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    1. They bantered back and forth with much flirting and sexual innuendo

    2. ‘D’you want some sauce on that?’ Ozzie asked, his eyes narrowing as he considered the same innuendo

    3. Enjteen tried to get her to stay, but he had no more information, just more invective and innuendo

    4. Now, worst of all, she’d have to hear innuendo from her friends about Theoton ramming his member into the gerula’s damaged tits

    5. Also consider the pun, “getting nailed” which refers to a sexual innuendo or which means getting caught with something

    6. “So, what do I get if I win?” A suggestive leer accompanied the question, but his innuendo failed to obtain a sinister note

    7. The innuendo screamed at Amaranthe

    8. “Well I’m quite happy around these lovelies here,” said Hilderich amusingly, gesturing at the small pile of mushrooms with the hint of an innuendo that would have made master Olom instantly bash his head with whatever he would have held in his hand at the time

    9. The woman chose to ignore the innuendo in her husband’s last remark

    10. Really sexy yet it was just innuendo, not even shockers by today’s standards

    11. The fine innuendo

    12. Still, by innuendo and blatant

    13. The unreality and horror the Primagnon had outlined by statement and innuendo, pushed him further into his malady

    14. little at a time through Dialogue, Innuendo, Action, who the

    15. From rumor and innuendo I am led to believe that it is a nightclub

    16. stream of lies and innuendo in his daily reports to his uncle

    17. For now, people in wheelchairs don’t shuffle about with any sexual innuendo

    18. recalled fond memories of lunches filled with flirting and innuendo

    19. They're my favorite simply because the name is steeped in sexual innuendo

    20. Obviously he was picking up on the innuendo because

    21. He resented the aspersion upon his manhood that Peta’s cuckolding him entailed; the laughter and innuendo he’d have to put up with from his friends and neighbors, but really, who cared? What the hell could he do about it anyway? And if you can’t do anything, then why get all excited about it?

    22. In case you missed it, that’s sexual innuendo

    23. While Roopa was too young and inexperienced in life to infer Tara’s innuendo, the latter for her part was puzzled to understand what was at the back of Roopa’s mind

    24. ‘Only after I allowed her to,’ said Roopa who brought milk for him then, and when Sathyam left to the toilet, Sandhya paid back the innuendo with a smack on Roopa’s seat

    25. While Sandhya laughed at the remark, Raja Rao was pleased with her innuendo

    26. Before Loki even has a chance to purse his lips at her disappointing inability to grasp that little bit of sly innuendo, Beatrice hits him on the back of the head

    27. registered the innuendo and attempted to connect with its server MyndSky to report a possible suspicious statement

    28. tact he could sense the totally brazen innuendo

    29. “Aren't you a subscriber to their weekly reality webisode, The Terrorist Next Door?” he again interrupted, because he was enamored with his own snide innuendo

    30. ” voicing themselves through EvEx, half of VAL decried the innuendo

    31. ringing the cash register with needless innuendo and drama

    32. Innuendo by the press destroyed both of their lives

    33. " She answered ignoring his mischievous innuendo

    34. Over three hours of implausible plots, violent action, exaggerated acting with the modern-day nayikas bursting into song every five minutes, loads of sexual innuendo together with religious piety and moralizing

    35. "What else did you give her?" The sentence was laced with sexual innuendo

    36. It took him barely a second to understand the inferred innuendo and when it hit him, he saw red

    37. Sex, sex, everywhere there is the promotion and image of the sex act through image and innuendo, but which is not necessarily a behaviour to personally fulfil Self in a satisfying and meaningful way

    38. ” Trent’s voice was infused with innuendo, and there was an edge of mean in his eyes

    39. „This is merely psychological innuendo, is it not? „For me it is not innuendo,' he replied

    40. His reply was as usual, flamboyant and riddled with esoteric innuendo

    41. „And you're beating about the bush,' said she with such content of innuendo that we both

    42. I ignored this innuendo and waited for Captain Nemo's

    43. What exactly was the hard way? Was he going to send some goons around to rough her up? Was there some sort of sexual innuendo intended? Her dalliances with Adam had been a little rough sometimes, but that was mostly because of the illicit nature of their affair

    44. Innuendo of home rule

    45. Ladies who like distinctive underclothing should, and every welltailored man must, trying to make the gap wider between them by innuendo and give more of a genuine filip to acts of impropriety between the two, she unbuttoned his and then he untied her, mind the pin, whereas savages in the cannibal islands, say, at ninety degrees in the shade not caring a continental

    46. For instance when the evicted tenants question, then at its first inception, bulked largely in people's mind though, it goes without saying, not contributing a copper or pinning his faith absolutely to its dictums, some of which wouldn't exactly hold water, he at the outset in principle at all events was in thorough sympathy with peasant possession as voicing the trend of modern opinion (a partiality, however, which, realising his mistake, he was subsequently partially cured of) and even was twitted with going a step farther than Michael Davitt in the striking views he at one time inculcated as a backtothelander, which was one reason he strongly resented the innuendo put upon him in so barefaced a fashion by our friend at the gathering of the clans in Barney Kiernan's so that he, though often considerably misunderstood and the least pugnacious of mortals, be it repeated, departed from his customary habit to give him (metaphorically) one in the gizzard though, so far as politics themselves were concerned, he was only too conscious of the casualties invariably resulting from propaganda and displays of mutual animosity and the misery and suffering it entailed as a foregone conclusion on fine young fellows, chiefly, destruction of the fittest, in a word

    47. That was a definite sexual innuendo

    48. So that he was disconcerted by my innuendo, and shortly after left the shop, I trow, with small inclination to propagate any sedition against me, for the abbreviation I had made of the Michaelmas galravitching

    49. Lewis is badgering the defendant, smearing him with innuendo in a transparent attempt to bias the jury against him

    50. without a touch of innuendo

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    Synonyms for "innuendo"

    innuendo insinuation slur affront slight

    "innuendo" definitions

    an indirect (and usually malicious) implication