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Laboratory in a sentence

1. Doc never locked the laboratory.
2. We headed to the main laboratory.
3. The laboratory door I had closed.
4. Again, the laboratory did repeat.
5. This hidden room was a laboratory.
6. Science Laboratory Building on the.
7. The lights blazed in the laboratory.

8. They form a part of his laboratory.
9. The man wore a faded laboratory coat.
10. It is a secret underground laboratory.
11. Members of the medical laboratory team.
12. You were at the laboratory the other day.
13. This seemed to be some kind of laboratory.
14. Varfolomeyev founded a laboratory called.
15. The laboratory had much equipment and cots.
16. He was on the way to a research laboratory.
17. Lab and the Laboratory for Computer Science.
18. He turned and looked around the laboratory.
19. I’m surprised you found our laboratory.
20. They faced down the hill toward the laboratory.
21. If I could set you up in a laboratory, I would.
22. How many men are left in the laboratory?
23. If money came in he bought laboratory equipment.
24. She has a private laboratory on the top level.
25. She would go into his laboratory and wait for him.
26. They are like two mad geniuses in that laboratory.
27. And the lights blazed in the quiet empty laboratory.
28. The laboratory was a 24/7 institution, with its few.
29. There’s a laboratory in the south area of the city.
30. Even in the laboratory, I must’ve started to blush.
31. Doc was sitting in the laboratory with Richard Frost.
32. She had not penetrated into his laboratory for years.
33. Dallery and Raiff (2007) used a laboratory model of.
34. The clean laboratory made Doc nervous and apprehensive.
35. I put it on his laboratory table, right in the middle.
36. HCA has been demonstrated in the laboratory (but not.
37. No medical college is complete without its laboratory.
38. She waved her arms at the laboratory before continuing.
39. The angelic, disembodied voices filled the laboratory.
40. The laboratory was more of a study than a hospital room.
41. She laid a sheet of typewriting on the laboratory table.
42. The laboratory did repeat analyses and confirmed that.
43. The pod came to a smooth stop at the laboratory station.
44. He showered and put on a clean white laboratory tunic.
45. It had all been sent off to the laboratory for analysis.
46. He was trying to duplicate in the laboratory, what had.
47. Novel laboratory techniques emerged that allow to test.
48. Enjoy!Warren and Roger continued on into the laboratory.
49. Bring that to the laboratory, the inspector ordered.
50. The result of his mad laboratory now propelled him around.
51. Rumble and Ngem spent most of their time in the laboratory.
52. They walked into the forensics laboratory and Gomes smiled.
53. Society: Thirty-Five Years of the Laboratory for Computer.
54. The space was more cramped than the laboratory, its square.
55. You need to come into the ultrasound laboratory for the test.
56. Desa tied this in to the laboratory theory of human origins.
57. They’ve offered me the job here in the science laboratory.
58. Hotaru was back at work in her laboratory several hours later.
59. She entered the corridor into which the laboratory door opened.
60. In the laboratory a woman who also has the same coat meets him.
61. They hunted urgently around the laboratory for several minutes.
62. Not just at Culham, but also at the new laboratory at Harwell.
63. There’s a laboratory hidden in the basement of the mansion.
64. Over at the laboratory, Doc had a little whiskey after his beer.
65. When I caught up with Dad in the laboratory, he looked nervous.
66. He told me all about his laboratory and the things he did in it.
67. After all, she’d witnessed them several times in a laboratory.
68. Mack found Doc way back in the downstairs part of the laboratory.
69. This department even had a special neuro-energetical laboratory.
70. Did you find the entrance to the laboratory? asked Samantha.
71. I used the laboratory and Ed himself in a book called Cannery Row.
72. You cannot hold your breath every time you’re in my laboratory.
73. Simla stared wistfully up at the sky through the laboratory window.
74. They spent a few minutes looking around the astonishing laboratory.
75. Blood is withdrawn from a vein in the arm in the clinic laboratory.
76. The sample is taken through clinic laboratory through masturbation.
77. The old man chose to be alone, like an alchemist in his laboratory.
78. This method is used for all samples that are sent to the laboratory.
79. Not just in his own laboratory at Culham, but in France and America.
80. The semen sample of sperm is taken at the clinic laboratory through.
81. Ingeborg jumped up and ran across the passage to the laboratory door.
82. The laboratory door opened and Sam/Samuel stuck his head in and froze.
83. Southon at the Keck Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory of the.
84. She imagines a group of people in a laboratory, tweaking an SIM card.
85. In the laboratory, the fog cleared a bit and "he" can already be seen.
86. Mack and the boys sat dejectedly on their log and faced the laboratory.
87. Steve Croft of the lawrence livermore national laboratory studied one.
88. Graziella, the senior laboratory technician was renowned for her work.
89. Instead she has taken a part-time position as a laboratory technician.
90. Because it was Saturday morning, the laboratory building would be open.
91. Laboratory testing had revealed very few changes in the blood picture.
92. I think his job at the laboratory might have been experimental subject.
93. Most of the records of laboratory help are kept by a woman named Yompere.
94. He pointed to a thin line of light coming from under the laboratory door.
95. During the rest of the morning Craig was at work again in the laboratory.
96. A recent tragedy, however, exposed the evil managers in a laboratory en-.
97. Three or four such parties, he thought, and he would lose the laboratory.
98. If it does, the laboratory will reject the specimen and will not test it.
99. Beyond that they entered what Alan guessed was a bio-photonic laboratory.
100. Back in the laboratory he put the four cold remaining bottles on the table.

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