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King in a sentence

To pray to the King.
The Lord is our king.
That he would be King.
But I remember the King.
In the arms of The King.
The King of Spain was.
But it’s for the king.

I have seen the King.
Married to a famous king.
King Hezekiah to test him.
He comes as conquering king.
Aetes sees himself as king.
So the king made a promise.
This is the king bedroom.
But there is more, my king.
Pharaoh was a shepherd king.
Of Christ, the heavenly King.
The 1611 King James Version.
King checked the radio again.
The King Who Exalts Himself.
That is, every king but one.
Bad King Njal and this brat.
The wise king scatters the.
Strong as the King of beasts.
I could be a spy for the King.
King Njal's fighters had won.
It was the smell of the King.
When the clouds cry out King.
He is supposed to be the King.
Who else had the King seen?
The king was clearly impressed.
No other king of Judah did so.
Our king once did this, too.
Why? King Jewhoiachin and his.
You name me king, he said.
Mikael: Yes, my king, all of it.
Save the king, Jaden pleads.
Even the king admitted to that.
The bite of King Lambi's skull.
The 13th of the present king, c.

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