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Kat in a sentence | kat example sentences

  1. You know I did, Kat.
  2. Kat looks at him, confused.
  3. Kat and I searched this room.
  4. There she is, Kat says.
  5. Kat half rises, looking ashen.

  6. Kat just stared at the ground.
  7. I’m Kat, the girl said.
  8. Then he counts to thirteen Kat.
  9. What’s on your mind, Kat?
  10. Ryodan cuts Kat a hard, flat smile.
  11. Kat, you’re stronger than her.
  12. Kat entered a small cluster of trees.
  13. Oooh, I love that one, Kat says.
  14. Kat smiles as she steps into the room.
  15. It’s all in your eyes, Kitty Kat.

  16. Kat blinks and looks sharply at Ryodan.
  17. As they walked, Kat swung Jess’ hand.
  18. I’m Katsumi, but you can call me Kat.
  19. It is a classic nowadays, but Kat put.
  20. Please Kat, you have to do this for.
  21. The key stays with Kat, Joshua said.
  22. Think you could live here? Kat asks.
  23. Kat - I write about four long days a week.
  24. I glance at Kat, who looks as shocked as me.
  25. Brownie handed the cloths and the jar to Kat.

  26. Kat gave him her number, and the call ended.
  27. Kat had never been more terrified in her life.
  28. It's kind of a delicate situation, said Kat.
  29. When her eyes opened, Kat was still a bit high.
  30. A good and honest heart? Kat says sharply.
  31. Kat turned to face her, still holding her hand.
  32. A quest? Kat asks as she jumps to her feet.
  33. You were out for ten minutes, Kat, she said.
  34. And Kat, well … you see where her plans got us.
  35. What were you doing at the library? Kat asks.
  36. Kat, is it you? His nose was inches from mine.
  37. Kat empties her glass of wine before she answers me.
  38. Blushing with pleasure at the endearment, Kat nodded.
  39. Kat could see the needle go red behind Junior's eyes.
  40. What really happened to you and Kat? Seth asked.
  41. But I really could have done without that Kat girl.
  42. I think that’s quite enough, Kat said sternly.
  43. Why is he here? Kat says again, resettling slowly.
  44. You will stay out of my business, Kat warns softly.
  45. Evan asked in a hoarse whisper, Kat, is that you?
  46. When they pulled up at the surgery, Kat was there waiting.
  47. When Kat went missing, the changes to our abbey escalated.
  48. Kat is the net, like the net bags in which maize is stored.
  49. Kat - Extremely helpful to have another writer in the house.
  50. KAT? Who was KAT? I thought back to the previous assistants.
  51. Kat, what’s wrong at the abbey? What’s going on?
  52. Ivy and Kat looked at one another and smiled from ear to ear.
  53. Just as he was about to enter the house, Kat pulled in the.
  54. Kat shook the stars from her eyes and went after her brother.
  55. Kat reaches in carefully, turns the knob, and opens the door.
  56. Kat sided-up to the table and said, Junior, I need your help.
  57. I Love You, Kat, She signed it with a heart at the end of her.
  58. Jess glared at Pet, who was standing next to Kat, her arms folded.
  59. Kat says, I thought they were insane, terrifying and revolting.
  60. Kat closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on her progressions.
  61. Kat said, I’ll do it; where’s the wax and cloth strips?
  62. Suddenly, he stopped worrying about his injury, or even about Kat.
  63. To her right, a set of stairs led up to a balcony, where Kat slept.
  64. Kat surmised little progress was being made with the Dry Creek law.
  65. Kat - I started writing after my husband had written a western novel.
  66. Sure I did, and I told Kat all about it because she wanted to know.
  67. Was she KAT? And if so, what was her name? Kate? Katrina? I’d ask.
  68. Shauna says, Kat did a fine job keeping us together in the present.
  69. They were both bleeding from head wounds, though Kat was unconscious.
  70. Early the next morning, as he stepped from the shower, Kat had breakfast.
  71. Kat sat in bed, wondering where Larry had been all weekend, contemplating.
  72. Larry with a smile, he said, I understand you and Kat will be taking a.
  73. Both Sean and Kat despised the family business and refused to participate.
  74. Kat let out a muffled scream, and Riordan slowed to make sure she was okay.
  75. Free at last, he found Rufus waiting outside the jail, but Kat was not there.
  76. Kat and Malcolm ran on either side of him, and Finias trailed a step behind.
  77. Kat holds out her hands as if to say, What’s the big deal? But why?
  78. Kat held her breath, then lunged away from the battlement, toward the ladder.
  79. I know what my subconscious was trying to tell me, the same thing Kat told me.
  80. Kat put her arms around Larry’s waist and her head on his chest, reminding.
  81. Kat didn’t sound like a kid any more, despite the baby-voice she was using.
  82. Kat instantly relaxes, dropping her arms to her sides as she says, Oh, good.
  83. What Kat had said when she’d phoned him a week ago popped back into his head.
  84. What, you got a thing for this Kat? I thought she was just a friendly piece of.
  85. That’s cool with me, Kat, but I have something I need to tell you, just give.
  86. Kat and Malcolm hurried after, but Finias lingered, watching the horizon carefully.
  87. Kat did the same thing for a little while, and then she took me upstairs to my room.
  88. He really needs to read the book, Kat says as she sits in a chair next to Vince.
  89. My brother is a palatine– Kat began, but Aiden shook his head, cutting her off.
  90. Aiden and Riordan sat near the front while Kat and Malcolm kept to the back next to him.
  91. I stand with Kat at the balustrade that overlooks the bookstore, facing the front entrance.
  92. Kat belongs inside those chambers, not some outsider whose loyalty and objectives are uncertain.
  93. Riordan led Finias and Kat to the edge of the wall and peered down through the closest opening.
  94. And just when Kat tried to pull him back, they had moved in and attacked his position en masse.
  95. Dageus says, If your Kat who was with us that night is in charge now, that may explain things.
  96. Kat was tripping alongside in her high button shoes, her skirts rustling in the cool evening air.
  97. Kat gently rubbed the oil over Brownie’s now hairless, smooth back, using slow, circular strokes.
  98. Kat turned her back on the stunned crowd and was temporarily blinded by the flash from Rosa's camera.
  99. Robert Kat the bobcat corroborated what Harry said, licking his chops, staring hungrily at the rabbit.
  100. Hank was on the phone trying to get a hold of the Sheriff when Kat and Chrissy slipped into his office.

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