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Loiter in a sentence

I cannot loiter here.
But don't loiter, boy.
We loiter in winter while it is already spring.
It was certainly not the moment to loiter on dunes.
Now, now child, we shouldn't loiter, McClure piped up.
Children loiter in the park, don’t hear their mothers calling.
The latrine was at the busiest then, and the slaves did not loiter.

But all I did was loiter in front of the Venice Police Station feeling like a gutless wonder.
We might loiter as long as we liked on the road if only we got to some place, any place, by nightfall.
In a minute, he was gone, with four security guys behind him to make sure that he didn’t loiter in the hallways.
With its extra-large fuel tanks, the EC-142E can loiter around on station at economical cruise speed for up to twelve hours.
The bridge itself had a fine view of the busy canal but the traffic was heavy and they couldn’t loiter or even converse while crossing.
We will have the huge advantage of long loiter time due to the proximity of our airfield to the objective, so I say let’s use that advantage, sir!’’.
After locking up our office, Kate and I head to the barracklike station house and loiter by the back door, hoping to catch Lindgren as he arrives for his shift.
Jack’s intelligence sources had informed him that the men Octavio uses for tax collection always either loiter or eat at a small Italian restaurant named ‘Molto Bene’.
He did not cling as she did to moments, but passed on intelligently; and she was merely stupid to suppose any one with his brains would linger, would loiter about with her indefinitely, gloating over their happiness.
If I loiter for a moment, you instantly make a raid upon me, I said, and have no mercy; I have hardly escaped the first and second waves, and you seem not to be aware that you are now bringing upon me the third, which is the greatest and heaviest.
In view of its main role as an heavy gunship dedicated to all weather strikes on enemy ground troops, the AC-142GT did not need to be very fast and thus jet engines had not been selected for its upgrade, low loiter speed being actually a desired feature of its mission.
Pleasantly she would loiter in her bedroom till luncheon; or, should there be anybody particularly attractive in the party, would meet him by arrangement made the evening before, and explore the gardens and greenhouses, in spite of knowing she would have to explore them all over again later in the day with her host--but then, as she told herself, setting off gaily on the first of these rounds, you can't have everything.
It’s not form lack of belief in the realities awaiting realization, but my laziness – A pilgrim may ardently long to reach the golden city and yet loiter on the way, making unnecessary night stops, because he is tired of plodding thru clinging mud or lingering at village fairs because, although their tawdry attractions fall far short of the jeweled splendors awaiting him, they are to be had now, whereas the golden city lies scores of leagues away.
Are they chemically fertilized mono-green, stylized keep off the over watered lawns, or walkways lined with edible plants, fruits and vegetables, where the hands of children, the hungry, and homeless are welcome to pick and loiter? Can you imagine a stranger eating a hand gathered meal under your welcome to all front yard apple garden? Perennial parking strips turned into rows of abundance? Green spaces that are open invitations to a feast where nothing is owned, but all is shared 19.
Why should I pause to ask how much of my shrinking from Provis might be traced to Estella? Why should I loiter on my road, to compare the state of mind in which I had tried to rid myself of the stain of the prison before meeting her at the coach-office, with the state of mind in which I now reflected on the abyss between Estella in her pride and beauty, and the returned transport whom I harbored? The road would be none the smoother for it, the end would be none the better for it, he would not be helped, nor I extenuated.
Would loiter by the looking-glass,.
The country boy at the close of the day driving the herd of cows and shouting to them as they loiter to browse by the roadside,.
No loitering in the corridor.
Plus what did that even mean, loitering.
I told you, no loitering on hospital premises.
Pass on! Pass on! No loitering in the corridor!.
So you going to buy this CD, or you loitering?
I could see soldiers and police loitering in small groups.
Scout stringers had approached two of these men loitering.
She seemed uneasy with him standing there loitering in the hallway.
Behold the silvery river, in it the splashing horses loitering stop.
Some of the loitering soldiers did not bother to DRAFTChapter 16 387.
Especially by my loitering in the parking lot and acting rather strangely.
Treebeard might almost have been loitering about near the gates on purpose.
Reporters from newspapers and TV stations were loitering everywhere outside Lorton.
She spotted three goons straight away, loitering around the entrance of the laboratory.
He seemed to be pointing at someone who was loitering at the railing on the floor above.
Well Gomes, you better get going before we give you a ticket for loitering with intent.
There were no loitering pedestrians or parked automobiles with their front seats occupied.
Then the question that had been loitering with intent since I had first met her, voiced itself.
Many soldiers and some Polish civilians were loitering around and were there primarily to loot.
A neighbour had seen a young lad with blond hair loitering around the area for hours last night.
I checked every on sailing and anchored shikara boats for long hours, loitering at the Dal Lake.
He said, She’s got priors for possession, loitering, panhandling, all in the last two years.
As Bigwig loitering in the run and, as usual, set himself to act his part as convincingly as he could.
No loitering in the cow shed after the milking, come inside and we will have hot chocolate before bed.
That rascal will be loitering about for the next two hours now, I expect; he’ll go off somewhere else.
Dilly Dedalus, loitering by the curbstone, heard the beats of the bell, the cries of the auctioneer within.
Even the odd bouncing marsupial bashed its way through the undergrowth without noticing the two loitering men.
