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Jolt in a sentence | jolt example sentences

  1. Then a jolt as he.
  2. A sudden jolt of the.
  3. Locke woke up to a jolt.
  4. Suddenly she had a jolt.
  5. I came awake with a jolt.

  6. With every grind and jolt.
  7. A jolt ran through the boat.
  8. It was just a bit of a jolt.
  9. There was a jolt in his head.
  10. Grandpa said he felt the jolt.
  11. With an unexpected jolt from.
  12. A jolt of nausea tore into him.
  13. I had got up with a jolt as he.
  14. Chico felt a jolt in his stomach.
  15. A jolt made it tremble through.

  16. With a jolt, the sleigh took off.
  17. A jolt of shock surged through her.
  18. Suddenly he had a jolt in his mind.
  19. Another jolt and the shop lifted.
  20. A jolt of pain flashed through her.
  21. It had given him a jolt, naturally.
  22. The second jolt was more obvious.
  23. Instead of a brutal jolt resulting.
  24. She became aware of them with a jolt.
  25. A jolt of energy causes me to stiffen.

  26. He felt a jolt rush through his chest.
  27. A jolt of electricity surged through me.
  28. But his jolt of energy has me wound up.
  29. A jolt ran through Janelle at his words.
  30. Avery came out of her reverie with a jolt.
  31. With a jolt, he stopped just short of the.
  32. The mention of Ares sent a jolt through me.
  33. With a heart-stopping jolt the apparatus.
  34. This caused me to jolt awake and sit up a.
  35. But then, a sudden jolt of terror struck me.
  36. Just the blast wave which felt like a jolt.
  37. With a jolt of panic, he skipped back a step.
  38. In a final grinding jolt, all movement ceased.
  39. There was a loud bang and she woke with a jolt.
  40. A jolt of energy suddenly hits me and I flinch.
  41. Every jolt increased Emory’s ratcheting fury.
  42. There was no searing pain, but wow what a jolt.
  43. With a violent jolt, the trailer lurched forward.
  44. I felt a sudden jolt of paternal love for this.
  45. There was another jolt, and the raft heeled over.
  46. Dane rose to his feet, careful not to jolt Athens.
  47. Orphenn’s eyes widened in a jolt of realization.
  48. Nangong Ping had a jolt in his head, and he asked.
  49. This caused a jolt of panic to go through Obeast.
  50. The jolt of reentering from the warp was palpable.
  51. Farah then administered another defibrillator jolt.
  52. The second jolt was not so bad, the first fire bolt.
  53. Gary woke and jumped as the plane landed with a jolt.
  54. The sound was so loud it caused Neil to jolt in fear.
  55. Troy felt a jolt of panic and snatched his hand away.
  56. The horses halted, trying to back away from the jolt.
  57. I struggled to listen and felt my father jolt and sit.
  58. With a jolt of unwelcome cognition, I got to my feet.
  59. Ignoring the jolt of pain from his ribs, he stood up.
  60. The mild jolt of electricity pouring through his body.
  61. He felt a tremendous jolt to his heart as he saw the.
  62. The smell, at least, might jolt her back to the world.
  63. A jolt of energy hit the house and I stumbled to the.
  64. Then his tone seemed to change and it gave her a jolt.
  65. There was a jolt, just before the explosion occurred.
  66. Checking behind, Tarkon was unable to counter the jolt.
  67. Seeing her reaction, Merthin felt a jolt of satisfaction.
  68. As I continued my search for food, a sudden jolt hit my.
  69. With a jolt he realized that he had forgotten about Dex.
  70. What’s wrong? asked Chris, waking up with a jolt.
  71. The blow connects and a jolt of pain runs up her knuckles.
  72. It was then that I got the jolt of my life! No doubt, the.
  73. Feng Mantian received a jolt and he immediately said aloud.
  74. Nangong Ping was with Ye Manqing when he had a sudden jolt.
  75. The sudden jolt of increasing speed caused Fred's neck to.
  76. At every jolt over the pavement, a drop of blood trickled.
  77. His hand lingered on mine, and I felt a jolt of electricity.
  78. I imagine they felt the jolt and heard the sounds, and so.
  79. Her body gave one, quick jolt before she melted against him.
