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    1. Mandy Hill was now a respected restauranteur with no little acclaim in the circles of gourmands and critics alike across four states

    2. His political ambitions softened by age, Nixon‘s geopolitical literary output subsequently earned him international acclaim and the grudging respect from his political enemies, many of whom he oftentimes consulted with on Foreign Affairs in his later years

    3. Obscene payrolls in professional sports have occasioned a generation of boorish athletes whose churlish behavior has rendered many unfit to manage, in a mature and appropriate manner, the requirements of popular acclaim

    4. wish to acclaim those things which I should grieve,

    5. It does mean that you should not be swayed by popular acclaim

    6. Allen, the Coast Guard had earned national acclaim for the more than 10,000 dangerous and skillful helicopter and boat in the wake of the hurricane

    7. Why they’re constantly seeking public attention; needing to be ‘seen’ here there and everywhere, causing scandals, going to every opening, award ceremony, divorcing, remarrying, joining odd religious sects… in a vain attempt to find the acclaim and satisfaction that performing for a camera can never give

    8. They began to realize that the feeding of the five thousand and the popular movement to make Jesus king was the apex of the miracle-seeking, wonder-working expectance of the people and the height of Jesus' acclaim by the populace

    9. This crisis, which began with the feeding of the five thousand, and which terminated with this Sabbath afternoon sermon, was the outward turning of the tide of popular fame and acclaim

    10. No attempt was made to molest Jesus as the Sanhedrin greatly feared the people, and that was, after all, one of the reasons Jesus had for allowing the multitude thus to acclaim him

    11. He was the one apostle who did not seriously undertake to evaluate the popular outburst of acclaim

    12. 4 To James Zebedee, this Sunday was a day of perplexity and profound confusion; he could not grasp the purport of what was going on; he could not comprehend the Master's purpose in permitting this wild acclaim and then in refusing to say a word to the people when they arrived at the temple

    13. No other single factor exerted such a powerful influence on him, in his final determination to forsake Jesus and his fellow apostles, as a certain episode which occurred just as Jesus reached the gate of the city: A prominent Sadducee (a friend of Judas's family) rushed up to him in a spirit of gleeful ridicule and, slapping him on the back, said: "Why so troubled of countenance, my good friend; cheer up and join us all while we acclaim this Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews as he rides through the gates of Jerusalem seated on an ass

    14. But the chant—deep, low-pitched, and indescribably ominous – came to a conclusion at last, and a shouted acclaim from the acolytes marked its period

    15. In the streets the fighting milled and eddied, plumed helmets and steel caps tossed among the tousled heads and then vanished; swords hacked madly in a heaving forest of pikes, and over all rose the roar of the mob, shouts of acclaim mingling with screams of blood-lust and howls of agony

    16. The acclaim of Poitanian warriors was a thing to terrify a timid man

    17. preconceptions and biases, without enjoying acclaim like

    18. publish it, it would not receive the same acclaim

    19. Every-one was so happy to see each other and the celebrations at Chichen Itza went on for three days, with contests of skill, acrobats, the local drama group wrote a small piece of theatre about Coatl and I that received much acclaim, although I didn’t recognised the adventures they credited us with

    20. He had won new acclaim with the Nobel Prize in Literature

    21. The console launched with a variety of first-party titles meant to showcase what the system could do, including the commonly bundled Wii Sports, the party game Wii Play, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which received widespread critical acclaim for its art, story and gameplay, including its intuitive sword-and-shield use of the motion-sensing controllers

    22. film critics could acclaim Paths of Glory because the psychopaths were militarists and the film was seen as anti-war, with a liberal

    23. minister and motivational speaker as well as her new found acclaim as author of a

    24. It was party to critical acclaim from both the audience and the industry itself

    25. On the other hand it may be a job promotion or acclaim for a project done well

    26. late 1970's and early 80's, who received acclaim early in his career for research on

    27. This was scant said but all cried with one acclaim nay, by our Virgin Mother, the wife should live and the babe to die

    28. All desire to see you bring forth the work you meditate, to acclaim you Stephaneforos

    29. A densely lyrical novel set on the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia, it had been written in Dutch and published to critical acclaim in 1955, but mostly forgotten now

