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    1. I think that's Ongar, he's enough of a jerk to talk about it at the Seaside

    2. Some awkward motor function in his brain willed his hand to jerk up to the doorknob and turn

    3. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    4. me had yelled in unision to the angry jerk of plaits tied

    5. he found no rest, but ran, jerk limbed,

    6. “You are a pig-headed, opinionated jerk!” she told him grinning

    7. The warning not to jerk any movements is reiterated here as you should not try to swing your arms over violently as you may well injure a rigid muscle which would discourage you from ever attempting this valuable exercise again

    8. A few minutes later the lift began to rise with a jerk and start on its journey to the top

    9. coats and bags as best they could before the lorry set off with a jerk

    10. That put some of the main hull on sand, but now Jorma was able to put his back into the outrigger bar and jerk it back an inch if he put all his weight and strength into it

    11. There was a bang on the side of the truck and it set off with a jerk

    12. the direction with a jerk of his head

    13. …And you’re not that guy, you're just a jerk in a nice hat,” Julia said

    14. and that stage needs to be taken down and on the wagon for storage," called Grandpa There was a jerk at his arm and Mary Dwindles head appeared before him with such a sad expression

    15. stumbled on a rut, causing the chain to jerk out of her owner’s hand

    16. Savannah thought he was a jerk

    17. I was a jerk and I hope that you won’t hold it against me

    18. The man was a jerk

    19. He made little snorting noises and the woman began to jerk and thrash about wildly as he worked her cunt rapidly

    20. She was rewarded by feeling his body stiffen, stiffen even more and then jerk

    21. With a jerk the blade came loose, and the farmer turned back to the bailey, where the enemy was making progress into the city

    22. As we moved up the ravine ready to take the next trench Lt Walter Cole was killed he had just waved at me and was advancing with his pistol held out in front of him when I saw him jerk and fall face down into the dirt

    23. but not this stupid, you complete jerk

    24. And pull by the cord, not the kitten, or you could jerk out its intestines

    25. She’s a jerk but because of who she is, she gets away with it

    26. I raised my eyebrows, and she said, “Guilty, but the jerk that got me into trouble was a bad guy, and they didn’t believe him

    27. She tried to jerk her knee into his groin, but he blocked and pressed her into the end of the bookcase

    28. foot to a tree, back it flew with a jerk exactly as if the tree pushed

    29. As Terry started the car two more dropped from an overhanging branch onto its roof and he took off with a jerk, throwing them clear

    30. She burst out crying hysterically once more, throwing her arms around me hugging me, holding me with such force that I felt her body jerk with each and every sob and teardrop

    31. ” His shoulder gave a spasmodic jerk

    32. Frank slowed the car down and then all of a sudden, William felt it jerk to the left

    33. We sat quietly while the engine warmed up and I swallowed noisily as the rotors suddenly bore us aloft with a jerk

    34. Was it the practice of the US government, or US presidents, to try to wipe out all Natives? When asking this question, there are often two knee jerk responses, both equally wrong

    35. Her body started to jerk violently

    36. “He’s such jerk! I don’t know how Becky put up with him for so long! There’s nothing resolved at all: she doesn’t even want to see him, that’s why she isn’t here

    37. “Talk about being a jerk eh?” she said huffily as she finished her story

    38. In here, you can’t hear anything that’s said more than two feet from you, and nobody gives a damn what you say anyhow: all these guys want to do is jerk off or run in the back room

    39. The lights went out, and a violent jerk threw the brothers from their chairs

    40. hand under the faucet, only to jerk it back due to its scalding temperature

    41. - Do not waste more strength on that jerk! Elior said calmly and nodded to Alaric even though she very well knew whom he meant

    42. I jerk awake, my eyes wide and searching, and I see Tobias kneeling over me

    43. Carefully, his fingers searched below, making her body jerk

    44. Her hands had a faint pink glow about them, as if they were generating the heat themselves, and instinctively I wanted to jerk away, but I was paralyzed by her touch

    45. 2) If a jerk doesn’t try to get you intoxicated then he’ll try and show you some porn to convince you that normal or cool women have sex with guys without being married to him first

    46. Jerk Rule #2: Jerks will tell a girl anything and everything she wants to hear in order to convince her to have sex with him – the kind of sex that the guy wants when he wants it

    47. Health Issues: the same health concerns from Jerk Rule #1 apply here so the next couple of sentences are reminders because it’s important