The villagers began to gather, loitering a moment in the vestibule to converse in whispers about the sad event.
I had heard them, alone at the bedside, striking their boots with their riding-whips, and loitering up and down.
Of course, someone ambling into the fish cannery would find the printing press loitering in the corner a tad odd.
I explained that it wasn’t really “lingering” so much as it was “loitering” and that I wanted it removed.
We loitered down to the Temple stairs, and stood loitering there, as if we were not quite decided to go upon the water at all.
He worked alone, but the head of security was always in the room, loitering out of line of sight, and the cameras watched too.
Collins spent the rest of the day loitering and listening to the conversation between Amy and David, as they went over the attack.
More to the point, I wonder if they’ve missed Fenton, Abigail said, glancing at the serpentine creature loitering in the street.
But, what with loitering on the way to look at old objects and to think of old times, the day had quite declined when I came to the place.
One also has to be alert and bring what is necessary like an umbrella or plan your way out that is not filled with loitering cats or dogs.
They both looked around, but there was no one nearby except for the red-haired wedding guest, who was still loitering in the south transept.
I wondered if you could file a restraining order against your gallbladder for loitering since it’s not wanted and it’s also trying to kill you.
I tried not to run past the few loitering students, but my legs were so strung with tension I could have sprinted all the way home without stopping.
Ten or twelve men loitered.
I loitered there for a while.
Louie loitered near him, watching.
We loitered the morning away in the garden.
He loitered at Hal's office door for a moment.
But people often loitered around the Thorn Tree.
A few others loitered about, waiting for court to convene.
Mark’s three sons loitered anxiously in the dining hall.
Fenton, still in his serpentine body, loitered in the bushes.
Yankee soldiers loitered everywhere and Scarlett looked at them.
He loitered around and watched the service house where they lived.
The women and children usually loitered about on the red gravel paths.
But Ingeborg, though she loitered there nearly half an hour, did not even look up.
Unemployed men and women often loitered outside shops, hoping to win a day’s work.
With Harris in place, Louie loitered by the Quack’s office, waiting for his moment.
The group loitered away, still recalling memories of the lost heroes, in awed voices.
Chauffeurs chatted between the massive vehicles while their employers loitered inside.
So they loitered awhile longer, circling the building so Ariel could look for Mosh, but.
Several men in civilian metal loitered near the front entrance and in the rear were others.
No security patrols wandered the streets or loitered on street corners like he had seen on the other planet.
I’d loitered outside, wishing I still had his cell phone with the handy eavesdropping Skull & Crossbones app.
Jacob, getting off his omnibus, loitered up the steps, consulted his watch, and finally made up his mind to go in.
Mothers were indulgent and loitered in groups nearby, chatting and laughing and flirting with the men working nearby.
It previously was first detected over the middle of the Atlantic, where it loitered for about an hour before moving West.
The men loitered on the front porch and by the driveway, smoking and gossiping and wondering what really caused the crash.
We loitered down to the Temple stairs, and stood loitering there, as if we were not quite decided to go upon the water at all.
Men and women stopped, children loitered, half-grown youths whistled and called out comments that her slow German could not follow.
He turned off the engine and we walked down to the end of the block, where Cindy’s subjects still loitered outside the barrier tape.
But Charlotte was not there, nor did she, though we loitered over our coffee till we ended by being as late as the latest tourist, turn up.
He backtracked and loitered and did all the tricks used in cinema to shake a tail, but Yugor had stuck thru it til lunch time of Morningday.
They loitered together in a gallery watching Adorno out on the lawn—a soiree of the sort that did not invite close quarters with the bodyguards.
Ethan glanced at the leader who was quietly coming his way, while the rest of his men loitered near the sisters pointing guns and casting leery glances.
The second novice quickly followed the tutor, but the first novice who asked questions loitered a little, obviously wishing to hear the end of Sensei's story.
Some of these people knew their turn for examination to be so far off, that they lay down on the ground to sleep or smoke, while others talked together, or loitered about.
Mother eyed me, Annie and Andrew, as we loitered in the hall, both watching the drama unfold and fastening our boots as we prepared to make the very short trip into the town.
The wind blew straight across from the sunset through Lucy's coat, wrap herself in it as tightly as she might, while they loitered among outhouses and examined the durability of the railings.
The ragged-trousered Tory workmen as they loitered about the streets, their stomachs empty, said to each other that it was a great honour for Mugsborough that their Member should be promoted in this way.
Yes, he had followed me in my travels; he had loitered in forests, hid himself in caves, or taken refuge in wide and desert heaths; and he now came to mark my progress and claim the fulfilment of my promise.
On occasion, defeated, Leo Auffmann loitered out through the streets, nervous, apprehensive, jerking his head at the slightest sound of distant laughter, listened to children's jokes, watching what made them smile.
On occasion, defeated, Leo Auffmann loitered out through the streets, nervous, apprehensive, jerking his head at the slightest sound of distant laughter, listened to children’s jokes, watching what made them smile.
For there and then, for several consecutive years, Moby Dick had been periodically descried, lingering in those waters for awhile, as the sun, in its annual round, loiters for a predicted interval in any one sign of the Zodiac.

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