    30. The pick of the local litter, no doubt, according to popular acclaim

    31. Who were these cats? Where they gatekeepers to a land of acclaim and immortality that still seemed so unattainable?

    32. The stage lights dimmed again and the closing turn entered to the MC’s halfhearted acclaim

    33. SMB hosted a guest lecturer of international trading acclaim

    34. His first four books, including THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES and THE GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUN, brought Ray Bradbury the kind of international acclaim of which the following quotation from Punch is an example: "It is hard to speak with restraint of these extraordinary tales, which raise Ray Bradbury to a secure place among the imaginative writers of today

    35. Despite critical acclaim in New York, the play closed after only six performances

    36. A few years later, he published his first novel, Focus, about anti-Semitism, to little acclaim

    37. If anything, this temptation has been amplified in recent years by the acclaim and financial rewards that have accrued to those who end up on the right side of a big, dramatic bet – the more complex, the better

    38. Now and then he called for a toast and a cheer, and his crowd screamed its acclaim

    39. Even had there been no miracles, had there been nothing marvelous to justify his hopes, why this indignity, why this humiliation, why this premature decay, “in excess of nature,” as the spiteful monks said? Why this “sign from heaven,” which they so triumphantly acclaimed in company with Father Ferapont, and why did they believe they had gained the right to acclaim it? Where is the finger of Providence? Why did Providence hide its face “at the most critical moment” (so Alyosha thought it), as though voluntarily submitting to the blind, dumb, pitiless laws of nature?

    1. To have as your own neighbor: a world renowned, internationally acclaimed Master Rod and Reel Craftsman should fill every citizen in this village with immense pride---just at his residence here, let alone his acquaintance

    2. This was the first he'd heard of his acclaimed destination

    3. Titania, Hipolyta and Jameson had been the only constant resource for the infrequent, though necessary cuing of the rest of the cast on the occasions of a dropped line, and were acclaimed by the cast and crew as the saviors of the show

    4. But then of course she would quickly follow her comment with an expression of gratefulness – she had no real desire for competition as Cheydinhal’s most acclaimed apothecary

    5. Nevertheless, what most attracted us to Chinatown was the universally acclaimed Hindu temple Sri Mariamman

    6. Internationally acclaimed singers performed here together with our own wonderful singers and orchestras, backed up by outstanding local stage managers and producers

    7. Caribbean, it is acclaimed for its outstanding attractions and great variety of entertainment

    8. A Frank Sinatra he wasn’t, but thus his passion he acclaimed

    9. Some of the internationally acclaimed films shot here were

    10. Some of the internationally acclaimed films shot in Namibia

    11. The Anxiety-Free Child Program - One of the most acclaimed programs for children struggling with fear or anxiety, the AnxietyFree Child Program is recommended by doctors and psychologists

    12. depressants in order to promote a building up and harnessing of this acclaimed power

    13. -Heeereetiiics, Get Out! – So she was saying lengthening the syllables in ancient English that no one has heard of and the peasants who constituted her only public acclaimed with effusiveness her sardonic declamations

    14. Sometimes, they came with floral gifts and aromatic herbs, acclaimed for their medicinal properties, others with exotic mushrooms and roots; they sang and danced during the time shared with me in the garden

    15. Widely acclaimed by connoisseurs and laymen alike, she turned out to be a much sought after kuchipudi dancer

    16. The phenomenon is not limited to cinema production: one encounters it all the time when dealing with somebody who, from the height of his experience (and therefore acclaimed and recognized as an Expert), substitutes the client with himself with enormous arrogance, thinking that he can decide taste and preferences, making his own evaluations on his own idea about what is good and what is not

    17. a name that would become acclaimed;

    18. the “Master of Legions” is He acclaimed

    19. If this spectacular event had occurred the day before, at the time of Jesus' triumphal arrival at the temple at the termination of his tumultuous procession through the gates of the city, all the while loudly acclaimed by the multitude, they would have been ready for it, but coming as it did, they were wholly unprepared to participate

    20. dominated by authors who were acclaimed in the South

    21. What is acclaimed as “the com-

    22. Acclaimed as the father of modern missions, with others, Carey intentionally designed missionary societies as new structures for mobilizing missionaries

