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    1. Alcohol would only intoxicate a man, but it was raw poison to my family

    2. · Drunk = NT3182= Meth uskoo = intoxicate, under the influence of alcohol

    3. He forced himself to step forward, ignoring the rush of power that threatened to intoxicate him

    4. This proves how low Newtonians can go to solicit absolute fraud and intoxicate student’s minds in

    5. � In some cases, we intoxicate ourselves in one way or another to try to find our way and ameliorate the pain of not finding it

    6. The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it

    7. “You intoxicate me, Miss Steele, and you calm me

    8. Her destiny began to intoxicate her

    9. There are sudden revelations which one cannot bear, and which intoxicate like baleful wine

    10. The jades are very charming, their poison which bewitched me would intoxicate Monsieur Orfila

    11. Some plants daze or narcotize or intoxicate the fish but most have the effect of taking oxygen from the water so that the fish come to the surface in search of aerated water

    12. Blood and power intoxicate; they aid the development of callousness and debauchery; the mind then becomes capable of the most abnormal cruelty in the form of pleasure; the man and the citizen disappear for ever in the tyrant; and then a return to human dignity, repentance, moral resurrection, becomes almost impossible

    13. It is only thus that we can explain that terrible tension with which the men of our time incline to intoxicate themselves with wine, tobacco, opium, cards, the reading of newspapers, travelling, all kinds of spectacles, and amusements

    14. Every art, from architecture to poetry, is enlisted, in order to move and intoxicate the human soul

    15. On the way the recruits went on an uninterrupted spree, in which they were not interfered with by their elders, who felt that going to such a mad business as the one to which the recruits were going, abandoning their wives and mothers and renouncing everything holy to them, in order to become somebody's senseless instruments of murder, was too painful a matter, if they did not intoxicate themselves with liquor

    16. All these temptations are so great that they evidently intoxicate the author: he succumbs to them, and, though he continues to work out his novels as regards their forms, and does it even better than before, and even loves what he describes, he no longer loves what he describes because it is good and moral, that is, because it is loved by everybody, and hates what he describes not because it is bad and despised by everybody, but only because one thing accidentally pleases and another displeases him

    17. The religious superstition is encouraged by establishing, with money taken from the people, temples, processions, memorials, and festivals, which, aided by painting, architecture, music, and incense, intoxicate the people, and above all by the support of the clergy, whose duty consists in brutalizing the people and keeping them in a permanent state of stupefaction by their teaching, the solemnity of their services, their sermons, and their interference in private life—at births, deaths, and marriages

    18. —The roots pounded and boiled, are used instead of soap to wash blankets; likewise to intoxicate fishes, by strewing them pounded on the water

    1. "It is because my programming is so advanced that I am able to become intoxicated and thus expound wisely on any subject

    2. highly intoxicated, I ran into my pastor

    3. The natives of the world ahead of them live lives of ease and sloth, constantly intoxicated, constantly indulging in indiscriminate intercourse with strangers

    4. ROBERT: On the night of April 12, as you observed her, did Samantha seem intoxicated?

    5. As it was, she was so intoxicated that she just went along and tried to participate in the encounter as much as she could

    6. intoxicated, falling asleep on the couch next to Ed’s chair

    7. He was glad there was no alcohol, he didn’t want to start an argument over why he shouldn’t have any and he didn’t want to be intoxicated if an opportunity to call the ship came up

    8. ” You could almost say that the Father is intoxicated by your love

    9. They didn’t want to become intoxicated as they talked

    10. It was Sunday evening and rather than finishing my homework, I was intoxicated by my mothers’ journal

    11. The sensation intoxicated me

    12. Though not intoxicated now, their legs were still unsteady

    13. With that, the angry and intoxicated Nord left the counter, hiccupping and bumping into things as he exited the tavern

    14. He could not stifle a chuckle at the sounds of an irritated and intoxicated Vulwulf Snow-Shod growing more and more boisterous

    15. We don't want you getting intoxicated on it

    16. The rest of the evening was spent at The Dark Hound, listening to the musicians and the female singer, drinking dark ale and allowing an intoxicated calm to wash over them

    17. I was pretty confident that I had killed him as well as Smith and I was feeling both exhilarated and intoxicated I needed no more vindication for the execution I had carried out then what had been done to Rosie and Bert

    18. A society intoxicated by the dynamics of words rather than influenced by their factual substance (and meaning) is easily governed!

