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Leech in a sentence

Finish this leech off Prince.
I feel like a leech, that’s why.
I knew it was a leech sucking my blood.
Without this you will be called a leech.
The wind made the sail flap along the leech.
It uses certain plants to leech certain elements from the soil.
Yet, the jealousy lodged in his brain like a leech he was unable.
Enough of that, he said, peeling a fat leech from his upper.
The boy was able to take his knife out and stab the leech in the stomach.
We both wondered how a leech lives at all out in the wilderness where no.
His was the overwhelming slumber of the torpid bear and the satiated leech.
I don’t want to be a leech, but I really had to get out of that house for a while.
On everyone’s uniform there were dark, stiff patches — dried blood from leech bites.
What’s worse—is that his mouth still is latched onto my wrist like a leech to flesh.
Keith Moore had no knowledge whether an embryo in the initial stages appears like a leech.
The steel leech of the auxiliary pump and drug infuser unfolded from the wall close to his.
Jaden also has the feeling of a huge leech over his head, squeezing and scratching his skull.
The undead are a parasitic leech on all Life; they are unnatural parasites that need to be wiped out.
When my father was cut with the scythe, they sent a leech from the castle, who blooded him, and he died.
Send for every leech of the court! Oh, my lord, what a black shame on the city! Are you entirely slain?
She was fucked and now was stuck cleaning up after that leech Tynice and her two vampire welfare daughters.
The diplomatic negotiations surrounding the ball inevitably leech staff away from areas considered less key.
Hence the embryo acquires the appearance of a blood clot in addition to acquiring the appearance of a leech.
It was like having a leech stuck to your lips and in the end I had to lever her off just to catch my breath.
A single look was sufficient to apprise the pretended leech that the invalid was far beyond his powers of healing.
The cold seemed to leech into every bit of me, I began to shiver and felt darkness press onto the edges of my vision.
It hadn’t stopped me in the past but I didn’t want to see any more of this leech, let alone drink with the bastard.
As I turn over the pages I see my notes upon the repulsive story of the red leech and the terrible death of Crosby the banker.
As I turn over the pages, I see my notes upon the repulsive story of the red leech and the terrible death of Crosby, the banker.
Vaidehi was confused, but just then Ansh reached there and shouted at Divya: You shared our secret herb with this leech to become immortal?
They latched on like a leech driving their claws deep till they took him for all he had and then spat out his poor, sorry remains once more.
And who are these lovely boys and girls you’ve bound yourself to like a fucking leech? His hand comes back, he lets it run along the line of your jacket.
To check this out he studied the initial stage of the embryo under a very powerful microscope in his laboratory and compared what he observed with a diagram of a leech and he was astonished at the striking resemblance between the two!.
For the sake of the minister's health, and to enable the leech to gather plants with healing balm in them, they took long walks on the sea-shore, or in the forest; mingling various talk with the plash and murmur of the waves, and the solemn wind-anthem among the tree-tops.
Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging and quartering of the queen's leech Lopez, his jew's heart being plucked forth while the sheeny was yet alive: Hamlet and Macbeth with the coming to the throne of a Scotch philosophaster with a turn for witchroasting.
He has risen invigorated from the blow; like the horse leech, he continues to cry, "give, give!" He never will be satisfied while the farmers of the North and the East are prosperous and powerful, or while the ships of an independent merchant float safely and successfully on the ocean.
Why is the destruction of the removal of all civilized apparatus and structures necessary? Because if you continue to live inside a house: they will simply go into the hollow hiding places of a wall and hide there for centuries and wait for some poor blind fool to come along so they can leech off them.
Our elder neighbor down the hill has actually given his eyes and his back; he peers at life through spectacles, and walks about like Wordsworth's leech gatherer, bent double through poking about for years in the muddy pools of little boys' badly written exercises; and here he is at fifty still not satisfied with what he has earned, still going on drudging the whole year round, except for his six short weeks in summer.
As, blind and deaf, the whale plunged forward, as if by sheer power of speed to rid himself of the iron leech that had fastened to him; as we thus tore a white gash in the sea, on all sides menaced as we flew, by the crazed creatures to and fro rushing about us; our beset boat was like a ship mobbed by ice-isles in a tempest, and striving to steer through their complicated channels and straits, knowing not at what moment it may be locked in and crushed.

