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Bleed in a sentence

I bleed and I cry.
A cut and a bleed.
that bleed like cuts.
friend here will bleed.
wounds refused to bleed.
They bleed on both sides.
bleed one another to death.

"Did he bleed?" Jose asked.
Bleed for the lady, Oscar.
Her ears started to bleed.
Should never have to bleed.
bleed and cry his brains out.
He's like to bleed to death.
I will bleed over the page,.
that caused my heart to bleed.
We all bleed when we are cut.
bleed to death on the balcony.
This will bleed our town dry,.
Don’t let her bleed to death.
Only thing that made them bleed.
Cuts that are too deep may bleed.
Let It Bleed, the day it came out.
‘But watching someone bleed to.
I think I will bleed him again.
nose bleed and die but there you go.
I could bleed him if you like, but.
Some days it would bleed and poor.
It threatens to bleed on my sanity,.
He felt as if his heart would bleed;.
I was bleeding.
I began bleeding.
Make a bleeding.
" The bleeding?".
Her head was bleeding.
Not bleeding to death.
His face was bleeding.
bleeding on the inside.
to have heavy bleeding.
His head was bleeding.
The bleeding finally.
The Earth is bleeding.
of the bleeding hearts.
his head was bleeding,.
She was bleeding a lot.
and thus cause bleeding.
He wasn’t bleeding,.
I was the one bleeding!.
He was bleeding, too.
You’re bleeding badly.
but his nose is bleeding.
Otherwise the bleeding.
His hands were bleeding.
I feel like its bleeding.
The apples were bleeding.
The bleeding had stopped.
by those bleeding hearts.
Sweat, dust and bleeding.
I bled out.
Cam bled for her.
He bled to death.
He bled a lot.
It bled and the.
He bled profusely.
I have bled enough.
His face bled still.
with its numbers bled.
The walls bled sound.
The wound still bled.
bled against the glass.
I bled uncontrollably.
bled onto in the night.
bled she explained.
The blood they bled.
his body, then bled away.
I bled because of it.
Like when she bled each.
bled soldiers and wizards.
She’d bled for them all.
I bled but not fast enough.
I bled and should have died.
Hank’s nose bled profusely.
The victim had bled out fast.
on the cross I bled for them.
Set the fire and bled into it.
And bleeds and burns.
Sex bleeds from holes.
Emotion bleeds through.
If I am cut, he bleeds.
My tongue bleeds from.
To where my heart bleeds.
Searching and reaching as one bleeds.
The bird dies easily and bleeds well.
Money has no blood, but it bleeds all.
He bleeds red blood the same as we do.
see where she bleeds, or does not bleed:.
If this goes wrong, if she bleeds to death.
There is no universe like that which bleeds.
When I dress in white, the world bleeds red.
My heart bleeds at seeing such marks on you.
The nose bleeds, feeling dizzy, all of that.
nose bleeds when she found out she was pregnant.
The owner made it a corporation and bleeds it, along.
His glory bleeds over her arm and into her less worthy soul.
The woman conceives and then miscarries and bleeds to death.
She bleeds slowly, darkening his vision amid a deep sense of.
Contemplate Me in the image of the Christ who cries and bleeds.
Why? Because as they say in the media, If it bleeds, it leads.
If he bleeds across the yard, we can’t hide it, she gasped.
That's a good thing! A ghost who bleeds is less dangerous! he grinned.
The rocks have torn his flesh badly and he bleeds from at least a dozen wounds.
The model at the foot of the bed bleeds away and is a long time restoring itself.

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bleed hemorrhage leech run