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Puerile in a sentence | puerile example sentences

  1. He is not even a puerile head of state.
  2. The query is puerile, and he found no consolation in it.
  3. Theyre out for the fun of it, aping their puerile boyfriends.
  4. At times, Jean Valjean suffered so greatly that he became puerile.
  5. And she had no idea how she was going to answer her puerile sister.

  6. They are called fathers and mothers by the civil code, which is puerile and honest.
  7. A useful and graciously austere half-light which dissipates puerile fears and obviates falls.
  8. For example, Ted, a 2012 movie saturated with puerile humor, became one of his favorite comedies.
  9. It all seemed so puerile and insignificant to this awakening mind of man and God -- he could only pity them.
  10. This puerile feature in a nature which was conspicuously manly had often given rise to comment and conjecture.
  11. Now, I know that, told in plain words the morning after, most of our maddest fun seems flat and puerile enough.
  12. She was a masculine German with a metallic accent and an imperious gaze that had no relationship to her puerile passions.
  13. The answers that some men make to these questions are so puerile, weak, and inadequate, that I am almost ashamed to name them.
  14. But did this man hope to conceal himself effectually behind that heap of rubbish, which one need but skirt? The expedient would have been puerile.
  15. There seems to be something puerile about enacting a long list of rules and then permitting an administrative body to waive as many of them as it sees fit.

  16. But the only concession he could wring from his mother, with the puerile argument that it was the instrument of the angels, was to substitute the harp for the piano.
  17. Above all, he was wrong in that after he had picked up the scent again on the bridge of Austerlitz, he played that formidable and puerile game of keeping such a man at the end of a thread.
  18. He feared a war, not from a puerile fear of its expenses or of death, but from a manly dread of the consequences of this war, which must last as long as England had a ship at sea, or a man to man it.
  19. When I first set foot on Central American soil, however, my majority was still many months ahead of me, and I had not yet done with that period of puerile frivolity through which most youths have to pass.
  20. These ideas, puerile, as we have just said, and at the same time senile, conveyed to him, by their very childishness, a tolerably just notion of the influence of gold lace on the imaginations of young girls.
  21. He began spontaneously to consider whether it would be possible to carry out that puerile notion of Rosamond's which had often made him angry, namely, that they should quit Middlemarch without seeing anything beyond that preface.
  22. Still, because he thought he knew her better than anyone else, Florentino Ariza could not understand why a woman of such puerile resources should be so popular--a woman, moreover, who never stopped talking in bed about the grief she felt for her dead husband.
  23. It had been something so unexpected for them both that they wanted to resolve it not with shouts, tears, and intermediaries, as was the custom in the Caribbean, but with the wisdom of the nations of Europe, and there was so much vacillation as to whether their loyalties lay here or over there that they ended up mired in a puerile situation that did not belong anywhere.
  24. What sets our Nickelodeon Generation apart (in some manner) from prior generations is a troubling disregard for parental authenticity; a legacy passed down to them by their emotionally and morally stunted Boomer Parents whose puerile adolescence and (the) mixed messages conveyed to their offsprings have all but erased the traditional boundaries that formerly defined the (proper) role(s) of parent and child.
  25. To the average reader it may seem almost incredible that arguments of puerile, so insufficient, so weak, and inconsequential would be relied upon with such trust and confidence to sustain a doctrine whose scope and enormity stretch so easily beyond the fleetest winged imagination, taking for granted the “point” most unproved and unprovable, and with dexterous hand guide it with “ifs” and “ands” to a place of apparent safety.

  26. Evremond’s excuses for tardy entrances, his evading of little attentions to herself which would have involved the devotion of several hours, how puerile and trifling they seemed!—how bald and flagrant they appeared to her illumined understanding! Worst of all it was to feel that whatever love she had innocently shown her husband during these few months had for him no value; had only served to assure him that his wife was suspicionless—at ease; that she was successfully duped, and he might more fearlessly continue on his way.

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