    48. “It’ll blow the second some stupid jerk presses the wrong

    49. Instead, he showed everybody what an incompetent jerk he was

    50. With another jerk, the rope came loose from the Major’s hand, and Peter scrambled to his feet

    1. "I had it in my hand but she jerked when she saw it

    2. Travis's hands jerked into a close range jab but Theo was ready

    3. " He jerked Travis's head back and forth

    4. The faceplate jerked back and he heard a key slide into the

    5. The bus jerked forward a foot or so and stopped again

    6. Duncan turned to Rayne and winked as the craft jerked once

    7. She jerked away her hand and covered her face with both

    8. “Evaristo!” Sun Ni Lee shouted and jerked awake from another short nap induced by fatigue, stress and the long flight

    9. Joseph roughly jerked the drawer open and tossed the bottle to Howard

    10. His body jerked as if shocked with electricity, his muscles contorting into seemingly impossible positions

    11. Joseph's body jerked violently again and he blacked out

    12. There would be nothing to be seen, he assured himself as the police car jerked and bumped along the track

    13. jerked the opposite way

    14. The moment I jerked it, they tried to suck it out of my

    15. Roman jerked his head and the fist hit the bear-hugger

    16. The man with the gun cursed in Arabic and jerked Johnson

    17. Otto jerked back in surprise

    18. I I said I know you pay $3,900 for people who get accepted in the study; what you pay people who waste two hours of their life, drive here in a driving rainstorm, get jerked around for two hours and then are finally told after two hours they been rejected because they had prostate cancer? Why the hell didn’t you disqualify me on the phone before I ever came over here? I sarcastically said to the gal at the front desk; I bet you don't pay any money to people who wasted two hours and didn't qualify for the study

    19. The Defoe's cook jerked up suddenly with a hoe in her hands

    20. Her face was slick with tears and her body jerked at every scream, every whimper from below

    21. Praegon jerked his head impatiently

    22. The two guards jerked

    23. I jerked my hand back from the colors

    24. “Fine!" I jerked my body away from Ash

    25. Zarko’s thoughts were suddenly jerked back to reality when he heard Xonia’s voice beside him

    26. He jerked her at a rapid pace

    27. “Leave me alone!” she said through clenched teeth and jerked her arm free

    28. Song winked to her and jerked her chin

    29. His head jerked up at the sound of her voice and tears stung his eyes

    30. Danny jerked himself out of his private thoughts and stared at her

    31. Glen’s head jerked up at the sound of laughter

    32. Glen jerked his head toward where his sister lay

    33. Sebastian’s head jerked up as he growled at Russell

    34. His head jerked up as he looked out the windshield

    35. Russell jerked his head up

    36. Dust flew up from the streets, and Sebastian heard the squeal of tires as cars were jerked from their lanes, crashing into each other on the interstate beside them

    37. He realised the same was being done to the part connected to his head, as his view jerked about

    38. He jerked his hand back and stood, chastising himself for allowing his mind to wander places it had no right wandering

    39. “Shut up you lot the Turks are only about a hundred yards over there”, and he jerked his thumb over his shoulder in their direction

    40. He jerked away and went back to repairing the plow

    41. But there was no respite and we pushed on I watched as Johnny Grundy jerked as bullets stitched a pattern in blood across the front of his shirt and then he dropped to the ground

    42. As the bones of his legs snapped, his body jerked and only a low moan escaped from his lips, as he drew his last breath

    43. myself and Jacob, jerked his head subtly towards the splintered door, indicating for us to follow him

    44. He jerked himself up and made a lunge to grab hold of her again

    45. He jerked back

    46. The train jerked stopped and jerked again and then we were moving all the soldiers hanging out of the windows there loved ones on the platform waving and blowing kisses

    47. That was when the logical part of her brain jerked her back to reality

    48. She jerked her head around and stared up at him

    49. She jerked away from him and swung a hand at his face

    50. She jerked her head to the side

    1. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    2. He spoke now with a feverish energy, the long hands twitching and jerking as he motioned me away

    3. She suddenly fell from her imaginary cloud when a voice beside her broke the silence, jerking her back to reality

    4. “Leave it in there, kid,” she barked, jerking her head angrily

    5. Jerking awake, he looked across the dimly lit room into Aspen’s face

    6. I could also see the body of the German prisoner jerking up and down as bullets struck him time and time again

    7. With lightning speed, Alex moved in close, jerking one of Josh’s legs out from under him

    8. Carmen lunged at Josh, grabbing his arm and jerking on it

    9. Something tugged on her belt loop and Alex swung her around, jerking her into his embrace

    10. It wasn’t pleasant, the muscles of his face jerking up in stages, as though he was having a problem trying to remember how to use them