    23. acclaimed surgeon who had another ‘legitimate clinic’ in the

    24. To resume my presentation, I contend that Miss Laplante has caused the emergence of these groups of religious fanatics by her words and behavior and has further inflamed those fanatics, who call themselves New Christians, by bringing from the past the companion of a famous religious prophet, whose son is now being acclaimed as a new Christ

    25. greens called “Green Alchemy” that is highly acclaimed by medical

    26. I was highly acclaimed for these successful operations

    27. There were even championship matches with the winner being highly acclaimed and looked up to

    28. “Edward Murrow speaking!” Said quickly the celebrated radio and television journalist after taking the receiver from an assistant on the CBS set where he was preparing his next interview episode for his acclaimed ‘Person to Person’ show

    29. He had a featured renowned international singing star that was going to sing with the award winning acclaimed Black Choir from Center Church in Chicago

    30. Sarah Martin is going to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ for us with the award winning acclaimed Gospel Choir from Chicago, backed by the Kansas City Philharmonic

    31. It was shortly after Barclay’s acclaimed visit to America when, at about the same time, MI6’s Moscow station and GCHQ in Cheltenham both reported that instructions had been issued to ‘activate Jarvis

    32. Acclaimed dereliction strains to be heard again, starting to beat the hard

    33. While his back was turned, Charlie heard a faint cough behind him in order to catch his attention, and upon turning he realised that it was none other than the acclaimed food critic, Quentin Watson, standing there

    34. Eustace Rogers was one of the very last coracle makers in the country and when died on the 31st January, 2003, aged 88, he left behind a tradition that had been in his family for over three hundred years, His father Harry and his grandfather Tommy were all acclaimed coracle makers, but sadly when Eustace passed away he had no family to pass the tradition on to

    35. When King Edward 1V died on the 9th April, 1483, his son Edward was to he was duly acclaimed as King of England

    36. the author of twenty-one highly acclaimed and qualified books on

    37. possesses all the qualities that any acclaimed poetic composition can

    38. “There were two great lovers, heralded as such by the world, one of which was a wealthy collector of art, sports memorabilia, guns, wines, and automobiles, and the other was the most acclaimed thespian of their era

    39. acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, which are widely regarded as two

    40. "Think about it, why would my father choose a young man like my husband who's publicly acclaimed for his critical view of nepotism and corruption as his successor, if he wasn't looking to take the first step in changing the governmental structure?"

    41. acclaimed and widely read authors of

    42. acclaimed as the

    43. hoping that you, acclaimed by all to be the greatest

    44. and internationally acclaimed companies

    45. The Americans, the acclaimed leader of world?s

    46. Nominated for the Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger Award with acclaimed Limerick crime thriller PURE MAD, published in 2009

    47. Because that professed, acclaimed Liberty was only true for half of its white adult population

    48. Sailors arriving home filthy rich, and getting drunk in public and being publicly acclaimed for their drunkenness and wealth

    49. So even if you are acclaimed a world champion and receive the Gold Medal

    50. Until the regressive dynamic of the human mentality becomes so negatively regressive… that 2,500 years later: the story of the first mass-murderer ever to become publicly acclaimed as a hero… the first human to murder even more people than the gods they worshipped… has become the highest known ideal, the most universally mimicked and copied Myth and cultural belief around the world today

    1. Men said the gods were satisfied because the evil king and his spawn were slain, and when his young brother Tarascus was crowned in the great coronation hall, the populace cheered until the towers rocked, acclaiming the monarch on whom the gods smiled

    1. To the arms of my loved one that only in sleep she loves me and in velvets she acclaims me with piety ointments

    2. Walking with the other women at the rear of the crowd of 150 followers and disciples, Nancy felt an overpowering emotion when Yeshua, riding on an ass, entered the holy city through the Damascus Gate to the acclaims of hundred of Jews

    3. Even if the whole world acclaims that you are the best in the World

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    acclaim acclamation eclat plaudit plaudits hail herald applaud clap spat approval enthusiasm praise fame popularity commend laud celebrate

    "acclaim" definitions

    enthusiastic approval

    praise vociferously

    clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval