Chapter 25 The Lord introduces an offering of things other then money for the first.
40. This book, which introduces the Theory of Constraints, has changed business thinking.
41. Mother introduces me to David Deschanel, Sean’s father, who shakes my hand politely.
42. Oh, then it’s important that you are near to your husband when he introduces you.
43. As the population rises, the government introduces restrictions on numbers of offspring.
44. Who introduces you matters, because it tells Ms A a lot about the type of person you are.
45. He briefly introduces himself to Frank, and then tells him about the MFP and its mission.
46. This part of the book introduces networking concepts and explains both the OSI and TCP/IP models.
47. Pedro introduces me as his best friend in Rio, the one from Europe who’s teaching him English.
48. After relaxation has been achieved, the facilitator introduces interactive music to the session.
49. Volatility skewing introduces a bias into a position - a bias which informed strategist can plan for.
50. I introduce my mother to Will and Christina, and Christina introduces me to her mother and her sister.
51. Luke introduces me to his father, who I learn is a doctor only when he's introduced as, My father, Dr.
52. In the technology field, when a company introduces a new product, it can command a higher profit margin.
53. But the very size of his compensation introduces a significant change in his relationship to the public.
54. This introduces an increased demand for home purchases with better wages for the lower half of Americans.
55. You can see from the cover page that the publication introduces a charting method known as a Figure Chart.
56. In book one of his ‗Enlightenment Trilogy,‘ Jed introduces us to a process he calls ‗Spiritual Autolysis.
57. This lesson is brief and introduces you to a very helpful section in your member area that you may not be aware.
58. Bigger is Better – for the new catalogue, Elaine introduces a line of extra large hats for those with big heads.
59. As we go here and there , he introduces me to relatives, pals and acquaintances; I can't really work out who's who.
60. This chapter introduces you to the twentieth century and looks at some of the themes you can explore in the rest of the book.
61. Changing bet sizes simply introduces another degree of freedom into the equation and brings more randomness to the bottom line.
62. This lesson introduces you to ways that you can earn money using the Worldprofit Home Business Training and Earn at Home System.
63. In the Symposium, Socrates introduces Diotima of Mantineia, a wise and respected woman, with whom he discusses immortality and !ove.
64. The Alaskan Native Heritage Center, as the name suggests, introduces visitors to the culture of the original inhabitants of the land.
65. We laugh loudly at the same joke many times over, and then Jack introduces me to some other members of his family that I have not yet met.
66. In Chapter 20 of The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham, the patron saint of value investing, introduces the concept of margin of safety.
67. That position then subtly introduces and spreads the concept of redistribution of wealth with the reduction of private control of property.
68. This is an even more unusually dull and uninteresting chapter, and introduces several matters that may appear to have nothing to do with the case.
69. His smile broad and proud, he introduces me to them – Guner Falke, a representative of the Waymasters and Dorintze Traught of the Printer Guild.
70. It provides no special way to memorise the kanji it introduces which is why I would recommend this book only as a supplement to your kanji studies.
71. The rush to the outside introduces “high spirit” and the rush into the inside “low spirit”, the generation of positive emotions versus negative.
72. The smoothing afforded by the added SuperSmoother filter destroys the orthogonality of the imaginary component because it introduces several bars of lag.
73. The accountant begrudgingly introduces them to the work house director and Rapunzel is so used to introductions by now that she handles herself with poise.
74. This chapter introduces you to a consistently profitable trader (a streak of 23 months and counting) and how he does it, our next outstanding trader, Shark.
75. But when Will introduces me to Cara, his older sister, she gives me the kind of look that would wither a plant and does not extend her hand for me to shake.
76. This means that the vaccine introduces the germ in a way calculated to build up the body’s defense against an actual attack by the disease – causing germ.
77. Socrates introduces humility for the first time in the history of Western thought, that he masterfully expresses in the phrase: I know that I don’t know.
78. The fact that a few closed-end funds are selling at premiums greater than the true 9% charge on most mutual funds introduces a separate question for the investor.
79. And I have no idea who farts first, he automatically replies, having been conditioned his whole life to expect that question whenever he introduces himself.
80. Those improvements in husbandry, too, which the progress of arts and manufactures necessarily introduces, leave the husbandman as little leisure as the artificer.
81. I was going to observe, that the insatiable desire of this and the neglect of other things introduces the change in democracy, which occasions a demand for tyranny.
82. Most of the time, the efficiency of a particular route is measured by the metric value because each hop involves processing by another router, which introduces a slight delay.
83. Well, it seems that there are a lot of opinions out there about Jack and also that many are here to see if he does something spectacular or introduces the other witness tonight.
84. Every such regulation introduces some degree of real disorder into the constitution of the state, which it will be difficult afterwards to cure without occasioning another disorder.
85. Under these conditions, evaluation tools are less correlated and, hence, each of them introduces a substantial amount of additional information into the complex risk management system.
86. The estate of heaven delivers man from the bondage of sin and introduces him to the final beatitudes; the righteous man has already experienced an end of sin and all its associated miseries.
87. As its power increases in measure of its duration, State authority, though it may eradicate internal violence, introduces into life other and new forms of violence, always increasing in intensity.
88. Each of those different branches of trade, however, is not only advantageous, but necessary and unavoidable, when the course of things, without any constraint or violence, naturally introduces it.
89. Increased regulatory requirements may force a business to reinvest capital in the business that does not earn a return, such as when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduces new regulations.
90. The Enfield introduces its owner to the real India: it moves from one mechanic's shop to the next and will make you wait days on end in villages that don’t exist on any map for a supply of parts to come in.
91. It thereby introduces some degree of that civil government which is indispensably necessary for its own preservation; and it seems to do this naturally, and even independent of the consideration of that necessity.
92. He introduces us to four outstanding individuals, two of whom were assassinated in the 1960s while working for social justice that should have been accomplished during the years of Reconstruction after the Civil War.
93. Maureen, the tristate’s hardiest cancer patient, introduces me to all her friends the same way you’d show off a slightly dangerous new pet: This is Nick’s wife, Amy, who was born and raised in New York City.
94. But from the fact that the thief took only the arms when he might have taken the entire skeleton, we must conclude that he is not in a responsible condition of mind, which therefore introduces a medical side to the affair.
95. When Mary introduces a shrink-wrapped database product and defines a structure that reflects the needs of everyone in the company, there is some resistance to change because it means everyone will have to learn a new system.
96. It is in the age of shepherds, in the second period of society, that the inequality of fortune first begins to take place, and introduces among men a degree of authority and subordination, which could not possibly exist before.
97. Government authority, even if it does suppress private violence, always introduces into the life of men fresh forms of violence, which tend to become greater and greater in proportion to the duration and strength of the government.
98. The innkeeper introduces into a room a nobleman wearing a cloak and a battered round hat; the valet, Kedril, follows his master; he carries a valise, and a fowl rolled up in blue paper; he wears a short pelisse and a footman's cap.
99. Mistakes can be embarrassing, as in the probably apocryphal story of the American who, whilst trying to introduce himself as Sumisu san no komon (Mr Smith's adviser), actually introduces himself as Sumisu san no koumon (Mr Smith's anus).
100. This episode introduces the species, the Medusans, non-corporeal beings, who are believed to have the most beautiful minds in the Universe, and yet, were a human to gaze upon them with out a protective visor they would be driven instantly mad.

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