    11. His left hand crushed down firmly on her arm, jerking her against him, and the torch flamed toward her face in a threatening gesture

    12. The punch hit him just under the eye and he dropped to one knee, catching the black youth’s foot as he kicked out, gasping loudly, jerking it into his side, doing his best to make it appear as though a powerful kick had been delivered, instead of the glancing blow it really was

    13. Looking down at the creature’s jerking death, the excitement of the climb was quickly replaced by a series of chest heaving sobs

    14. “Who’s this?” the woman says, jerking her head toward me

    15. support swayed around them, jerking violently as the limbs of the

    16. A man in his late teens stood on the doorstep, his head jerking

    17. Masamune from its sheath, his silver head jerking sharply as he

    18. One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons is of a father jerking his thumb toward his young son who is seated at the piano and saying, ―Van Cliburn he‘s not

    19. romantic as that sounds, after about one minute of jerking off, I discovered that things

    20. one side of the book with aggressive, jerking movements, his

    21. you?” he asked, jerking the papers in his hand again

    22. He flinched, jerking his

    23. jerking its head gracelessly in all directions, tilting its neck to

    24. The mighty fish swished its tail, jerking Pascal forward

    25. As quickly as he could react, Sutton had lurched forward and grabbed Brixby's collar, jerking him backward

    26. Jerking his thumb at the vacant stool he queried, "He's going to the alley?"

    27. yanked at the handful of hair, violently twisting and jerking Pearly’s head this way and that

    28. Colt pulled most of the way out and started jerking

    29. He couldn't feel his hand because someone had put a utility glove over his jerking off hand

    30. grabbed her hand, jerking her to a standing position

    31. I was a whore; a fool for leaving London; a slut for jerking off to please a couple of perverted well-heeled wankers; idiotic to think I could concoct a dance off the top of my head for a group of art cognoscenti; trash for consenting to jerk off for an audience next week

    32. She stunts till near tipping point over the dunes jerking you and the girls back and forth

    33. He whipped his pole back like he was cracking a whip, jerking the falling fragment off its trajectory to one side of the river

    34. Your mother‘s probably already earned a couple of thousand bucks with that recording of us smooching and jerking off

    35. I showered quickly, jerking awake a couple of times under the hot darts of water, not even aware that I had been falling asleep

    36. started bucking and jerking and trying to scream when it was only half

    37. Mick was jerking and groaning in a manner which suggested he was getting off

    38. Heavy Metal posters, centre-fold girls, knives, a black doll hung by its hair, a life-sized pneumatic woman suspended from the ceiling, gaping mouth and vagina leering derisively and… Ian averted his eyes from Lance’s jerking fist

    39. Jerking aside the velvet curtains she dramatically indicated the

    40. The twitching became a violent jerking, the jerking regular movements

    41. Balthus' knife was in his hand, though he did not remember jerking it out of his boot, and he stabbed fiercely and blindly

    42. And as he watched, its struggles ceased and it lay jerking spasmodically, staring upward with its grisly dead eyes

    43. Zigzagging and jerking around crazily to avoid the German bombs, the BARRACUDA still received a direct hit between two of its shrouded propellers

    44. ” She pointed at the jerking curtains

    45. He fell across Kamsen, convulsing and jerking

    46. I awakened to the feeling of my mother jerking in her sleep

    47. Jerking her thumb towards the back seat, she informed him, "I think she did it

    48. When Millikin cautiously looked outside through the firing slit, he was astonished to see in the dancing light of the parachute flares that the enemy assault lines climbing towards the bunker had been literally swept away, with mounds of corpses and jerking bodies covering the slope

    49. She had hoped he might have felt her jerking in the bed, woken and taken her - but no such luck

    50. Ripping the pistol from his jerking hand and gaining control of it, Farah quickly pointed it at the man and fired twice from point blank range

    1. Kevin jerks the wheel and loses traction a bit before his car slides off the road

    2. This kind of lust for power that is exerted by the principalities and powers is the very thing that jerks and manipulates the nations

