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Juvenile in a sentence | juvenile example sentences

  1. It was a juvenile rat.
  2. It’s too juvenile for him.
  3. Yeah, I know, it's juvenile.
  4. Juvenile Mission Circle of West Cong.
  5. You should know—about juvenile men.
  6. And as we’d all been witness to the juvenile.
  7. Get away, you juvenile brigands! he shouted.
  8. We had to go to Juvenile Court on Rt 32 in Montville.
  9. You should be in a juvenile detention centre, surely.
  10. He was prosecuted and sent to a juvenile institution.
  11. The juvenile rat slowly raised his head, took several.
  12. He is the Juvenile Center on the other side of town.
  13. The kill last night had been hard, a juvenile warthog.
  14. Although I was aware that the juvenile rat could’ve been.
  15. Actually, they only call it juvenile before you're sixteen.
  16. The juvenile rat was brown in colour, with hazel eyes, and.
  17. You see this tat? I got it done in Central Juvenile Hall.
  18. We jostled each other—the little juvenile king and myself.
  19. Q: Juvenile offenders are let off on probation and there are.
  20. I heard she was put away in a juvenile detention for a month.
  21. Juvenile Blue Ring Angelfish look quite different than adults.
  22. Neil left his room walking down the corridor with the juvenile.
  23. At some point, Mike was sentenced to Long Lane, a juvenile prison.
  24. They call him a poof, Blowjob, countless other juvenile sobriquets.
  25. My juvenile sex instructor though, in truth, it was a joint venture.
  26. Everything else came from years of foster care and juvenile detention.
  27. She came to the zoo as a juvenile with a broken wing, Jesse said.
  28. All I can say is that she looks to be a juvenile, maybe a teenager.
  29. These juvenile obscenities, Empathy acknowledged Erotica's antics.
  30. She suddenly felt her grand plan terribly juvenile and doomed to failure.
  31. But the most ordinary juvenile student could not be induced to accept it.
  32. A ball? No, Only a dance! A Juvenile Party as they once used to say.
  33. The juvenile groupers around 3 or 4 inches are collected on the reef and.
  34. She felt the juvenile part of his life was as pitiable as it was contemptible.
  35. I ran through a number of juvenile reasons why I shouldn't want it to happen.
  36. Holiday was truant and found herself in juvenile court before her tenth birthday.
  37. God! Was he also going to have to put up with that juvenile prattle? People were.
  38. Cameron would be tried as a juvenile if she was caught and charged with the crime.
  39. The Juvenile Court Judges were Robert Broomfield and Gerald Strick, both Republicans.
  40. Sometimes wishing for the same juvenile freedoms of his oversized friend, but life had.
  41. By then he had already been in trouble with the police and we had been to juvenile court.
  42. A large juvenile dragon, small wings only halfway formed, sat sunning itself upon the rocks.
  43. I was charged with some type of assault, and Mike was charged with juvenile delinquency etc.
  44. When that which has all the depth of juvenile protest is accepted as art there are consequences.
  45. A significant link between juvenile delinquency and testosterone levels has not been established.
  46. Although, there were a few who looked on as they walked by but dismissed it as juvenile horseplay.
  47. Why, because he got in trouble for gang problems? That drunken bum is a forty-year-old juvenile.
  48. The coloration and markings on the Queen Angelfish as a juvenile are very different from the adults.
  49. Juvenile Court was on West Baseline Road near the city dump and the Manzanilla short dirt race track.
  50. They were quick-fisted, hard-faced boys, most of them intimately familiar with juvenile hall and jail.
  51. A half dozen former child stars play overage juvenile delinquents in this low-budget exploitation film.
  52. One of them, Rob Springsteen, was on death row before being commuted to life because he was a juvenile.
  53. Two older boys took off after him, returned some minutes later with the juvenile nut rustler between them.
  54. They were an eclectic collection of misspelt names, misspelt places, dis-connected events and juvenile rubbish.
  55. They said I could play the sweet innocent child and get a few years in a juvenile detention centre if I was lucky.
  56. It’s no imposition at all, Lady Jane said with satisfaction at having humbled the straightforward juvenile.
  57. Were he a juvenile he certainly would be coming, the way she pressed herself to his face and the way she was built.
  58. The district attorney hadn’t figured out how to try the case yet, and Bronson was being held in juvenile custody.
  59. It seemed somewhat juvenile that all these kids seemed to think that they were the best hockey players in the state.
  60. But when Liza climbed down the carriage steps, she was instantly surrounded and stared at with true juvenile curiosity.
  61. Despite all of this discussion about economic efficiency, concentrating on economics above all else is a juvenile affair.
  62. The prosecution, however, was going to attest to the fact that Cameron had served her time for this crime as a juvenile.
  63. And maybe Charlie Weisbarger got my email after all and will take a few days off from his work with juvenile offenders in Boston.
  64. He crossed a small "branch" two or three times, because of a prevailing juvenile superstition that to cross water baffled pursuit.
  65. The trouble with signatures is that most people have to invent them when they’re still kids, so they’re often rather juvenile.
  66. Simply juvenile problems that cause suicide are no less important or traumatic than those causes which others may also seem important.