    19. Colling decided that Harms was the least intoxicated, and suggested he drive the second truck, while Colling himself would take the first

    20. It intoxicated me and I felt as though I were floating

    21. He felt drunk, intoxicated

    22. Judging by the bottle in his hand and the brightness of his face, he’s intoxicated, or on his way there

    23. It got messy at the end when a few highly intoxicated people decided to finish the cake in the pool by bringing tables and chairs in the water

    24. unqualified or incompetent, often intoxicated

    25. Drunk: Intoxicated in the natural, or with wrong beliefs, or in the Spirit; affliction; under the influence of an evil spirit or unruly flesh; overcome; under

    26. I heard somewhere it is finally possible to prosecute a guy for sex with a girl that was intoxicated precisely because she couldn't consent (agree or think clearly enough to agree to sex with the guy) while she was under the influence

    27. Too often cases where the female was intoxicated are cases that are difficult to prosecute (meaning that too often guys don't get in trouble for it

    28. With just a few of the risks mentioned above that are possible to suffer, any female that is thinking clearly will never think it's worth it to try sex before marriage – especially drunken or intoxicated sex – not even once

    29. 2) If a jerk doesn’t try to get you intoxicated then he’ll try and show you some porn to convince you that normal or cool women have sex with guys without being married to him first

    30. drunkenly as he moved, intoxicated by his inability to compute

    31. She wanted to stop watching this programmed, stop hearing about those she knew were real and deal with it some other time she wasn’t intoxicated on wine, tired and needing the comfort of her Marshal to help her forget things

    32. I stood there laughing at Akito's intoxicated state

    33. Analysing them now, I could almost bet my top dollar, if I had one on me, that they were sired on drunken rampages when their fathers and mothers were so intoxicated they couldn’t care less about whose lives they were ruining

    34. 60 They then gave him wine and he drank and became intoxicated, and they placed before him a beautiful damsel, and he did with her as he liked, for he knew not what he was doing, as he had drunk plentifully of wine

    35. Since Emily appears intoxicated, the thought of leaving her vulnerable again, delays my thirst

    36. of the House and Senate escaped ticketing and arrest last year for a variety of traffic offenses ranging from speeding to driving while intoxicated

    37. It has been very easy for other aggrieved social groups to be intoxicated by the cyanide of Marxism

    38. and Europe had not first been intoxicated with the vapors of Marxism that floated out from Germany

    39. 60 They then gave him wine and he drank and became intoxicated and they placed before him a beautiful damsel and he did with her as he liked for he knew not what he was doing as he had drunk plentifully of wine

    40. I found all of them intoxicated; I found none of them thirsty; And My soul became afflicted for the sons of men because they are blind in their hearts and do not have sight; for empty they came into the world and empty too they seek to leave the world; But for the moment they are intoxicated

    41. made its way under moonlit skies out of Station Wilmette harbor in search of intoxicated boaters

    42. She said that your father, while extremely intoxicated,

    43. the best that I simply walked out the room, passing an intoxicated Mr Campbell, who’d no

    44. He wasn't tired or intoxicated or anything

    45. intoxicated ones, would buy anything to take home and show off as souvenirs to friends and

    46. Weekend after graduation and I work two intoxicated manslaughters, only to find seven dead teenagers

    47. She would under normal circumstances cook dinner but she was intoxicated

    48. I felt its taste in my mouth and it intoxicated me

    49. From afar I heard Leonardo’s’ voices scrubbing in my face his vapid reprimands; but my spirit intoxicated by the brandy ethyl fumes exalted my mood for the alcoholic beverage, and I could little elucidate the coherence of his words

    50. except the one who’s intoxicated with God

    1. Here is an opinion that does not contradict the medical science but offers quite a different view: Members of the group that are considered victim of the disorder have been invaded by an immaterial entity that suppresses immediate reality and intoxicates the victim with irresistible obsessions and compulsions

    2.  Loves money and power and intoxicates its citizens with the same love

    3. A house so filled with love that it intoxicates the entire town! ”

    4. How the past creeps when we close our eyes, how it spreads and smothers and kills our wings so that when we wake we can barely walk, how it intoxicates us, fuels our malevolence, separates us from spirit and ash, a justification, a summation, a definition which is only known to one and is poison to the soul

    5. The writer Colette once wrote, “There are days when solitude is a heady wine that intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison that makes you beat your head against the wall

    6. Children who contrive to be beautiful and contented,—that intoxicates me

    7. “Imagine me, Alexey Ivanovitch—a broken man,—not simply broken, but gone at the root, as it were; a man forced to change his whole manner of living, after twenty years of married life, wandering about the dusty roads without an object,—mind lost—almost oblivious of his own self,—and yet, as it were, taking some sort of intoxicated delight in his loneliness! Isn't it natural that if I should, at such a moment of self-forgetfulness come across a friend—even a dear friend, I might prefer to avoid him for that moment? and isn't it equally natural that at another moment I should long to see and speak with some one who has been an eye-witness of, or a partaker, so to speak, in my never-to-be-recalled past? and to rush—not only in the day, but at night, if it so happens,—to rush to the embrace of such a man?—yes, even if one has to wake him up at three in the morning to do it! I was wrong in my time, not in my estimate of my friend, though, for at this moment I feel the full rapture of success; my rash action has been successful: I have found sympathy! As for the time of night, I confess I thought it was not twelve yet! You see, one sups of grief, and it intoxicates one,—at least, not grief, exactly, it's more the condition of mind—the new state of things that affects me

