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Instrumentality in a sentence

Hitler’s instrumentality of terror was the gespacho.
choice of goals as well as the choice of the wherewithal or instrumentality to achieve such goals.
Two opinions have long prevailed in the Church as to the instrumentality by which divine grace reaches the soul.
There is no thought in my mind but it quickly tends to convert itself into a power and organizes a huge instrumentality of means.
He believed without effort in the peculiar work of grace within him, and in the signs that God intended him for special instrumentality.
, if our body decays), we have a building of God a (spiritual) house not made with hands (not of human instrumentality), eternal in the heavens.
setting-in of a new current for his ambition, directing his prospects of "instrumentality" towards the uniting of distinguished religious gifts with successful business.

Besides, we have detected that the effectiveness of forecasting the risk by the instrumentality of the index delta depends on the magnitude of expected market fluctuations.
Miss Scarborough, through the instrumentality of whose condisciples and the randy Mrs Beaufort, that riot at Widow Fenton’s began, which ended in expurgating the town of the whole gang, bag and baggage.
There were hours in which Bulstrode felt that his action was unrighteous; but how could he go back? He had mental exercises, called himself nought laid hold on redemption, and went on in his course of instrumentality.
Not only young virgins of that town, but gray-bearded men also, were often in haste to conjecture how a new acquaintance might be wrought into their purposes, contented with very vague knowledge as to the way in which life had been shaping him for that instrumentality.
There had been something in the carriage of our new member, before he left the town, that was not satisfactory to me, forbye my part at the election, the which made me loth to be the first to ask for any grace, though the master was a most respectable and decent man; so I advised Mr Scudmyloof to apply to Provost Pickandab, who had been the delegate, as the person to whose instrumentality the member was most obliged; and to whose application, he of course would pay the greatest attention.

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