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Kudos in a sentence

Kudos to M & T Bank!.
story or kudos to share?.
My kudos to the Alaska Airline pilots.
Kudos to the OC Foundation for caring.
'He's made a lot of kudos out of the strike.
When you graduate from the course – kudos.
Kudos to the creative advertising agency team that came up.

and rehearsed joke and the kudos would satisfy his non-assuming.
Kudos Leesh, I doubt I would have found you in the closet in a laundry basket.
Of the set pieces, Marilyn shines in two of them, earning kudos from the critics.
CELEBRATIONS: Kudos to my cousins who did their thing and graduated from college.
Regardless, he still would have the lead role and garner the professional kudos if things worked well.
Anyway, the kudos should go to the councillor not the minion who merely put the hooks around the words.
Frank, confidently expecting kudos and accolades, sauntered into his office and joined the CEO of Pointy Foods.
Do you really think just because you promoted that Targh waste to First Officer that she will get any kudos or promotions in the Klingon Fleet?.
She patted Rena on the back with public acknowledgement, gave her a proactive reason for leaving, a positive stroke for me, and kudos for doing the right thing.
What I want from you by tonight is a balanced account of the results of this air battle, so that we could assess the damage to the enemy and also distribute both kudos and criticisms where they are due.
To write a fictional novel around this One is to use this One for kudos, as this One is the One who perhaps is and has experienced a life that can be, in part, described by that saying, ‘truth is stranger than fantasy’.
Is it reasonable to suggest that Bradley’s advice to Eisenhower was motivated by personal considerations? Bradley realised that if the plan to take Berlin was executed, due to the dispositions of the Allied armies the main thrust would have to be commanded by Montgomery and would include many American troops; this would mean that the kudos of the last victory would go to Montgomery, a man whom Bradley had learned to detest intensely.
who picked it up in the crush after witnessing the occurrence meaning to return it to him (and return it to him he did with the utmost celerity) who panting and hatless and whose thoughts were miles away from his hat at the time all the same being a gentleman born with a stake in the country he, as a matter of fact, having gone into it more for the kudos of the thing than anything else, what's bred in the bone instilled into him in infancy at his mother's knee in the shape of knowing what good form was came out at once because he turned round to the donor and thanked him with perfect aplomb, saying: Thank you, sir, though in a very different tone of voice from the ornament of the legal profession whose headgear Bloom also set to rights earlier in the course of the day, history repeating itself with a difference, after the burial of a mutual friend when they had left him alone in his glory after the grim task of having committed his remains to the grave.

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congratulations extolment kudos praise