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    1. That was certainly a clear insinuation about me too; and I, as usual, kept on acting the fool lest I should lose that great friend

    2. from rebuking the insinuation, before realising that he was

    3. The insinuation that her people were any less clean than Ithacans was nothing next to everything she’d suffered

    4. the restaurant across the street, and the insinuation brought a blush

    5. ” The insinuation was there, aimed like a poison

    6. I’d love to oppose the notion that we are the only deep thinkers in the universe I’d also love to repeal the belief that we cannot survive without governing And most of all I’d love to strike down the insinuation that I am a poet Because most of all,

    7. ” And such is the power of a constantly reiterated insinuation, that the

    8. She went so far as to intimate that his refusal to espouse the nationalist cause at her behest was insubordination, a violation of his pledge made upon their return from Jerusalem that he would be subject to his parents; but in answer to this insinuation he only laid a kindly hand on her shoulder and, looking into her face, said: "My mother, how could you?" And Mary withdrew her statement

    9. ‖ The challenge in the coach‘s voice wasn‘t lost on Junior Otterfoot as he shuffled to the sand pile doubling as a pitcher‘s mound, his reddening face pulsating as much from the truth of the coach‘s insinuation as the frustration of it

    10. “Let’s expand that depth,” she said, passing on the negative insinuation of possessing knowledge no one would believe

    11. In Jonah the same insinuation applies;

    12. Elizabeth sighed as though annoyed by his inability to comprehend her insinuation then stated clearly, “Because he murdered Faye in cold blood

    13. “Oh,” Lord Ashburn said with disappointment and discomfort at the insinuation of Faye’s disappearance

    14. Julius didn’t like the insinuation

    15. Ellis recognized the insinuation

    16. Mary Catherine thought she understood the insinuation

    17. His face turned red at the insinuation, but he kept his calm

    18. Barron’s face paled visibly at the insinuation of the remark

    19. The insinuation, however, made the true meanings of the remark perfectly clear

    20. Bernard’s insinuation that I might have had something to do with

    21. His silence was a clear insinuation that things really got fucked up

    22. She ignored the insinuation, but took note; it was true what Angel had told her - he had a thing for nerdy girls

    23. While I was not pleased with your mother’s overt insinuation, I saw

    24. Even Toby and James looked mildly disgusted at the insinuation

    25. They include the demand for symbolic and substantive accommodations in political, economic and legal areas (for example, special treatment or rights for Muslims in the workplace, in public spaces and by government); the opportunity to penetrate and influence operations against government at every level; and the insinuation of the Trojan horse of “Shariah-compliant finance” into the West’s

    26. There is no more asking that proverbial rhetorical insinuation, “Where were you when they came for x?”, for we have already come for us all, in the guise of what all life holds sacred: nutrition and health

    27. By so doing, you will witness the evil that is folded within the devil’s insinuation, thus preventing you from following it and allowing yourself to keep away from it

    28. And if insinuation is made against you by the evil one, seek refuge in God

    29. “And if insinuation is made against you by the evil one, seek refuge in God…”: this is addressed to the believer; “…He is the All-Hearing, the Omniscient

    30. Going by the avalanche of frightening revelations, I found it very difficult coming to terms with the insinuation that he could bore acrimony towards me all these years but merely pretended as if he was a good friend

    31. Let me hasten to say that I had never spoken to him, and should not even have known what he was like if he had not worn eyeglasses, so that the Man of Wrath's insinuation that I affect the sanity of my gardeners is entirely without justification

    32. I didn’t like the insinuation that staying inside all week somehow indicated I had become a bit mental

    33. She did not miss the insinuation and laughed

    34. However…the insinuation, the message they are trying to convey to the masses has another side to it

    35. ” I ignored the insinuation

    36. Still, he couldn't resist a little sexual insinuation in his response

    37. They used scenes of well-known childhood people and objects hiding their eyes whilst things happened by insinuation verbally, mentally and physically abused on the screen

    38. Had he ever been a spy himself? No, he scorned the base insinuation

    39. Of course the merest hint only--an insinuation--but why an insinuation even? How dare they? What foundation have they? If only you knew how furious I have been

    40. Does by their own insinuation grow:

    41. It was good to see Laurie square his shoulders, and smile with masculine scorn at that insinuation, as he replied, with his "high and mighty" air, "Amy is too well-bred for that, and I am not the sort of man to submit to it

    42. an air of conceited satisfaction, as much as to say--'My last insinuation has done the business--she begins to know her own interest

    43. I did not, though intimidated by the last insinuation, scruple to declare, that I would not allow him to squander the money left to me for far different purposes, but offered him five hundred

    44. sensations, that hailed and accompanied the stiff insinuation all the way

    45. A ten year old would have gotten that loud and clear insinuation

    46. This insinuation was a home thrust, and one that in a more advanced state of society would have entitled Magua to the reputation of a skillful diplomatist

    47. such a flame as mine that can do justice to that sweetest, noblest of all sensations, that hailed and accompanied the stiff insinuation all the way up, till it was at the end of its penetration, sending up, through my eyes, the sparks of the love-fire that ran all over me and blazed in every vein and every pore of me; a system incarnate of joy all over

    48. The insinuation set up his birses; but she bamboozled him with her banter, and raised such a laugh against him, that he was fairly driven from the council room, and I was myself obliged to let her go, without exacting the fine

    49. I never saw any mortal man look as that pernickity personage, the bailie, did at this joke, but I suppressed my own feelings; while the bailie, like a bantam cock in a passion, stotted out of his chair with the spunk of a birslet pea, demanding of Mr M’Queerie an explanation of what he meant by the insinuation

    50. The old man was mightily taken with this insinuation, and acknowledged that it would give him pleasure to be a bailie next

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    Synonyms for "insinuation"

    ingratiation insinuation innuendo allusion hint intimation suspicion idea suggestion

    "insinuation" definitions

    an indirect (and usually malicious) implication

    the act of gaining acceptance or affection for yourself by persuasive and subtle blandishments