    3. The bouncer's head jerks to the left and blood showers out of his ripped face

    4. "Shit", he mutters to himself as he jerks away from the car

    5. “It’s nothing to me,” Althay said, “I wouldn’t hang out with those jerks, and I don’t hang out there, much less get on the stage, but that’s her business

    6. He jerks the man back

    7. She jerks the receiver away

    8. Jerks her toward him

    9. We can be such jerks! He shook his head again as he thought of Helez

    10. Fortunately, Arion stuck to the lane, understanding that these jerks meant

    11. With the clashing together of the couplings and buffers and a couple of jerks that rattled the trucks then a loud hiss of escaping steam as an accompaniment we set off for the front

    12. It did not approach Darkburst directly but stayed off to one side, its head turning with tiny jerks as it kept its eyes firmly fixed on him

    13. The man managed to raise his arm in a series of slow jerks

    14. “You theenk the police always good, always help? You theenk that,” she asked, tugging at the phone in quick sharp jerks

    15. He blew the horn at a taxi attempting to navigate the same turn then cut in front of it, in a quick series of wheel turns, sudden jerks and curses that ended in a successful challenge for the narrow opening

    16. Ethan had been sleeping on and off, the car’s continuous jerks and road bumps having developed into a sort of lullaby

    17. My head jerks at the sound of my name

    18. I slam my palm on the desk in front of him, and he jerks out of his daze, staring at me over his spectacles

    19. He jerks his chin to the side

    20. My head jerks to the side and I cringe away from him, flinging my hands up to protect my face

    21. At the sound of my name, his head jerks up, and he stares at me, openmouthed

    22. His arm jerks like he was thinking of touching me but decided against it

    23. Edward stops inches from Peter’s feet, and then jerks toward him like he is about to throw a punch

    24. She jerks her head to the side to indicate the driver, who has gotten out of the truck too

    25. She jerks her head toward me

    26. Jerk Rule #2: Jerks will tell a girl anything and everything she wants to hear in order to convince her to have sex with him – the kind of sex that the guy wants when he wants it

    27. Jerks don't really care about what she wants

    28. Jerks think that girls will believe anything – especially if he tells her “I love you

    29. Jerks don’t value tenderness but instead they mock it

    30. Jerks often hate God but good guys – especially the really good ones – go to church every Sunday

    31. Jerks don’t want to love and serve others

    32. Jerks want others to serve them

    33. Jerks may have a reputation for being cool but it’s a lie

    34. Jerks are basically bullies and bullies are never cool

    35. hysterically jerks his car forward

    36. His black hair was neatly combed back, his peanut mustache twitched like a rabbit's nose sampling the air as his eyes ranged the crowd in wavering jerks

    37. Lim's arm moved in jerks within the wide sleeve of his silk vestment

    38. At the sound of her voice, his head jerks around, towards the back of their small refuge

    39. His mother gasps and jerks upwards as if someone has punched her, but she doesn’t fall

    40. If he didn't straighten out his thinking he'd end up one of those poor jerks who puts a gun to his head, merely on account of being dumped by a self-centered shrew

    41. If you have a bucking sensation that pulsates and jerks and throbs and changes with engine speed, usually felt above 29

    42. cartoons, where the picture jerks) and there you have it: the illusion of movement come to life

    43. Ism is the means and mode whereby life jerks itself forward by the bootstraps

    44. You start to cut into his wrist, the edge of your razor punches through as he jerks around

    45. "You jerks, you stole our passes," said Robert as he began to check Sam and Steve’s back pockets

    46. "Oh! Shut up, you jerks," said Clara as she laughed at the teasing

    47. I wrote love letters for dozens of jerks who didn’t know how to write

    48. “Now hold them nice and straight and don’t make any sudden moves, or jerks

    49. For the previous several years, she had only found men who were jerks

    50. Granted, you may know engineers who are jerks

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    Synonyms for "jerk"

    jerk tug jerking jolt saccade jerked meat jerky dork twitch flick yank buck hitch pull snap wrench jiggle lurch lug

    "jerk" definitions

    a dull stupid fatuous person

    an abrupt spasmodic movement

    (mechanics) the rate of change of acceleration

    meat (especially beef) cut in strips and dried in the sun

    raising a weight from shoulder height to above the head by straightening the arms

    a sudden abrupt pull

    pull, or move with a sudden movement

    move with abrupt, seemingly uncontrolled motions

    make an uncontrolled, short, jerky motion

    jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched

    throw or toss with a quick motion