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Knapsack in a sentence

Shove it into your knapsack.
Abby had the knapsack on her lap.
At his feet is the army knapsack.
She is wearing a knapsack on her back.
Nothing’s in the knapsack, officer.
I’ll shove the money into my knapsack.
From his knapsack he pulled a white towel.

Meanwhile, I was hiding inside her knapsack.
At her suggestion he had packed a knapsack.
Meanwhile, I was holding the knapsack wide.
I stretched out my legs and put my knapsack.
He was still wearing his knapsack, thank God.
Given three items with knapsack capacity W=3.
She took out her knapsack and locked the doors.
He threw off his suitcase and knapsack, jumped.
Mandy, I’ll put the ‘gizmo’ in this knapsack.
One thing, I must always have this knapsack on hand.
The man took his stick and his knapsack and departed.
Connie ran to the knapsack Ton Tsing dropped on the.
Connie heaved the knapsack into the side door of the.
Angrily he shouldered his knapsack and jogged to school.
The man dropped his head, picked up the knapsack which.
I withdrew another five hundred dollars from my knapsack.
He opens the knapsack quickly and pulls out the grenades.
Why? The knapsack with capacity 0 can have nothing in it.
She stopped and hitched the knapsack farther up her back.
I removed two thousand dollars from my knapsack and then.
The only luggage she carried with her was a knapsack that.
As soon as the officer pulled him out of the knapsack, he.
Rebecca desperately searched through her knapsack but was.
I held the knapsack in place for Mandy, but not before she.
After the orderly strapped on my knapsack, he said goodbye.
No, Martina said as she started to remove her knapsack.
Marie-Laure can hardly fit it into the mouth of her knapsack.
Slowly, calmly, she reached behind her for the army knapsack.
He packed up his knapsack, dragging a few essentials out of the.
She crouches against the wall of the grotto, knapsack in her lap.
Her right arm put itself through the other strap of the knapsack.
She pulled off her knapsack and came up with an 8 × 11 envelope.
We got a search warrant and found a knapsack that belonged to her.

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