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Instrumentation in a sentence

melody to be harmonized with instrumentation.
They are at the limits of our instrumentation.
war had developed some new instrumentation that showed.
On-board instrumentation should be able to pick up the.
has a lot of instrumentation is probably a likely choice for.
western-dance beat, usually full of instrumentation; then, I.
doctors and a myriad of high-tech instrumentation, including a.

in the far wall that appeared to be some sort of instrumentation.
instrumentation, but everything had virtually shut down, and the.
Just some expendable remote instrumentation that biology would use.
He looked up from what he was doing with the instrumentation display.
walls were various panels of instrumentation that were about six inches.
measure tool deflection with the right instrumentation, but outside of a.
All that was on in that shuttlecraft was instrumentation and life support.
That turns on the instrumentation so we can determine the ship’s status.
You have to trust the instrumentation, he interrupts my erotic reverie.
State changes their instrumentation would forever remain unable to detect.
She couldn’t help think that the cockpit instrumentation looked nearly.
were flown visually, often without instrumentation and there had been some.
All the fabricator programming for his instrumentation was in that package.
wild, missing Perez all together and smashed into the ship's instrumentation.
Local instrumentation is provided as documented on the P&IDs to aid in system.
He's probably the top expert at atomic level instrumentation of any soul aboard.
He was able to ask, Is there anything about the instrumentation you noticed?.
What problem could we have with our instrumentation? Kelvin asked her in response.
Well sir, I still have that anomaly in the instrumentation that I can’t account for.
analyses must be carried on through instrumentation (electronic microscopes and computers).
He’s saying the results are meaningless when the instrumentation violates accepted theory.
Standard remote instrumentation stuff, Elmore said, staying at the user interface level.
The project I took on like this was a hi-tech instrumentation product development for a large.
The Pink Dawn doesn’t have that instrumentation, or a fabricator to make it, Alan said.

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instrumentation orchestration instrumentality