  80. That made something jolt with a higher intensity in his body.
  81. A sudden jolt and the breath was punched out of him once more.
  82. There was a sudden, powerful jolt that nearly caused him to.
  83. She looked away from him in a jolt, as she suddenly got angry.
  84. Windforce but the maiden in purple simply received just a jolt.
  85. Neil looked down and what he saw made him jolt up causing the.
  86. Lady Proudness received a jolt this time and her laughs ceased.
  87. I prepared myself for the jolt this time as I was getting use.
  88. Hank nearly jumped out of his skin with the initial jolt of it.
  89. A sudden jolt of fear rang through him, and he blurred to her.
  90. She felt the jolt of slowing down to her physical body and it.
  91. Did the killer know she was still alive? A jolt of panic set in.
  92. With another jolt, she found herself sinking faster than before.
  93. As he became increasingly frustrated with himself, he felt a jolt.
  94. Nangong Ping had a jolt in his head and he regained his composure.
  95. As soon as I said those words, I felt a jolt straight to the heart.
  96. Kubrick probably delivered a jolt to the world view of the average.
  97. Shaking his head, he realised with a jolt that he’d almost fallen.
  98. A jolt ran through Hadaen and he stiffened momentarily at her words.
  99. There was a jolt, and then he realised he was in some sort of sack.
  100. Veronique shivered as a jolt of passion ran through her entire body.
  1. His heart gave a jolting thump.
  2. The van was bucking and jolting.
  3. And jolting jarred the window-frames.
  4. A jolting pain seared across her back.
  5. My cell phone rang jolting me out of my stupor.
  6. His mother screamed! There was a jolting, a plunging.
  7. Jim mounted the pavement, jolting the two of them, and.
  8. My chest bucked as it received a terrific jolting blow.
  9. The blow rattles up her arm, jolting her injured wrist.
  10. An earthquake shook the tower, jolting him off his feet.
  11. I walked nearly all the time, the jolting was so intolerable.
  12. But, Jolting Joe Stalin ruled for 30 years with a reign of terror.
  13. She is alive, but weakened, he said, jolting me back to attention.
  14. But Nangong Ping retaliated by jolting his sword and pierced the priest on.
  15. Then the front wheels struck the concrete curb loudly with a jolting crunch.
  16. With a great jolting effort, Anup positions his head across my lap and sighs.
  17. All his energy seemed to be needed in order to bear the jolting of the cart.
  18. My parents started screaming, the high pitch terror jolting me back onto the side.
  19. An inferno of terror burst through her, jolting her thoughts, dulling her instincts.
  20. The sledge jerked, and skidded and kept on jolting as if it had struck against stones.
  21. With that fact jolting alertness into him he realized that he had something in his left hand.
  22. A mild dizziness began to set in and she bit her tongue in hopes of jolting herself out of it.
  23. With all her strength she slapped Brossard on his right cheek jolting the man out of his slumber.
  24. She just shook her head and sobbed out loud, her body jolting as it expelled the air from within her.
  25. The pregnancy had been a jolting surprise, the dramatic, nearly tragic kicker of her attempted suicide.
  26. We have to go jolting over the roughest kind of a road to get there, crossing the railroad track twice.
  27. Jolting as though a dagger had been thrust into his back, Alec nearly slipped from the tall man's grasp.
  28. I feel as if, coming to you, I had landed on a peaceful shore after the noise and jolting of a steamer.
  29. Pushing Lyte abruptly aside he seized upon a rock and dealt Sim a jolting blow upon his ankle that laid wide the flesh.
  30. He eases out of me slowly, and his other hand grabs my hip, holding tight, and then he slams into me, jolting me forward.
  31. Waves of jolting adrenaline pumped effortlessly throughout his body, leaving everything virtually numb except his thoughts.
