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Linkup in a sentence

1. That is what the phrase those who are in linkup with God expresses and denotes.
2. No one has ever found a linkup between Homo erectus, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, and or Modern Humans.
3. Our profiles suggest the Kiprich brothers will linkup with a Libyan group in the next couple of days.
4. However, what do we gain by paying attention to our linkup with God, and consequently feeling it in this way?
5. We will recuperate both radios after you can effect a linkup with American forces, not because we are cheap but rather because these radios represent very advanced technology.
6. Rover had recovered their dead, salvaged what parts they could from wrecked tracks, and were roaring and clanking along Route 13 estimating linkup with the main unit about noon.
7. The words those who are in linkup with God has comes unrestricted to a specific group so as to show that it includes all creatures, because all of them move through the continuous Sustenance of God.

8. Akira will be most pleased when I inform him of this development! He won’t see me as a nobody for much longer! He looked to the table where Ferec had entered the data and was now staring at the official MI6 linkup screens.
9. These creatures always have unceasing linkup with their Provider whether or not they feel this, and they can have no subsistence or life for either their bodies or their spirits except through the continuity of their link with the Almighty.

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