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Jakes in a sentence

1. She also saw TD Jakes.
2. The jakes been slowing up.
3. She ran over to Jakes car waving at me.
4. This got Jakes attention, and he sat up.
5. He kicked open the crazy door of the jakes.
6. Jakes father is responsible for choosing who dies.
7. One had Ben and Jakes family Jay, Jay's girlfriend Kate and Paul.

8. She shook her head slowly and her eyes looked directly into Jakes.
9. I looked back at alien girl and she glanced towards Jakes empty seat.
10. Well I think that’s the last thing on Jakes mind but I’ll try.
11. Jakes rage was instantaneous and the monster was turned to dust before he finished.
12. Daniel was in heaven, he was holding on to Kate, and also to the ridge on Jakes neck.
13. Jakes eyes twirled and he chuckled and replied; things are really coming along quite nicely.
14. He pulled back the jerky shaky door of the jakes and came forth from the gloom into the air.
15. Victore was still standing there, too close to her, when they heard Jakes voice a bit far off.
16. She held onto the box with the kitten and set it between two ridges on Jakes neck in front of her.
17. Kate looked scared and I could see from under the table that she was holding tightly on Jakes hand.
18. The travel up here already took it out of me and then meeting Chris and Jakes family and friends, partying, drinking and crying.
19. Jakes parents, they know everything, Jay being gay, me being paid to be his girlfriend, me and Jake she said the last bit in a whisper.
20. He raged and ranted; this is all Jakes fault, that disgusting, love projector! He thinks that love is the answer to all the world’s woes.
21. After they got together Jakes family didn’t approve of them being a couple but Jake didn’t care he was so in love with Kate he’d give up the world for her.
22. Jakes brother, he's seeing a young girl called Kate, that one over there I pointed over at Kate who was standing with Gemma and now Lilly who had joined them.
23. Big John flew to Jakes side and told him that the Black Bull who led them had taken off to meet up with about 200 more dragons he had in reserve for Dragons Hill.
24. And so we sail’d southward to go Slaving, in the Grip of a capricious Master, who us’d us more as Boys than Women, as Jakes or Close-Stools rather than Human Beings.
25. Tom, Zack this is my brother Ben, sister Gemma with her husband Karl, Connor, Jake, Jake's brothers Paul and Jay, Jay's girlfriend Kate, Jakes sister Lilly and Leah I said with one big mouth full.
26. I knew that foul exhalations like these daily rose in our cities, and crept along the ground, just as high as the spirits of lampblack and saline oil could elevate; falling, soon, by native baseness, into oblivion, in the jakes.
27. But now I must go back again to that horrid Jakes and capture with my Quill the shaken, weeping seventeen-year-old Wench, who unlockt the Door, and with unsteady Tread, bloody Thighs, and bloody Linen, crept into her borrow’d brothel Bed to fall asleep and dream of the Home she had fore’er lost, whilst in her teeming Brain she could not ascertain—either by Logick or the wildest Guess—whether she would bear a Babe in nine Months’ Time or no; but she suspected the Truth and it terrified her.

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