  32. Two orderlies came down the ward bearing a stretcher with an oblong box fixed on to it (to prevent jolting while travelling).
  33. Very well, very well! muttered the officer, threateningly, and turning his horse he trotted away, jolting in his saddle.
  34. Krista grew conscious of a rough jolting motion and painfully opened her eyes to see the cause of the strange jerky movement.
  35. All night they bored through the hot darkness, and jack-rabbits scuttled into the lights and dashed away in long jolting leaps.
  36. Flashing her lighthouse-smile to all, she waved a salute as she rode between the coming-and-going tides of camel-humps, jolting.
  37. Often in the case of jolting market news, the market not only will price in a worst-case scenario but also will likely overreact.
  38. The moment it vanished the cave wall that had rolled sideways, taking Nikko and the stepping stone with it, came to a jolting halt.
  39. But hardly had he done so before he felt the bed rocking backwards and forwards beneath him as if it were breathing heavily and jolting.
  40. So supersensitive were her drugged senses, that the light touch was like a dislocating impact, jolting her rudely into full wakefulness.
  41. He thought Scumble was carrying a gun and had only intended to frighten him, but MacFife had moved, jolting the car and spoiling his aim.
  42. I walked across the street from the tenement, Henry paced me, guided by the sound of my footsteps and the jolting of his valise in my hand.
  43. They were breathless and sticky, covered in sweat, and their knees ached from the constant jolting of their body weight during the descent.
  44. What had she done? Had she clumsily touch a somehow unhealed wound? Her eyes averted to his face, a vein jolting out stiffly in his forehead.
  45. Prince Andrew remembered nothing more: he lost the stretcher, the jolting while being moved, and the probing of his wound at the dressing station.
  46. After much difficulty and jolting, they reached the gate, which Crass unlocked with the key he had obtained from the office earlier in the evening.
  47. Their journey south had been as slow and tiresome as before, with frequent side-tracking and much rocking and jolting over hastily-repaired roadbeds.
  48. The jolting of the cart apparently jerked a little life into him, for he asked me, "Got a fag, mate?" With a struggle I lighted my one remaining cigarette.
  49. When it did arrive, it ran off upon the small side line so easily that the jolting of the points appears to have been entirely unnoticed by the two travellers.
  50. Frou-Frou started into a gallop, her left foot forward, made two bounds, and fretting at the tightened reins, passed into a jolting trot, bumping her rider up and down.
  51. I’ve come to a full stop in the middle of the pavement but he takes my elbow and, jolting me back into motion, steers me towards the park that backs onto our office block.
  52. Then farm passed Aunt Pitty’s house, jolting over the bumpy road, packed with wounded and dying wagons, ox carts and even private carriages commandeered by the medical corps.
  53. We slept fitfully, jolting and stopping, changed once in the night, slept again and awoke in an empty carriage, with pine woods passing the windows and the distant view of mountain peaks.
  54. In fact, some companies regularly issue earnings forecasts and make other types of public disclosures to help soften the blow of anything too jolting in an imminent earnings announcement.
  55. A clashing of chains, the uneasy jolting of a mass, the click of brass skipping along the pavement, a sort of solemn uproar, announced that some sinister construction of iron was approaching.
  56. As I hovered in that dark place, unconscious of my body, the softest whiff of fumes assaulted my nostrils, slowly but steadily jolting me back to the grim reality: We crashed…in Zombie Land.
  57. Prince Andrew remembered nothing more: he lost consciousness from the terrible pain of being lifted onto the stretcher, the jolting while being moved, and the probing of his wound at the dressing station.
  58. Then he lashed his perspiring jades afresh, but indifferent to their jolting, running up against things here and there, not caring if he did, demoralised, and almost weeping with thirst, fatigue, and depression.
  59. Just hear him; he’s not artful, not he, said a blackhaired peasant, with an unkempt beard, as he sat jolting from side to side on a well-fed mare, addressing an old man in a torn coat who rode by his side.
