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Privy in a sentence

His privy must have been an.
I’ll leave it in the privy.
Look, I’ll check the privy.
Peter was privy to Guy's secrets.
Only old Tom was privy to these.
I was glad the privy was so close.
Who knows, we're not privy to the.
Comes to the privy coffer of the State.
I’m not privy to that information.
The privy stuck out from the palace wall.
The privy shaft was too small to climb.
What I really need is a privy, not a prayer.
David) that they were privy to this secret code.
Now the independents were privy to one of his.
You may not have been privy to it, but we all were.
I do not believe Gowron is privy to this information.
Jesus reports that only the elect few are privy to this.
However, his wife was never privy to the content of his.
As I said, they have an arrangement to which I'm not privy.
He held my hand again and we were bonded as we left the privy.
Not privy to what else She shared, I pray what follows doth.
Recently I was privy to a discussion that took place in a jail.
She hobbled outside, crossed the farm yard, and used the privy.
Then he recalled an incident that his wife had made him privy to.
This knowledge was a gift to Me since privy to the great unseen.
He thought about everything Trentkamp had been privy to in the past.
However, neither does the investor need to be privy to the latest.
It was said that Yorthops could be privy to Tdeshi’s drug habits.
I'm not privy to a lot of it and I've lost touch with most of them.
Perhaps he will lose only the Use of his Privy Member, perhaps more.
Decisions were made that we are not privy to, and now we begin again.
I was really glad not to have been privy to whatever Cordus had said.
It even had its own privy set into a small stone alcove in the outer wall.
During the past several generations the world has been privy to a panorama.
The cabin was just large enough to hold a bunk, table, chair and privy pot.
They also buried four metal canisters in the barn under the privy floorboards.
However, we were not privy to the exact growth Capex figure (just total Capex).
The British Privy Council couldn’t get the Church to budge on that last point.
Privy to the pains of rape, women became the Achilles’ heel of his tranquility.
We don't have any soldiers who are privy to the full project, apart from you two.

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