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    1. Water slowly, allowing the earth to get soaked

    2. vegetation, soaked through the sole of her boot

    3. at himself and he did not know if the blood that soaked his garments was his,

    4. Cosmicblasto would be soaked by Trixy, but there were other

    5. Marshall stood there soaked

    6. in his rough white whiskers, in the folds of his sun soaked skin,

    7. the flow of life ebbed and soaked into the cold stone sill

    8. At this camp they spent an uneventful Dusksleep, wore Alan out with sex-as-entertainment for Nightday, got soaked in a massive electrical storm for Dawnsleep that they dried out of thru Morningday of the week they finally walked out of that wilderness

    9. I glance at my boots now claggy with clay as well as soaked

    10. The entire vat needs to be replaced as the wood would have soaked up the poison by now

    1. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music

    2. Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water (such as a hot tub or bath) before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep, but it should be done early enough that you are no longer sweating or over-heated

    3. If there is a drought, it is better, rather than sprinkling lightly, to water twice a week, soaking the soil to a minimum of 4 inches, or not at all, for shallow watering causes roots to spread out near the top where they will be baked by the sun, becoming unable to withstand drought

    4. Despite my screaming bruises and the blood soaking across my tattered face, I managed to spring up and land astride Robbie’s chest

    5. He lay there watching her sleep, soaking in the scent of her, and remembering the evening before

    6. The water is starting to sweep across the deck, a surge of chilly water washes over the top of my boots, soaking my socks … urghhh!

    7. A shivering fit brings him to his senses soon enough though and, with a filthy look in my direction, he goes off into a corner of the room to divest himself of his soaking clothes while I do the same by the fire

    8. Goodness knows what state our boots will be in tomorrow after their soaking

    9. Whether it was the preparation of a new meal, or a more efficient method to perform an already familiar task, they were like sponges soaking up the attentions and instructions of their parents and Great-uncle

    10. Roman stood with eyes shut and punch dripping down his face, soaking

    1. A beat passes while John soaks in this revelation

    2. ’ He said, his temper flaring as he picks up the tent and soaks his hosen in the process

    3. As he soaks and lathers under the hot stream he returns to thoughts of Maggie and Jock

    4. Maggie soaks a tea towel under the cold tap and starts to wipe away the congealing mess of mud and blood from his hands and face

    5. “Red wine soaks into cedar wood,” she told him

    6. Move, we have about thirty minutes before the rain comes and soaks everything

    7. He soaks himself into his work, taking time each day to pour over scientific procedures and learn skills acquired by other states, cities, countries

    8. Blood from his face and neck soaks the carpet beneath and Curly Pete pulls the cushion from Razor Mick's hand and slides it gently underneath his head; �He was a good friend, he always said he would go first

    9. up, and the humidity soaks

    10. The water instantly soaks through my pants and hits my legs, ice-cold

    1. Allow to soak in the direct sun and moonlight for 24 hrs

    2. Bark: Allow bark to dry on sun tray, then grind bark to powder, place in panty hose, tie into ball and add to container of water and allow to soak for 24 hrs, strain through filter

    3. Seeds: Grind seeds with coffee grinder, place into panty hose, tie into ball and allow to soak for 24 hrs

    4. Flowers: Pick flowers, allow to dry on solar tray then grind into powder with mortar, place into panty hose and allow to soak for 24 hrs

    5. Johnny fell, winded and gasping, feeling his shirt soak with blood

    6. He tightens his grip on me, holding me closer than ever and murmuring soothing noises as I soak his shirt with tears

    7. It was given off by the fabricators mounted to the Lula's great top plate, a sandblasted foot of soft iron in a circle, meant to soak up all the snowflakes they would hit

    8. By the time that he did make the connection he was sinking to the floor and losing consciousness, his head and shoulders wrapped in an old bath towel that his step-mother had thrown over his head as she struck to soak up the inevitable streams of blood

    9. ‘You’d better have a nice long soak in the bath after dinner

    10. “I’ll have to heat some water to soak this in

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    Synonyms for "soak"

    soak soaking soakage douse dowse drench sop souse imbue hit it up inebriate intoxicate fleece gazump hook overcharge pluck plume rob surcharge hock pawn penetrate infiltrate infuse percolate saturate flood wet immerse drown mop dry

    "soak" definitions

    the process of becoming softened and saturated as a consequence of being immersed in water (or other liquid)

    washing something by allowing it to soak

    submerge in a liquid

    rip off; ask an unreasonable price

    cover with liquid; pour liquid onto

    leave as a guarantee in return for money

    beat severely

    make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)

    become drunk or drink excessively

    fill, soak, or imbue totally

    heat a metal prior to working it