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Lab in a sentence | lab example sentences

  1. I was in the lab.
  2. He locked the CDC lab.
  3. As he entered his lab.
  4. We sent it to the lab.
  5. We should get a lab.

  6. Mom put it in the lab.
  7. The lights in the lab.
  8. Lab Time On Real Cisco.
  9. In this lab, though, it.
  10. It had to be a lab error.
  11. The lab is working it up.
  12. This lab is one wonder dog.
  13. A lab technician to the end.
  14. In the corner was the lab.
  15. She liked her lab space here.

  16. Well, it is a secret lab.
  17. God, the lab tech said.
  18. I’m meeting him in the lab.
  19. The lab is in the basement.
  20. Can you come to the lab?
  21. I never went into the lab.
  22. For using her as a lab rat.
  23. The lab was in their building.
  24. In that case, what lab?
  25. The worst is a biomedical lab.

  26. Things he knows from our lab.
  27. The lab enjoyed higher uptime.
  28. Anyway, this is a secret lab.
  30. A strong wind blew into the lab.
  31. It was a fabricated lab report.
  32. But this lab I’ve kept secret.
  33. He looks like a Chocolate Lab.
  34. I'll be in the lab, you will be.
  35. He heard the others in the lab.
  36. As he walked around the lab in.
  37. The forensic lab says different.
  38. I can’t reach the lab alone.
  39. This is a pathology lab you know.
  40. No, they’re still in the lab.
  41. It could be stolen lab equipment.
  42. I wasn’t thinking about the lab.
  43. Remember, this is a lab study.
  44. He hands me a pair of lab gloves.
  45. He looked quickly around the lab.
  46. He was wearing a stained lab coat.
  47. He’s plugging away in his lab.
  48. The ME is sending them to the lab.
  49. Yeah, its in the lab for tests.
  50. He walked me over to a lab counter.
  51. Parker and the others in his lab.
  52. She left her makeshift lab quietly.
  53. Meth lab explosion, Hanni said.
  54. It was his first visit to the lab.
  55. The results from the lab showed 72.
  56. This seemed to be some kind of lab.
  57. That’s what the lab reports said.
  58. What about the science lab?
  59. One worked in a local research lab.
  60. Is Samuel still at the lab?
  61. I’m sorry about the lab before.
  62. Loren was wearing his white lab coat.
  63. A yellow Lab was sitting by his bed.
  64. The Lab lights flickered back on as.
  65. Is that another word for lab?
  66. It was his lab, and he believed his.
  67. He still allows me to come to his lab.
  68. Okay, back upstairs to the p-chem lab.
  69. Where’s the lab of Project X?
  70. The lab tech shook his head, bewildered.
  71. The Doc is in the Lab with his cauldron.
  72. A man in a stained lab coat came at them.
  73. The lab was a familiar place for me: I.
  74. It’s Allen down here at the crime lab.
  75. Everyone at the lab sends their regards.
  76. I was hired to work in the genetics lab.
  77. He rushed to the lab and look who he saw.
  78. We can make trillions of them in the lab.
  79. Claire met me at the entrance to the lab.
  80. I was the first one to walk into the lab.
  81. Sally from Moment Vision Lab, as she was.
  82. The man was wearing a regular white lab.
  83. I’ll meet up with you later in the lab.
  84. She was not on the verandah or in her lab.
  85. We’ve got your car at our forensics lab.
  86. That is what we had to do in the food lab.
  87. Sabina’s lab was safe, if she was there.
  88. The one that was destroyed was the AI Lab.
  89. She was the human body, the next lab test.
  90. There were only her lab screens remaining.
  91. Lab and the Laboratory for Computer Science.
  92. A Day in the Cosmic Lab: Genesis Revisited.
  93. I also told her about the owner of the lab.
  94. At that, she cut the connection to the lab.
  95. Following the link with Parker’s lab, the.
  96. Then he deactivates it and we leave the lab.
  97. The data was lost before reaching the lab.
  98. Why wasn’t this flagged by their lab?
  99. Then he handed the lab results back to Noah.
  100. Have you heard anything from the lab?

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