    1. It would be intoxicating if it weren't for the visceral fear of mutilation and death it induces

    2. Life was suddenly infinitely intoxicating

    3. The warm drink, Tesh, was tasty and he guessed, intoxicating

    4. He rose and looked down at her, using the velvet voice again he asked, “What is it, little one?” Her scent was intoxicating

    5. It was intoxicating, sensual, and it felt so natural

    6. He buried his face in her hair and found the scent intoxicating

    7. The air was icy cold and fragrantly fresh, almost intoxicating

    8. man’s fear, his warm blood; it was intoxicating

    9. He knew they were brands of intoxicating beverages, “Oh no thank you,” He said, “I’ve got to keep traveling

    10. The deeper she breathed to clear her head, the more his intoxicating cologne fill her every senses

    11. After a few more deep breaths, without his intoxicating cologne, she was ready to go in to the meeting

    12. was intoxicating, and the surrounding grape-vined hills

    13. It was even odder that they consumed intoxicating drink

    14. “Your scent’s intoxicating,” he said

    15. brilliant! Never is the breeze so intoxicating! Never is the poet so

    16. Lack of sleep can have an intoxicating effect on your body

    17. Beth arrived bubbling with exuberance about Puriscal, the feisty stallion and the intoxicating charm of La Hacienda

    18. With the weight of them pushing and laying on it, the pipeline finally began to sag, and crack and leak…they could not eat the hot stinky fluid that came out, intoxicating though it undoubtedly was to bathe in the warm wetness

    19. Swallowing pill after intoxicating pill served only to increase tension in the midst of already electrifying horror

    20. He wanted to smell her, he wanted to capture as much of that intoxicating smell as he could

    21. Beth had been strolling along the path that wound its way among the bungalows, allowing the intoxicating scents of flowering shrubbery, tended so lovingly by Cecilia and Alberto, to waft away the troubles of her world when, from the bungalow that had now become Herminia’s, she’d heard weeping

    22. He polished off the cup of grog, which gave a nice warm feeling in the guts, but he felt little intoxicating effect

    23. This poon potion, more intoxicating

    24. After absorbing the gorgeous performances on stage and the intoxicating music, we’d get home about midnight: elated, drunk on the experience - and get out the wine

    25. It was intoxicating

    26. I inhaled his intoxicating scent; gently stoking the hair on his nape “You seem a little tense

    27. “If intoxicating someone to have their way with them is considered a valid means to get some by the good guys I don’t want to know what the bad guys would do

    28. His body still felt as hard and warm as I remembered, his scent still as potent and intoxicating

    29. The Sun's intoxicating warmth soon fades away, however, and yesterday's darkness returns thereafter

    30. to use the adrenaline that kept rising to intoxicating levels

    31. “Norka’s Special is green and cold and refreshing and mildly intoxicating, and delicious

    32. The nearness of him; the light but pleasant, intoxicating animal smell about him caused her to press herself into the hardness of the muscular body under his jumpsuit

    33. I inhaled the odor of freshly overturned earth, the intoxicating smell of my work, smiled, gingerly slid out of the jeep and limped to Kendy and Matt

    34. Smell the sweet fragrance of romance’s intoxicating perfume

    35. We were running through tall grass, and the scent of a thousand different flowers made the air intoxicating

    36. was intoxicating, causing her heart to beat faster

    37. The scent she wore was heady and intoxicating, leaving his

    38. It was intoxicating and he had to restrain himself from shouting ‘Violet is dead! I’m free! I can do whatever I like!’ It was better than being drunk, although in some ways similar

    39. Interpretation: The Three of Cups proposes intoxicating height s of

    40. as intoxicating as the last time he’d felt it thirty years before with

    41. We were both breathing heavy, and I could smell his masculine sent, it was intoxicating, He was surrounding me everywhere, with the heat of his body, his strong arms wrapped around me, his muscular thighs beneath me, I just couldn't get enough of him

    42. After these ceremonies and the making of the vows to abstain from all intoxicating drinks, to let the hair grow, and to refrain from touching the dead, the family proceeded to Jerusalem, where, before the temple, John completed the making of the offerings which were required of those taking Nazarite vows

    43. Through it all, I remained passive even though the scent of their blood was intoxicating

    44. The smell of her was intoxicating in my nostrils

    45. There was wheat and there were weeds, and one clump of the weeds had an intoxicating smell

    46. sandwich he was eating was intoxicating

    47. He gasped several times, feeling the intoxicating air sweeping down to his lungs

    48. His presence filled the entire room, along with an intoxicating aftershave that was making her crazy

    49. He was already awake and aware that it was Liloe from when she had first entered the hut, and he turned and drew her intoxicating body beneath him

    50. But he wondered now if it was Alteria’s beauty, the vulnerable state of her voice and the hypnotic gaze of her blue eyes and her intoxicating sweet smell that made him reply, “I won’t fail the Dielenganns

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    Synonyms for "intoxicate"

    intoxicate inebriate soak elate lift up pick up uplift invigorate animate stimulate excite turn on thrill befuddle drug dope up confuse

    "intoxicate" definitions

    fill with high spirits; fill with optimism

    make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)

    have an intoxicating effect on, of a drug