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    1. I realise Athens too has its unfair share of insidious tourist traps just like Cornwall and no doubt the traffic is nightmare and yes, it's a sprawling jumble of concrete and marble, of ancient and modern, of the implausible and the miraculous, but then they say Athens teems with spectacular sights, superb cafes, and much more that you just won't find in any modern city

    2. insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are

    3. there is another kind of pride that is insidious and

    4. Apothecary to be put in such an insidious position, but what

    5. Subversively anticipated and constructed with insidious precision, will Culminate in a sort of rupture, or breaking through from one side Into the other—the unconscious breaking through into Consciousness—or rather, unconscious becoming

    6. Bittel in his book, “Right on Time” (McGrawHill, 1991) calls procrastination an insidious temptation that plagues all of us

    7. To judge whether such retaliations are likely to produce such an effect, does not, perhaps, belong so much to the science of a legislator, whose deliberations ought to be governed by general principles, which are always the same, as to the skill of that insidious and crafty animal vulgarly called a statesman or politician, whose councils are directed by the momentary fluctuations of affairs

    8. „The pages reek with your self-pity so poorly disguised as regret, with the phoniness of your self-condemnation, with that insidious quality of your contrition, which is that of a materialist who cares not for God and is therefore not contrition at all, but only despair for the consequences of your actions

    9. Mustache combined with an insidious gutless wonder who doesn"t know the meaning of „justice

    10. Even without full nuclear strike capability, the Russians retained the option of their most insidious weapon: The Nano soldier

    11. ” She had little to base theories on, but she had found that comment Hollowcrest made about fixing the emperor’s tea insidious

    12. Or perhaps most common of all, some insidious disease or germ that could sometimes spread in the confines of a ship and take its crew without much effort

    13. I am not speaking of income taxes, which every citizen is expected to pay his or her ―fair‖ share, however the (morally) insidious Estate or ―Death‖ tax, that truly constitutes a miscarriage of justice!

    14. for example, an attitude, that, may appear charming and pleasant on the surface while in fact concealing a darker, insidious nature; that is to say, external impressions are oftentimes misleading

    15. Was this the Dark Healing that he'd been warned about during his training? In his attempts to cast the insidious voice from his mind, had he somehow activated it?

    16. He should have personally eradicated the lot of them, a long time before they developed the propensity to spread their mewling half-truths and insidious propaganda

    17. He reminded himself to be wary though; perhaps the pale man was a ruinous force in disguise, a servant of those that would always be evil, seeking to corrupt men and everything good and wholesome that the Pilgrim tried to protect from their rotting grasp and their insidious machinations

    18. There was something insidious about this man, and he made no effort to hide it

    19. The Christians of the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire seem to have had more trouble fending off this insidious influence

    20. with an insidious thumping

    21. and that makes them even more insidious than Socialistic hypocrisy

    22. By the insidious flow

    23. With its insidious all-encompassing

    24. Considering the insidious WHY in this context really allowed

    25. Thus it is the most insidious

    26. The most insidious of temptations

    27. Of the insidious temptation

    28. A new form of slavery had been established, all the more destructive as a result of the insidious evolution of the internalization of the slave mentality

    29. “We have discovered a vast and insidious conspiracy, whose aim is nothing less than the overthrow of most of the leaders and governments on Kellaran

    30. “However, we have learned that many of the worst crimes that have been committed on Debivin, over the last one hundred and twenty years at least, crimes both magical and mundane, have indeed been perpetrated by members of the insidious conspiracy

    31. “Your mortal enemies include every member of the insidious conspiracy, and every one of the criminals whose livelihoods have been threatened or curtailed by the crackdown

    32. “There is no guarantee that The Just Alliance will prevail against those they refer to as the insidious conspiracy

    33. “It was a passionate speech, and it’s a convincing argument to those who don’t know that Sorrin was an evil person and a leading member of the insidious conspiracy, who have murdered many

    34. “We have publicly refuted him, re-iterating that Sorrin was a leader of the insidious conspiracy and therefore shared responsibility for dozens of murders, and declaiming any interest in war with Venak

    35. “What are the chances that we’ll be able to learn anything about the involvement of those in Serminak with the insidious conspiracy, without the assistance of someone there?”

    36. Right now the number of people who’ve been directly hurt by the insidious conspiracy is very tiny compared to the number who’d be hurt in a war

    37. And, if all that hadn’t happened, the whole world would soon have been taken over and dominated by the insidious conspiracy

    38. “I be Senchak, Overlord of Kletiuk, and it is my great honor to announce that just moments ago, over my own Hall of Government and within it’s very courtyard, did the Six of Hilia defeat some ninety assassins of the insidious conspiracy! The counter-attack of the Six was so swift and so devastating that I was unable to discern what happened in any detail, but as you can see here, great energies were exchanged!”

    39. “I salute you all; the Six of Hilia, the elves of Hilia, who have together given The Just Alliance a major victory over the insidious conspiracy, and saved you from being assassinated to boot!”

    40. Of course almost every member of the insidious conspiracy in all our nations fled to Venak, as did almost every career criminal in The Just Alliance

    41. “And before you go prattling on about peace and co-operation between us, know that I did indeed direct my subordinates to initiate the activities you have described as the insidious conspiracy

    42. “We came together to deal with the threat of the insidious conspiracy, but we have triumphed, and that threat is no more!”

    43. Three hundred and forty-one of us were slain by the insidious conspiracy before it was discovered

    44. Sixty-one years ago, in one of the first violent acts of the insidious conspiracy, they firebombed a warehouse in Pabaks, a city in northern Thon

    45. They are victims of fraud and deception, the more insidious forms of enslavement, as opposed to the obvious bondage of forced labor

    46. On the contrary, I am presenting this commentary to show that it is very important to delve into the past history of the concepts and the several examples of the failure of Socialism, because the consequences of this insidious system do influence substantially the workings of our society today

    47. In other words, it has been the gradual but insidious penetration and manipulation of government by those who would impose their socialist philosophy on all citizens by stealth

    48. * I am not sure, but is the seriousness of the insidious socialist encroachment beginning to be obvious? I have wondered for years, how could this inferior socialist philosophy bear support among intelligent free people? Four elements constitute the most plausible answer: 1) the socialists are inspired by the godless religion of Socialism, 2) the drive for power effectively uses the manipulation of the emotions and actions of the lesser-educated ‘masses,’ 3) support for Socialism can be attributed to the concepts of the anti-capitalistic mentality23 plus the biased media, and 4) the ‘anointed’

    49. These examples are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of insidious socialistic programs past, present, and future

    50. Through these laws, the government is extending their insidious control over people’s lives

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    insidious pernicious subtle beguiling evil corrupting cunning deceitful treacherous tricky wily crafty artful

    "insidious" definitions

    beguiling but harmful

    intended to entrap

    working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way