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Delay in a sentence

The delay was due to.
It did not delay the.
Oh, sorry for the delay.
There was a delay with.
There could be no delay.
So they would not delay.
They did so without delay.

Make haste, and delay not.
I may have to delay a bit.
But the sun did not delay.
She stepped in without delay.
There is a few seconds delay.
Except for a delay at New St.
The latex was a delay device.
That tear was his son's delay.
Wipe those tears without delay.
Just because there is a delay.
There shall be delay no longer.
Ronan and Fearghal without delay.
With luck, you could delay the.
Without delay, Agatha placed me.
If this delay was his fault, I.
It would delay their next volley.
Without delay, I cupped his face.
The bridegroom sage without delay.
We must attack without delay!.
But Bilbo was annoyed at the delay.
The success he craved was on delay.
Obviously I knew there was a delay.
The delay might extend to 12 weeks.
Without delay Alexa and I ran into.
The chance that did her steps delay.
That might delay any serious action.
The men were disgruntled at the delay.
The delay cost them nearly two hours.
And I won't delay you more than that.
A delay of justice was a denial of it.
I want him without an instant's delay.
There had been a delay in the mailing.
Delay an instant: lean on me, Jane.
It was just delaying the inevitable.
Delaying the inevitable, he thought.
I lost nothing by delaying a response.
I don’t see the point in delaying.
What you are doing here is merely delaying it.
Any number of reasons could be delaying things.
Newt called to him from behind, delaying the decision.
However, one of the best options in delaying the aging.
Costa for delaying her treatment by at least nine months.
I would have, said Ryan, delaying while he struggled to.
There was no delaying the need to prove or disprove his theory.
They all feared delaying tactics on the part of the authorities.
I was just delaying until I have spoken about it with my father.
And, without delaying an instant, he recommenced running for his.
If this is the case, it does help us by delaying the transaction.
So instead of delaying the inevitable we could draw a line in the.
Many of the living grabbed desperately at him, delaying his progress.
You have that history of working at a goal and delaying gratification.
Hunter took a deep breath and nodded, no point delaying the inevitable.
The Nearly-Mark-Killin’ storm only ended up delaying me by four sols.
I gulped down a glassful of mineral water, without delaying any second.
And it wasn’t his normal OCD death wish delaying him from taking action.
Gerald would send him away for an hour; he’d employ some delaying tactic.
Driving on to the Caulfield house, he thought up a plausible delaying tactic.
Delaying the inevitable, I combed my hair then twisted it into one long tress.
If you can clearly see that a buyer is deliberately using delaying tactics to.
Garcia deactivated the SaLing skin, delaying his departure in order to study the.
Delaying their lunch meeting until she appeared was a waste of everyone’s time.
So now that the Wellmans had brought up my leaving, there was no point in delaying it.
Since July, in order to maintain support, we have been conducting a delaying strategy.
Both have to do with reaching long-term goals through delaying short-term gratifications.
A mainframe down yesterday in the Rockies, delaying some connections, knocking out others.
Bhaiya, what has happened? All the trains are delaying today? I asked the shopkeeper.
Playing along with this delaying tactic, the Dai-laman was after their trust not obedience.
The man bent down to retrieve them and caused our agent to fall to the ground delaying him.
Zuma’s response was generally seen as yet another delaying tactic given the imminent elections.
All your efforts to “prepare” the bird or to “know” the nest are just delaying the moment.
These are just some of the potential causes of delaying the integration or blending of step-families.
And here was Ingeborg through the door, and not interfering, not delaying, but positively furthering.
EPA recently announced that it is delaying the announcement of the new ozone standards until late.
Delayed prices are no good.
Its delayed my flight out.
I had adroitly delayed the.
So here is the delayed post:.
Hirsi was delayed for an hour.
Her luggage was never delayed.
But Glenn was in delayed shock.
I have already delayed too long.
The rain has delayed their work.
I also had a delayed reaction.
The causes of delayed ejaculation.
Tahiras death delayed my departure.
Our trip was delayed eleven months.
Both parties were delayed very late.
In case instalment is delayed, the.
It came as kind of a delayed shock.
In the delayed testing scenario, the.
Delivery of this one press is delayed.
We are delayed but only by ten minutes.
Will lunch be delayed by 15 minutes if.
I delayed my return to the castle once.
Now there are reasons dreams are delayed.
Work should not be unnecessarily delayed.
He had, moreover, been very much delayed.
Without delayed I reported in my base camp.
This only delayed the inevitable, however.
The Alliance meeting is delayed two hours.
Really? A delayed hangover? That’s weird.
The SMS stated that my flight would be delayed.
The Lord’s answer: The rapture is delayed.
Surely, I delayed the trip as much as I could.
You seem to be in a state of delayed shock.
I sighed, but the sigh only delayed the tension.
Some Tempests have delayed going in the past.
The only thing that had delayed the Cardassian.
He delayed leaving Brooklin until late afternoon.
Lawrence Seaway opening was delayed by six days.
She must have had some sort of delayed reaction.
We know he delayed passing my message on to Gary.
The last time I was on a train, I was delayed for.
If a company delays in.
We had to act with no delays.
Avoid these costly delays by.
Now there is a reason for delays.
In case of delays in food service.
Delays, if any, are caused by the.
Researches indicates that delays in.
Even so, delays here could be costly.
And hath abatements and delays as many.
Won’t that cause further delays?
The delays, I believe, were too intense to.
As for the Powerful Lady, something delays her.
He delays passing on the message for over two hours.
The additional due diligence, negotiations and delays.
Each time, he had avoided injury, but the delays mounted.
Having time does help but it only delays the inevitable.
His delays are too costly to be part of recovery strategy.
Delays and red tape go hand in hand, but if another attack.
He had been rather low lately because of more delays with.
When EB had cost overruns and/or delays on the 688’s, the.
Frustrated by delays and the GNU Project's growing reputation.
God delays and denies you the things just to test out hunger.
I was met with inaction delays, roadblocks, obstruction and lies.
ME: Concerning rapture 2010, what if the Father delays it again?
You need to have patience because delays and setbacks are imminent.
With the exception of several delays, the operation went as planned.
The results are huge delays and rarely do you see a call overturned.
By the time one realizes what is going on, the delays incurred and.
I tried to diagnose the issue, fearing delays on the job front, but.
Such action can lead to delays and lengthy stays, sometimes overnight.
However, these may result in additional costs or delays in executing.
Naturally if you allow submarines on the highway, there will be delays.
There are other problems caused by delays on the bridge, he said.
Only delays in translation caused it to appear to have been sent after.
Financial delays can happen, but the overall prosperity remains intact.
Of course there were delays and sheer incompetence that beggared belief.
These costs and delays need to be factored into the investment evaluation.
However, they are usually intolerant of delays in considering their offer.
I'm collecting facts - we can't tolerate delays, screw-ups or uncertainty.
Snow: A negative omen, signifying disappointments, difficulties and delays.

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