  60. Just then, the van went over a bump in the road, and the jolting movement jarred Kathy’s leg, and a searing pain shot through her ankle with excruciating intensity, causing her to gasp and cry out in agonized pain.
  61. Soon he heard the rumble of the trap, and saw from behind the trees how Vassenka, sitting in the hay (unluckily there was no seat in the trap) in his Scotch cap, was driven along the avenue, jolting up and down over.
  62. Why had she come on this fool’s errand, against all common sense, dragging Melanie and her child? Better that they had died in Atlanta than, tortured by this day of burning sun and jolting wagon, to die in the silent ruins of Tara.
  63. He turned with a slow-feeding anger and found the scythe and walked rapidly, then he began to trot, then he ran with long jolting strides into the field, raving, feeling the hunger in his arms, as the wheat whipped and flailed his legs.
  64. He was Gettysburg, was trying to keep her mind from the torturing picture which had worn a groove in her tired mind these past several months—Lieutenant Dallas McLure dying in a jolting ox cart in the rain on the long, terrible retreat into Maryland.
  65. There also seemed to be a curious noise all round them, but the noise of their driving and jolting and the dwarf's shouting at the reindeer prevented Edmund from hearing what it was, until suddenly the sledge stuck so fast that it wouldn't go on at all.
  66. All sorts of joyous sounds filled the air; the jolting of a cart rolling afar off in the ruts, the crowing of a cock, repeated again and again, or the gambling of a foal running away under the apple-trees: The pure sky was fretted with rosy clouds; a bluish haze rested upon the cots covered with iris.
  67. Not only was there constant jolting, swaying and vibrating, with an associated clamor, but in many places there was only a single set of rails, so that they were literally side-tracked for hours at a time, to permit those in charge of the Polish railway, for reasons of their own, to hold the main line open.
  68. But as soon as the carriage drove out into the street, and he felt it jolting over the uneven road, heard the angry shout of a sledge driver coming towards them, saw in the uncertain light the red blind of a tavern and the shops, this impression was dissipated, and he began to think over his actions, and to wonder whether he was doing right in going to see Anna.
  69. People had not yet grasped to the full the chastity, exquisiteness, and decency of jolting their paradise in a posting-chaise, of breaking up their mystery with clic-clacs, of taking for a nuptial bed the bed of an inn, and of leaving behind them, in a commonplace chamber, at so much a night, the most sacred of the souvenirs of life mingled pell-mell with the tete-a-tete of the conductor of the diligence and the maid-servant of the inn.
  70. Then the passengers in the "Hirondelle" ended by falling asleep, some with open mouths, others with lowered chins, leaning against their neighbour's shoulder, or with their arm passed through the strap, oscillating regularly with the jolting of the carriage; and the reflection of the lantern swinging without, on the crupper of the wheeler; penetrating into the interior through the chocolate calico curtains, threw sanguineous shadows over all these motionless people.
  1. I jolted to a halt.
  2. He was jolted and thought.
  3. She jolted back to reality.
  4. I jolted up and out of bed.
  5. What he said next jolted me.
  6. The flowers shook and jolted.
  7. I was jolted back to reality.
  8. A stab of worry jolted Molinari.
  9. The house jolted back and forth.
  10. I was jolted back into the room.
  11. It jolted me out of my slumber.
  12. All these pains have jolted me.
  13. Nangong Ping was jolted and said.
  14. Jolted, he hurriedly moved back.
  15. She gasped and jolted off the bed.
  16. I jolted to a full stop, astounded.
  17. Nangong Ping was jolted and thought.
  18. Nangong Ping was jolted and he asked.
  19. A shock jolted me into consciousness.
  20. Bo jolted at the sudden violence of.
  21. Even Lucien jolted at that revelation.
  22. Long Bushi was jolted and he muttered.
  23. The guide’s words jolted her memory.
  24. Zhan Donglai was jolted as he thought.
  25. Suddenly the #1 car jolted to a stop.
  26. She jolted, but did not look up at him.
  27. Nangong Ping was jolted and he grasped.
  28. A noise from the hall jolted him awake.
  29. Nangong Ping had a jolted in his head.
  30. What he felt jolted and infuriated him.
  31. Batistuta jolted back and reached for.
  32. That convulsing man was jolted and added.
  33. Reed jolted her back to the conversation.
  34. Their appearance jolted her into action.
  35. His mind jolted and he immediately said.
  36. Elowen jolted as though as had been stung.
  37. A sharp pain jolted through-Travis's leg.
  38. Lady Proudness was jolted and was stunned.
  39. Huh? I was jolted upright in my bed.
  40. He was jolted and he immediately stood up.
  41. The fifth form jolted her back to reality.
  42. A keening cry jolted him from his thoughts.
  43. Station and the elevator jolted upwards.
  44. The fisherman jolted at the abrupt question.
  45. They all jolted and shook like dried bones.
  46. Suddenly, his mind jolted back to his tour.
  47. Shock jolted him as he recognized the woman.
  48. Nangong Ping was jolted and he had a thought.
  49. Nangong Ping, Ye Manqing was suddenly jolted.
  50. Nangong Ping was jolted suddenly and thought.
  51. He was jolted and he shouted all of a sudden.
  52. His fall jolted Valeria out of her paralysis.
  53. He was jolted back to reality by a deep snarl.
  54. Lu Yixian expressions were jolted and he said.
  55. The slender body jolted up with a sudden cry.
  56. I jolted back to reality when I heard P S/Insp.
  57. At first, the sight of the cruisers jolted him.
  58. They were bumped and jolted for over an hour.
  59. Nangong Ping was jolted and he hurriedly asked.
  60. I dismissed it, until it jolted my senses again.
  61. Two nights later, Robert was jolted from his bed.
  62. His words jolted her attention back to his offer.
  63. Another contraction jolted through her painfully.
  64. Her preconceived image of Kosmo was jolted when.
  65. I jolted awake and heard the sound of loud snoring.
  66. Frank jolted upward, slamming his head on his desk.
  67. A thought crossed Feng Mantian head and jolted him.
  68. It was horrifying to see my poor baby being jolted.
  69. The convulsing man was jolted but did not turn back.
  70. A sharp pain jolted Tony's neck, shooting through.
  71. Elowen jolted, unable to believe what she had heard.
  72. Nangong Ping was jolted and turned his glance at her.
  73. Wren jolted as if he had been hit with a power wire.
  74. He jolted upright, gasping, looking around in fright.
  75. The banging on the door jolted Tracey from her fantasy.
  76. The rough fall jolted me out of the horrible nightmare.
  77. Something sharp touched his lips and he jolted slightly.
  78. And then the shop jolted, pitching the freezer forward.
  79. The convoy bumped and jolted along the dusty track, it.
  80. The Wudang Four Swordsmen were jolted as they exclaimed.
  81. She jolted her hand back to her side and looked around.
  82. A rasping noise and a tick under the flooring jolted her.
  83. Chance immediately jolted the vehicle to a complete stop.
  84. Without warning the ground jolted and then began shaking.
  85. The Heartless Twin Evil was jolted and they turned ashen.
  86. A severe thunderclap jolted him out of his drowsy state.
  87. The information jolted Rochelle, and she suddenly looked.
  88. The scream itself jolted Roman up into a sitting position.
  89. Instantly, I jolted out of bed and then ran to the cage.
  90. An urgent life changing phone call jolted me off of the.
  91. He jolted in surprise when Oak's soft voice spoke to him.
  92. Her questions jolted him back to reality and he explained.
  93. I was suddenly jolted out of a deep state of sleep by the.
  94. Alex was jolted back to reality as he pulled away slightly.
  95. The black claw flexed again and the Dangler jolted in pain.
  96. Elowen jolted, taken aback by his response; Uther sounded.