Teflon, the coating on our non-stick cookware, is leeching into our foods as well.
They were leeching on those who had built empires because of a faulty lapse in judgment that left a sperm donation and a man wondering what a night in bed could really produce.
No, he thought, a mirror wouldn’t be like that; perhaps if the lake were filled with mercury…but then its splendour would only be passing, transitory beauty, while poison leaked into the land, leeching its disease into soil and plant life.
My blood leeched out into the earth and there was nothing of me left.
Their blood leeched into the soil, and I did not mind that I would drink it.
Some of the essence of their power must have been leeched from him during their encounters.
The leeches and.
Leeches often carry infections.
I told him I had put on leeches.
Before it the arts of the leeches were helpless.
Maybe we didn’t need these criminal leeches after all.
Leeches plagued them in the wet forests, here it was mosquitoes.
Always cheerful even with a dozen leeches sucking on his scrotum.
When they emerged at the day’s end, they were covered in leeches.
These were the leeches that overcharged the miners for basic necessities.
No not again, they’re just like the leeches in my nightmares, thought Saffyre.
Then the shattering of the Kingdom and they emerged like leeches sucking the life from us.
LIEUTENANT: And what about that piece of daisy? I bet that those leeches will ask me about that.
Some mistakes are obvious, his 47% remark, castigating almost half the country as lazy leeches.
As they squirmed around, jabbing at the leeches with cigarettes, one of the guards looked down at them.
Avoiding time and energy leeches gives you both the needed energy and time to start enjoying this business again.
The result was a march of leeches down her throat, brown and blue and embarrassing to Ben until he caught Trey staring at them.
They might as well be putting leeches on her arm for all that Billy understands of the three ring circus going down all around him.
Agnes leaped to her feet screaming that he and his type were leeches on the body of humanity ready to sacrifice quality for profit….
The growths were like giant leeches on his near translucent skin and though they were well hidden by his clothing, they were everywhere.
They want to hear only positive statements! They are like leeches, but it's understandable that they want to put out something interesting.
Leeches, spiders with super strong webs, lizards, monitors, kangaroos, wallabies, possums, fruit bats, birds, snakes—most of them deadly.
Mortals, I am dreaming: that the tun of Heidelberg has an attack of apoplexy, and that I am one of the dozen leeches which will be applied to it.
Cupping-glasses, leeches, cataplasms, blood-lettings—in all which things the populace has so blind a confidence—were held in high honour in our hospital.
Eternity was rushing forward—leaping at him in the form of a sea of leeches, screeching, clawing monkeys, indistinct, shadowy, jungle insects and reptiles.
What’s hailed as the world’s most prosperous democracy is actually a land ruled by special interests and economic leeches sucking the lifeblood out of the economy.
But, alas! how could I offend a man who was charitable enough to sit at my bedside a good hour, and talk on some other subject than pills and draughts, blisters and leeches?
Were there giant snakes waiting in the rocks to strangle and inject them with venom? Giant monitors waiting to take a bite? Bull ants, leeches, ticks, poisonous spiders, centipedes, scorpions.
It does not appear that we can move away from eventual erasing of the middle class unless these leeches are destroyed or at least regulated so that America can progress to a more just society.
But, alas! how could I offend a man who was charitable enough to sit at my bedside a good hour, and talk on some other subject than pills and draughts, blisters and leeches? This is quite an easy interval.
Not only these men, their wives and children, but the entire community around them, all the teachers, actors, cooks, jockeys, live by preying upon the life-blood of the working-people, which in one way or another they absorb like leeches.
One morning Úrsula woke up feeling that she was reaching her end in a placid swoon and she had already asked them to take her to Father Antonio Isabel, even if it had to be on a stretcher, when Santa Sofía de la Piedad discovered that her back was paved with leeches.
What was his amazement when he learned at home that Glafira Petrovna had come back from the theatre a long, long time before, that she had toothache, that she had sent for the doctor, that she had sent for leeches, and that now she was lying in bed and expecting Ivan Andreyitch.
Moreo’er, he swore that tho’ Apothecaries, Physicians, and Surgeons might scoff, the Lime would one Day be seen as a Cure-All beyond any on Land or Sea, for entire Crews of Ships had perish’d that might have been sav’d by this simple Fruit and instead they were cupp’d and blooded, purged, and cover’d with Leeches.
And he heard their aresouns each gen other as touching birth and righteousness, young Madden maintaining that put such case it were hard the wife to die (for so it had fallen out a matter of some year agone with a woman of Eblana in Horne's house that now was trespassed out of this world and the self night next before her death all leeches and pothecaries had taken counsel of her case).
All these men and those who live on them, their wives, teachers, children, cooks, actors, jockeys, and so forth, live by the blood which in one way or another, by one class of leeches or by another, is sucked out of the working people; thus they live, devouring each day for their pleasures hundreds and thousands of work-days of the exhausted labourers, who are driven to work by the threat of being killed; they see the privations and sufferings of these labourers, of their children, old men, women, sick people; they know of the penalties to which the violators of this established spoliation are subjected, and they not only do not diminish their luxury, do not conceal it, but impudently display before these oppressed labourers, who for the most part hate them, as though on purpose to provoke them, their parks, castles, theatres, chases, races, and at the same time assure themselves and one another that they are all very much concerned about the good of the masses, whom they never stop treading underfoot; and on Sundays they dress themselves in costly attire and drive in expensive carriages into houses especially built for the purpose of making fun of Christianity, and there listen to men especially trained in this lie, who in every manner possible, in vestments and without vestments, in white neckties, preach to one another the love of men, which they all deny with their whole lives.

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