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Cat in a sentence | cat example sentences

  1. I ran into a cat.
  2. Not a dog, or cat.
  3. It was just a cat.
  4. So it's a cat toy.
  5. I, a cat, had the.

  6. She has a bald cat.
  7. Here I was, a cat.
  8. I was a wanted cat.
  9. I want to be a cat.
  10. She will be our cat.
  11. At the eyes of a cat.
  12. I was getting a cat.
  13. I was a fugitive cat.
  14. That no cat in the.
  15. I know a cat named.

  16. A cat has nine lives.
  17. The stray cat in me.
  18. He didn't have a cat.
  19. The cat mewed to him.
  20. Corey was a fair cat.
  21. The Cat Is Not Well!.
  22. He pointed at the cat.
  23. Throw it to the cat.
  24. The cat will be fine.
  25. The cat hissed at him.

  26. Not yet, said the cat.
  27. A cat, there's a cat.
  28. The cat will then be.
  29. He me-owed like a cat.
  30. This is cat and mouse.
  31. It is a Brazilian cat.
  32. The cat sat on the mat.
  33. Any cat can display it.
  34. The Cat is at the top.
  35. I'm a rug for the cat.
  36. Oh yesss, said the cat.
  37. It was Felix, her cat.
  38. The attacks on the cat.
  39. She wondered if a cat.
  40. The Cat is to the left.
  41. I forgot about the cat.
  42. Sam has a cat and a dog.
  43. Your cat wants to see.
  44. Gift of an Ordinary Cat.
  45. The cat box, I said.
  46. Kami focused on the cat.
  47. And the black cat made.
  48. The cat groaned a little.
  49. The Cat in the Hat by Dr.
  50. The Cat sat in the ditch.
  51. The Sand Cat is mainly.
  52. Way 9: Dead cat bounces.
  53. Like a cat in a bathtub.
  54. The Marbled Cat weighs 4.
  55. A place where your cat.
  56. What a good cat you are.
  57. Cat looked into his eyes.
  58. I came here for the cat.
  59. Patches is a very fat cat.
  60. He was afraid of the cat.
  61. Hold on a moment, Cat.
  62. One cat, according to Mr.
  63. This was no ordinary cat.
  64. We had a cat named Mr.
  66. The Cat is moving slowly.
  67. He had a cat with him.
  68. A cat would choose Mom.
  69. The stolen cat may look.
  70. Playing with a cat is fun.
  71. You look like a nice cat.
  72. The cat said, Liar, liar.
  73. Praise your cat when it.
  74. That was Eddy, his cat.
  75. Patches of a snarling cat.
  76. Then, Cat burst into tears.
  77. It was a case of cat envy.
  78. There is a cat next to me.
  79. Not me, said the cat.
  80. She brought her cat there.
  81. And by a Wah cat, golden.
  82. I was a cat, at least in.
  83. Here he was a cat trying.
  84. The cat would have to be.
  85. But I, a cat with a much.
  86. I went looking for the cat.
  87. The cat was still perched.
  88. The cat seemed to enjoy it.
  89. She held a cat in her arms.
  90. The cat meowed and took off.
  91. Yuki looked away like a cat.
  92. I was thankful to be a cat.
  93. The cat may be sold,.
  94. He brings me the cat,.
  95. Mouth full of cat litter,.
  1. She had nursed me back to some kind of balance after a couple of years of too much cutting up and catting around with Sampson and a few other single friends, including the fast crowd that played basketball with the Washington Bullets.

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  1. King of the Wah cats.
  2. Cats have shit to do.
  3. Of cats, that is! If.
  4. Even cats should do it.
  5. Many Tom cats do that.
  6. You see, I hate cats.
  7. These cats are at the.
  8. Cats and dogs are the.
  9. Most of them hate cats.
  10. The way cats tend to do.
  11. Cats use paws as hands.
  12. The cats to start with.
  13. The scent of cats and.
  14. Do they count as cats?
  15. ME: A bunch of dead cats.
  16. Alex heard the cats hiss.
  17. Stray cats are not the.
  18. There would only be cats.
  19. Earth bound cats of today.
  20. Other cats, stay in one.
  21. I love it when cats purr.
  22. They are happy being cats.
  23. Forget about the old cats.
  24. Many city cats are strays.
  25. Cats never wait for orders.
  26. I've got three cats at home.
  27. Her roommate has four cats.
  28. The arena was empty of cats.
  29. It must be one of the cats.
  30. Millions of cats and dogs.
  31. And the cats charged again.
  32. And did you know that cats.
  33. These cats are already dead.
  34. Most cats like that unless.
  35. She was the goddess of cats.
  36. Even the cats and dogs eat.
  37. Cats were experts at hiding.
  38. I have two very unique cats.
  39. We are cats, and live alone.
  40. Cats prefer the quiet types.
  41. Other people have lost cats.
  42. Compared to other cats and.
  43. I’m not afraid of old cats.
  44. Cat toys: All cats need toys.
  45. In fact, some cats are kept.
  46. Cloned cats glow in the dark.
  47. Wimpy cats that live on the.
  48. In effect cats don’t have.
  49. Cats are really good at that.
  50. She has two cats and one dog.
  51. I have two beautiful cats at.
  52. That made the cats feel like.
  53. Replace the cats litter tray.
  54. His sympathy lay with the cats.
  55. But they were not cats; they.
  56. Others preferred dogs and cats.
  57. They fought like cats and dogs.
  58. They are my green-eyed cats.
  59. These cats weigh 60 to 130 lbs.
  60. They reminded Melodía of cats.
  61. We need to hit all of the cats.
  62. Cats know that they can lower.
  63. While these cats are generally.
  64. We cats have an image of being.
  65. All she cares about is her cats.
  66. The cats returned to their food.
  67. It is very easy to hit the cats.
  68. He hoped the cats didn't notice.
  69. They're not like cats, you know.
  70. Cats in homes need special care.
  71. Cats have no idea of discretion.
  72. Cats are famous for hunting mice.
  73. There were only twenty-one cats.
  74. Cats habitually will return to.
  75. Even cats should have some tact.
  76. The policy is to adopt cats to.
  77. Don’t throw cats at the ceiling.
  78. Male Cats Versus The Female Cats.
  79. Cats arent known as big drinkers.
  80. This is what cats refer to as a.
  81. Cats know that locked cages are.
  82. Black cats may have be prominent.
  83. Furthermore, dogs and cats fear.
  84. How To Deal With Cats That Spray.
  85. Unfortunately, not all cats are.
  86. Cats are very intelligent animals.
  87. She had such a good way with cats.
  89. Normally, cats arent big drinkers.
  90. They are no braver than meer cats.
  91. The old cats! Merriwether and Mrs.
  92. Or be from a long line of Wah cats.
  93. Often times, scratching cats are.
  94. This true, about the cats?
  95. He’s shooting at the cats with.
  96. Smart cats strive for that North.
  97. Cats love the outdoors, but there.
  98. Cats were programmed to be on the.
  99. Bastet was the protectress of cats.
  100. And dogs to eat them, and cats too.

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