  97. It seemed something had jolted me awake, but the room was.
  98. The thought of Tobias jolted her and she stepped away from.
  99. Searing pain coursed through me as I jolted back from Raya.
  100. This time, it was the sound of her own name that jolted her.
  1. The tyres grip and the car jolts forward.
  2. The same path, the same smells, the same jolts.
  3. Peter jolts back so hard he slams his head into the wall.
  4. The man actually died after 4 Taser jolts, witness alleges.
  5. She could feel little jolts of energy as his blush returned.
  6. He could feel hundreds of tiny electrical jolts hitting his palm.
  7. However, when you use one or two short word subject lines, this jolts.
  8. The only thing that jolts us is the steady rise in prices that we missed.
  9. The Chicago Tribune chimed in with its headline: Fed Jolts Stock Market.
  10. For brief moments, their eyes connected, through Slicky's random head jolts.
  11. My body jolts with nervous energy and as his eyes squint, I kick him in the groin.
  12. Little jolts of energy coursed through his body, giving him an almost buzzy feeling.
  13. The bumpy trip evoked a few electrical jolts in his shoulder but was otherwise uneventful.
  14. My heart which had been struggling, skipping and sending burning jolts down my arm steadied.
  15. I went out on the platform, where I could barely stand upright against the jolts of the billows.
  16. My misstep jolts me out of his hold, and I've messed up the dance that was so important to my mom.
  17. Turning a switch on the bench the robot jolts as the shock of electricity hits it and it sits upright.
  18. Almost impossible to describe, jolts of pleasure that overwhelmed my nerves, halfway between pain and joy.
  19. It was easier lying when not wearing Dragonclaw on his back, emitting unpleasant jolts when falsehoods were said.
  20. He had eaten nothing for four and twenty hours; he was worn out by the jolts of the cart, but he was not conscious of it.
  21. She missed riding hard and fast, but her ankle was aching already and her fragile ribs were yelling at her in jolts of pain.
  22. But the train jolts into motion, and the man finishes his cigarette and gives her a preoccupied smile and promptly falls asleep.
  23. The relaxed heaves break by a quick trigger pull that jolts through her shoulders, spreads out over her chest, and dissipates into the ground.
  24. My hand instinctively moved to the gun in my holster, but someone gripped my arms from behind and yanked them hard, sending jolts of pain through my shoulders.
  25. Eleanor was flying evasively and to have to experience the flips and jolts of her maneuvering was enough to almost wish for a missile and an end to the misery.
  26. Scrolling text jolts your attention, an aging stage actor’s speech on the anniversary of the riots surrounding piracy hearings in the Morocco sparks more rioting.
  27. With every squeeze of the trigger blue jolts of energy shot out and encased my intended victims causing them to falter and pitch forward in a mass of burning wires and blown circuits.
  28. He buried his head against her neck and moved himself firmly against her wet lips, separating them, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her whole body as his slick shaft pressed into her clit.
  29. Through it all, as the jars and the jolts and the rolling corners sent jagged sparks circulating through my nerve endings, I groaned and tried to blot the world out by closing my eyes, by willing myself into coma.
  30. The rails had undergone a considerable amount of repair and replacement, and the car that he rode in was in much better condition than those he had previously experienced, resulting in the ride being relatively free of jolts and jarring.
  31. How easy it might be to just stand, ride, go round with Jim, if he couldn't pull Jim off, just leave him on and, dear pals, travel! The juices of his body swam, binding his sight, they drummed his ears, shot electric jolts through his loins.
  32. Without any awkwardly abrupt transition or disconnecting jolts, those who begin to talk about mutual friends in the morning may easily reach a discussion of their own souls in the afternoon, and be far on the broad and easy path of sentiment by evening.
  33. Don Pepe padlocked each door in succession, and at the signal of his whistle the string of carts would move off, closely surrounded by the clank of spur and carbine, with jolts and cracking of whips, with a sudden deep rumble over the boundary bridge ("into the land of thieves and sanguinary macaques," Don Pepe defined that crossing); hats bobbing in the first light of the dawn, on the heads of cloaked figures; Winchesters on hip; bridle hands protruding lean and brown from under the falling folds of the ponchos.
  34. I felt its soft jolts, one leg reclined on the other,.

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