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Issuance in a sentence

The first issuance is for two years.
Higher stock prices encourage the issuance of equity.
Since, in this case, there is no basis for the issuance of recipes.
The issue is callable in whole or in part anytime after issuance at par.
A total of 2 million shares were reserved for issuance in the 1987 annual.
I list the most popular types of gold coins, by country of issuance, here:.
The quotation of the common was aided by the issuance of rights, as explained above.

Perhaps the most striking example of this financial operation was the issuance by the NVF Corp.
The privilege of converting is sometimes not operative immediately upon issuance of the obligation.
Remaining market cap growth was diluted by new and secondary issuance boosting the number of shares.
The issuance of options results in present, or potential, dilution of common stockholders’ interests.
The financing scheme outlined above called for the issuance of $85 million worth of debt by Corporation.
Only adding share buybacks but not share issuance, as is sometimes done, would overstate effective carry.
One debate is whether to use dividend yields or broader payout yields that include stock buybacks and issuance.
From a creditor’s point of view, cash payments by a company are very different from the issuance of stock options.
With minor exceptions, the issuance of stock options has no effect whatsoever on the creditworthiness of a company.
One parking ticket here in the city of Myrtle Beach that was paid in full the day of issuance in cash two years ago.
In the typical case bonds were callable fairly soon after issuance, and at modest premiums—say 5%—above the issue price.
The strong possibility that this privilege would be of value made the bond almost uniquely attractive at the time of issuance.
In the real world, there are myriad reasons justifying the issuance of and the existence of preferred stocks; here are a few:.
Although there are certain common causes (earnings announcements, takeovers, issuance of securities, and so on) each case is unique.
In other words, the issuance of $10 million of preferred stock would allow the company to increase its senior borrowing by $80 million.
These prices were later reduced through the issuance of additional stock at $100, in accordance with the standard antidilution provision.
Eliminating the estimated earnings mentioned in the preceding paragraph the exhibit at the time of issuance and thereafter was as follows:.
The strong results may partly reflect corporate managers successfully market timing their equity issuance to coincide with expensive market levels.
With the country in Europe fighting the war, he opposed the issuance of war bonds since they would force the workingmen and -women to pay for the conflict.
Nevertheless, they did possess a keen understanding of how option and warrant issuance can affect the future value of the issuing company’s common stock.
In the mid-1990s, according to Merrill Lynch, roughly $15 billion in convertibles were issued annually; by 1999, issuance had more than doubled to $39 billion.
The first stage is that of original issuance, when investors are persuaded to buy the offering at a full investment price not justified by its intrinsic merit.
The Department of Energy has contributed to the problems by their issuance of rules and regulations concerning the construction of nuclear plants and refineries.
For example, the fast growth of securitized assets or the Chinese stock market capitalization in the past 20 years reflects more new issuance than high returns.
Nonetheless, the price of the stock doubled soon after original issuance, and any one of the brokerage-house clients could have gotten out at a handsome profit.
At the high price soon after issuance the heedless public was paying much more per dollar of earnings and assets than for most of our large and strong companies.
A mind sworn to the preservation and protection—and propagation, if possible—of logical thinking, has to take serious issue with the issue of our own issuance.
Coincident with the issuance of seven shares of stock for one and the tripling of the cash-dividend rate in 1922, this policy of understating earnings was terminated.
In such cases the earnings available for the common during the earlier period must be increased by whatever gain would have followed from the issuance of the additional shares.
Dilution may arise through split-ups, stock dividends, offers of subscription rights at a low price, and issuance of stock for property or services at a low valuation per share.
I will not try to track world wealth over time, but I remind the reader that any time series of market capitalization evolves over time both due to asset returns and to net issuance.
The conventional public issue of senior securities with equity privileges has only very small amortization, or sinking fund, provisions that operate in the early years after issuance.
They quickly find buyers; their prices are often bid up enthusiastically right after issuance to levels in relation to assets and earnings that would put IBM, Xerox, and Polaroid to shame.

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