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Pack in a sentence

Var ran as a pack.
It was his Alpha Pack.
He held out the pack.
It is time to pack up.
A pack of three gets.
Let’s pack up and go.
He hands me the ice pack.

She carried a back pack.
It’s a pack of clowns.
I put a map in your pack.
With the back pack held.
There were a pack of them.
The pack of devils might.
He said he'd help me pack.
They have no hunting pack.
Frodo, in my pack and all.
Yes only one pack horse.
The pack knew I was there.
They are a pack of rascals.
The snow pack was nothing.
Pack up and leave, he said.
On it was a pack of large.
Can you carry my pack?
Let’s pack up and take off.
These animals hunt as a pack.
The media pack was in silence.
He offered the pack to Smith.
I’m working out how to pack.
It took time for her to pack.
I’ll get it out of my pack.
I told Bershirt to pack her.
The pack were silent as they.
We can pack a lunch and head.
Are you going to pack it in?
He led his pack into the woods.
But I usually pack my clothes.
He pulled out a pack of mints.
Rex had asked them to pack a.
Voilà, I´ve got it, the pack.
She was crying and packing.
They helped with the packing.
I was just finishing packing.
I'm packing the club in as well.
Her father packing; storming out.
Willie climbed up on a packing box.
They were packing M14s and a pistol.
Michael was in his room packing, Mr.
To as he was packing his records.
Avoid over packing by reading the.
They finish packing the car and leave.
Two hours later we were home packing.
Ma stopped packing and looked at her.
The packing supplies you will need:.
Packing away, he braved a sensitive.
Instead, she began packing her things.
I need to finish packing up my things.
She is upstairs meticulously packing.
I was just there packing up my booth.
I should get started on the packing.
Use the help of online packing websites.
There was some signs of hurried packing.
A warehouse in the meat packing district.
He was supposedly packing his belongings.
This April, she will be packing off to US.
I saw Kyle though packing up his belongings.
She worked on the packing side of the line.
The red head was packing her stuff to leave.
A wheezy whistle tooted at the packing plant.
Local packing is generally used to release.
There he began packing clothing into his bag.
Jody, I used to work in a meat packing plant.
As, we pulled up he was packing up his stuff.
This was the famous court packing plan.
Packing the date would give you a range of 2.
I had been remarkably calm during the packing.
Then there is the cost of packing and cartage.
He looked both ways while packing another bowl.
My mom was packing up all my things and my dad.
Lightning’s packing up our things as we speak.
She had packed a 151.
As he packed, he watched.
It will be packed, mind.
Bobbie even packed my lunch.
He packed his box and rose.
Hoenir must have packed it.
He packed up and headed off.
Blake packed his lunch and.
It was packed full of man-.
In the morning, I packed my.
The corpse was vacuum packed.
Colia packed it himself, Mr.
Next she came back and packed.
All packed up, he said.
The Channel Two crew packed.
I am so glad I packed shorts.
The WiFi in my room packed up.
So he packed up for the week.
The place was packed with.
It is packed with antioxidants.
I almost brought packed meals.
The theater was packed and a.
Bradshaw had packed a picnic.
All was ready, all was packed.
We got the cups all packed.
He packed his pipe and lit it.
We’ve packed all the glasses.
The small parking stayed packed.
All burgers are protein packed.
We’re packed and ready to go.
Once again we packed our things.
The apartment was all packed up.
We packed my things on the sled.
The women packed their suitcases.
And it was packed with customers.
I packed everything in mothballs.
Ruhab Gupta packed up his toolkit.
I packed up my things and I left.
They dressed, packed and headed.
The shops are packed and hardly.
Packs close too, and as.
He packs a good wallop, too.
The packs were sixty pounds each.
They had packs to carry, and the.
In addition to the packs they had.
Family hatchbacks full of flat packs.
They hunt in packs and they are smart.
The usual crowd that packs the Cairo.
They shouldered their packs and set off.
Laura pulled out three empty packs of.
Seconds later she returned with two packs.
We also sold six packs of Busch beer for.
We’ve sent him 300 packs of Surf and 250.
They threw their packs on board and climbed in.
Packs of wolves were scouring desperately now.
Unks pulls his pipe out and packs it with tobacco.
Let you have a couple of packs of Earth smokes.
Then she thinks: There could be food in those packs.
She packs her passengers in with a slam of the door.
There were thousands of military issue energy packs.
Each of their packs was about half the size of mine.
In packs, they could turn really nasty, really quick.
All except one, which hid by the travellers’ packs.
The heavier our packs were, the slower we could walk.
Then he packs up his rifle and runs back to his house.
As Alice packs, her daughter Bethany is there with her.
Demarcus simultaneously remove their packs and raid a.
He split open several ice packs and let them begin to.
Fizzicist woke up to find both children and packs gone.
There is no need to run in packs as several tracks can.
What makes it so dangerous is that it attacks in packs.
She couldn’t believe the ‘punch’ that golf packs!.
All with day packs, they seemed oblivious to the world.
Rapp glanced at his watch and picked up two of the packs.
There they halted and adjusted the straps of their packs.
Miller each had packs that weighed at least forty pounds.
In this last boat most of the goods and packs were stowed.
The power packs had finally drained of what little was left.
The ration packs won’t have been affected by the explosion.
He stands next to the EMT who nods and packs up her med box.

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