  67. Taylor gently raised it, as if by doing it slowly, it would lessen the shock he knew the juvenile in front of him would soon experience.
  68. Boronov had been caught stealing cigarettes from a tobacco kiosk in the centre of the city and he had been sent to a juvenile detention centre.
  69. Mostly juvenile things like the time he stole some basketball cards from me and so I broke into his house and stole some of his stuff in return.
  70. I knew that and I also knew that my even thinking about the detective’s wife was tantamount to juvenile stupidity of the most ridiculous kind.
  71. The King was staring at Eden in disbelief when Margaret, who had approached them with the Queen in tow, added on to the story with juvenile enthusiasm.
  72. Even if the subterfuge and silliness of them not wanting to tell her their real names or which one of them preferred lobster was kind of juvenile and crazy.
  73. I knew Springsteen who was on death row but he had his sentence commuted when the Supreme Court decided it is unconstitutional to execute juvenile offenders.
  74. A young fellow of some nineteen summers entered the room; he might have been even younger, to judge by his handsome but self-satisfied and very juvenile face.
  75. Although he did not feel much older than she was, and he did not feel like she was mentally or physically juvenile in any way, he had to remind himself of his age.
  76. Alcor went and stuck to the glass wall of the tester with his palms pressed against it, when she turned her head towards him and gave a juvenile and blissful smile.
  77. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was on probation until he was nineteen-years-old, at which time he would be an adult with a sealed juvenile record.
  78. In her younger, juvenile days, before she was married, the prospects of a love affair with such a devotee would have been amusing, but now it was utterly deplorable.
  79. He drifted listlessly down the street and found Jim Hollis acting as judge in a juvenile court that was trying a cat for murder, in the presence of her victim, a bird.
  80. That’s what she said! And she told my parents and grandparents that Mike and Mitch started ordering her around again as soon as they came out of Juvenile Detention.
  81. How juvenile of her! Her face flushed as she relived the kiss, repeatedly, with the feel of his arms around her, his lips brushing against hers, his tongue probing hers.
  82. Securing a position in the Justice Department for the National Council on Preventing Juvenile Delinquency, she began working on the problem of troubled and at-risk youth.
  83. A four-dimensional map of these badlands and its occupants was engraved on his mind—every unit and alley in the projects, every felon, juvenile offender, innocent citizen.
  84. No, but their family’s lawyers and the police told them, either Mike and Mitch be put away in juvenile detention for a while or they have to be released into our custody.
  85. One patient subgroup included habitual criminals and juvenile offenders, but most were individuals whose behavior simply defied conventional norms and conservative boundaries.
  86. It whipped her skirt round her body, showing its slender pretty lines, and the parlourmaid, going in and out with the luggage, looked curiously at this small juvenile new mistress.
  87. Outside several brick-heads straggled past, making crying noises until they drew level then howled a juvenile howl to their friends inside who promptly got up, paid their bill and left.
  88. That is, his classroom should have been such that his students came to a learning environment and actually enjoyed being there so much that they wouldn’t think of doing anything so juvenile.
  89. But, in a moment of so many serious and important duties, this single act of juvenile fortitude did not attract the general notice and commendation it would have received under milder auspices.
  90. My guess is that I had developed the rather juvenile view that the previous musical generation had squandered their inheritance and I started to believe we had been sent to sweep it all away.
  91. I have viewed a juvenile at a distance, and while staying with Clan Radiant watched a large hunting party set off for one—some thirty males well-armed with spear and shield, or with pole-ace.
  92. David closed his ears against the juvenile pack, whose yell just then rang shrilly through the forest; and Duncan, suffering his lip to curl, as in mockery of his own superstition, said firmly:.
  93. He signalled to his men to move forward and came within bowshot of the boys before one of them let out a terrified scream and dashed for the cover of the barn, followed by his juvenile companions.
  94. But so soon as they were observed the whole of the juvenile pack raised, by common consent, a shrill and warning whoop; and then sank, as it were, by magic, from before the sight of their visitors.
  95. To Daniel Magrane and Francis Wade in 1882 during a juvenile friendship (terminated by the premature emigration of the former) he had advocated during nocturnal perambulations the political theory of colonial (e.
  96. The children went to him like bees to a honeypot, and establishing themselves on each knee, proceeded to captivate him by rifling his pockets, pulling his beard, and investigating his watch, with juvenile audacity.
  97. Just like a boy who has no father to raise him right, becomes angry and sullen because he feels he is being deprived of something that he instinctively needs and wants, so he starts acting out and becomes a rebellious juvenile delinquent.
  98. Only Nixon and Kissinger, two men whose giant egos led them to be mesmerized by delusions about their diplomatic skill, fascinated by the juvenile game playing for foreign misadventures of the nineteenth century, would make such a disastrous mistake.
  99. They told me that Marion was the ‘Ice Queen’ of the club and not interested in such things (meaning that they had tried and failed) but I liked and respected her too much to risk our friendship by making some foolish juvenile move in that direction.
  100. We had been adjudicated in Juvenile Court to be a family with social needs because I beat the snot out of him when he was 14 for trashing our rented house on Deer Trail while I was in Tampa shacked up with my girlfriend who had just moved to St Pete.

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