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Privy in a sentence | privy example sentences

  1. His privy must have been an.
  2. I’ll leave it in the privy.
  3. Look, I’ll check the privy.
  4. Only old Tom was privy to these.
  5. Peter was privy to Guy's secrets.
  6. I was glad the privy was so close.
  7. Who knows, we're not privy to the.
  8. I’m not privy to that information.
  9. Comes to the privy coffer of the State.
  10. The privy stuck out from the palace wall.
  11. The privy shaft was too small to climb.
  12. What I really need is a privy, not a prayer.
  13. David) that they were privy to this secret code.
  14. Now the independents were privy to one of his.
  15. You may not have been privy to it, but we all were.
  16. I do not believe Gowron is privy to this information.
  17. However, his wife was never privy to the content of his.
  18. Jesus reports that only the elect few are privy to this.
  19. As I said, they have an arrangement to which I'm not privy.
  20. Not privy to what else She shared, I pray what follows doth.
  21. He held my hand again and we were bonded as we left the privy.
  22. Recently I was privy to a discussion that took place in a jail.
  23. She hobbled outside, crossed the farm yard, and used the privy.
  24. This knowledge was a gift to Me since privy to the great unseen.
  25. Then he recalled an incident that his wife had made him privy to.
  26. He thought about everything Trentkamp had been privy to in the past.
  27. However, neither does the investor need to be privy to the latest.
  28. It was said that Yorthops could be privy to Tdeshi’s drug habits.
  29. I'm not privy to a lot of it and I've lost touch with most of them.
  30. Perhaps he will lose only the Use of his Privy Member, perhaps more.
  31. I was really glad not to have been privy to whatever Cordus had said.
  32. Decisions were made that we are not privy to, and now we begin again.
  33. It even had its own privy set into a small stone alcove in the outer wall.
  34. The cabin was just large enough to hold a bunk, table, chair and privy pot.
  35. During the past several generations the world has been privy to a panorama.
  36. They also buried four metal canisters in the barn under the privy floorboards.
  37. However, we were not privy to the exact growth Capex figure (just total Capex).
  38. The British Privy Council couldn’t get the Church to budge on that last point.
  39. We don't have any soldiers who are privy to the full project, apart from you two.
  40. Privy to the pains of rape, women became the Achilles’ heel of his tranquility.
  41. Most recently I was Financial Privy Secretary of the Civic Authority of Bojoston.
  42. Who knows, her man might be ignoring her whoring though privy to her peccadilloes.
  43. The Privy Member is a Specialist; but the Tongue, verily, is a Jack-of-all-Trades!.
  44. Hesper didn’t come out of her cheese shed much these days, except to use the privy.
  45. Were you privy to anything that the defendant told the detectives that morning?
  46. It was as if everything on the planet was privy to some knowledge that escaped Trevain.
  47. Atlai woke up in the middle of the night feeling natural urges that called for the privy.
  48. I’m serious, Trey, Diondra said, continuing a conversation Ben wasn’t privy to.
  49. Another incident, to which I was privy and played a part in, occurred towards the end of.
  50. What did the Judicial Committee of Privy Council declare in the famous case of Shepherd V.
  51. They all stood alone from the other world; the darker, secret world that I was now privy to.
  52. Raymond Phillips had been a Commander in the US Navy, and privy to top secret work done at.
  53. The doctor appeared in the doorway having just come back from the privy behind the building.
  54. He exchanges another look with Tori, laden with messages that Gregory and I aren't privy to.
  55. Vulcans are subject to the same social conditions that all social creatures are privy to.
  56. Everything does happen for a higher reason, though our rational mind may not be privy to it.
  57. Avi and Helen often traded small private jokes between them that the others were not privy to.
  58. But the intelligence he was privy to as the expedition's technology officer told him it wasn't.
  59. Whatever it was it had an agenda that I either no longer remembered or had never been privy to.
  60. Zorandi knew about the secret of Earth’s past; he was one of the few privy to such knowledge.
  61. She’ll give ye Sea Sponge an’ Pigeon Blood an’ show ye how to stuff it in yer Privy Hole.
  62. The more bonds the individual was privy to at the moment of death, the greater the sense of loss.
  63. Similarly, investors are not privy to negotiations with creditors over interest rates nor are 38.
  64. That is correct, he possess information that is not privy to normal humans, Jupiter answered.
  65. She did love to be privy to such kinds of information and could be the soul of discretion herself.
  66. Dorro wasn’t privy to the conversation, but knew instinctively she was telling him horrible news.
  67. His best chance was the privy next to his father's office in the administrative wing of the palace.
  68. Not the most popular, it was far from the bar and the maid’s notice and directly next to the privy.
  69. The door to the privy opened and Victor walked in with a smirk on his face and a pair of white shoes.
  70. Father Andrew asked the detective if there was any more information to which the group could be privy.
  71. Suddenly they find themselves privy to the deepest, darkest secrets of other still-living human souls.
  72. President Pallas has allowed you to shower with freedom, but only if the door to the privy is sealed.
  73. That’s the irony of woman’s life, lamented the widow, who was privy to Kusuma’s predicament.
  74. As an insider in Johnson’s affairs, he was privy to lots of confidential information about his client.
  75. There was a blanket on the floor, a privy bucket and a set of old chains which they attached to my ankles.
  76. She liked things simple: a cooking area, a privy, a bedroom and a public room where she entertained guests.
  77. He thought I was privy to something, and when his strong-arm tactics didn’t work, smooth talk and money.
  78. I felt no shame as I allowed his fingers free access to touch me in places no man had been privy to before.
  79. He was never privy to any secrets, be it complaints about Hasini’s husband or her coping with married life.
  80. There was a little cat-boat in the lagoon behind it, a nice roasting firepit and a privy under a lean-to roof.
  81. Back in the days before his father had met his mother, the world was much more privy to the wishes of the gods.
  82. The night was not totally black, and she could make out vague shapes: the duck house, the privy, the pear tree.
  83. He was not part of the drug operation and was not privy to any of the operational activities that went with it.
  84. When it was time to empty out the privy, you went off to bed, so that you would be rested for school the next.
  85. Their owners were not privy to any information that was unknown to me; they simply processed it more objectively.
  86. He has many informants – most of'em whores and most I'm privy to feed enough foul leads to keep him busy enough.
  87. Like every house in town, Elfric’ s had a long, narrow strip of land at the back with a privy and a rubbish tip.
  88. If Nicaragua hoped to survive, agitators privy to critical information could no longer hide behind legal maneuvers.
  89. He was embarrassed by the sounds that he’d only moments ago been privy to and by the degradation that lay before him.
  90. Though he was privy to most of the workings of the Disciplinarium, he had not known the dungeons extended to such a depth.
  91. We did five years with one piece of land, went right through to the Privy Council in London and still we got turned down.
  92. I didn’t think it was the time to make him privy to the Enchanted Text’s prediction on my future, so I shut up instead.
  93. The trapeze is said to stand in high favor amongst State counselors—counselors in office, even amongst privy counselors.
  94. After she used the privy and washed her face in a basin of cold water from the spring, Praegon unlocked the nursery for her.
  95. Supposedly by that time, there were many portents about Muhammad’s prophethood, about which Abu Talib cannot be but privy.
  96. Norma Jeane had a great deal of empathy for her mother because she was privy to a story only those closest to the family knew.
  97. Did they then know each other? O Wonder pil’d on Wonder! There were more Things here than I was privy to! That much was clear.
  98. In several places in this book I quote bits of conversation or delve into the thinking to which only Joe or Joyce were privy.
  99. She was privy, one evening, to the hopes of her aunt Norris on the subject, as well as to her feelings, and the feelings of Mrs.
  100. This crisis is its first serious chance it has to get at her and it used all its political clout to influence the Privy Council.

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