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Looking in a sentence

He was looking at me.
I was looking at the.
He was looking for me.
Jane is looking for me.
Desa was looking for you.
They were looking at her.
No one was looking when.

You keep looking at me.
I said looking at William.
He stood looking at the.
I was just looking at Lea.
He’s looking at you now.
He would be looking for me.
Ashi loved looking at the.
Everyone was looking at us.
She loved looking this way.
My brother was now looking.
I started looking at phones.
This means looking for the.
You’re looking as a child.
Looking down, he felt dizzy.
Was looking for his brother.
Laino was just good looking.
He lay on his side looking.
Guards looking over the top.
Looking up, I was appalled.
Stop looking at the negative.
I’m not looking for that.
I said while looking at them.
Just what he was looking for.
Bush keeps looking at the sea.
And he was very good looking.
Margaret was not looking good.
Looking at us with amusement.
Others are looking up to you.
The future was looking gloomy.
He was looking at news stories.
Sam noticed him looking at her.
God is looking for five heroes.
He looked up at me.
I looked at her eyes.
I looked at my hands.
He looked over at me.
I looked up at the.
I looked back at him.
Ava looked up at him.
I looked back at her.
He looked up at the.
He looked over to Eve.
No one looked at him.
He looked at the dog.
I looked up at Joseph.
He looked at her in.
He looked up at Otto.
I looked at my watch.
He looked at me oddly.
He just looked at me.
He looked at the floor.
No one looked her way.
He looked back at ease.
She just looked at me.
First he looked up Ava.
They all looked at him.
The man looked at her.
He looked at the clock.
I looked closely at him.
He looked at his watch.
He looked up at Gerald.
As he looked in their.
Alan just looked at her.
Roman looked at the sky.
He looked for a weapon.
I looked up in the sky.
He looked at me saying.
I looked at Ish and Omi.
Cat looked into his eyes.
Milo looked at her again.
They both looked as if.
I looked at some others.
He looks up at her.
She looks back at me.
He just looks at me.
She looks to her side.
He looks at his watch.
She looks to the sky.
He looks so damn hot.
Diane looks back at Mr.
Loki looks down at her.
Aaron looks to the sky.
She looks at the story.
God looks on the heart.
It looks a great world.
He looks to be my age.
Amy looks down at Loki.
He looks at the heart.
It looks like a nest.
She looks into my eyes.
He looks sternly at me.
John looks at the canoe.
He looks at me like I.
He looks out the window.
She looks at Crazy Guy.
Loki looks back at Odin.
It looks like this: A.
Looks at his cell phone.
He looks like a rough.
He looks deep into you.
She looks just like my.
He looks a bit like me.
Kept busy by the looks.
Looks like he will die.
Dean looks up and laughs.
Today she looks radiant.
She stops and looks down.
Let me see how it looks.
Vince looks to the side.
The meal looks exquisite.
She looks at the doctor.
Loki looks down in panic.

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I try not to look.
His look was of a.
He gave her a look.
Look where it got us.
Her look said it all.
I shot Dorian a look.
I must look a mess.
Have a look at this.
I look at the mirror.
I tried to look calm.
I look over the side.
I look up at Tobias.
There was a look in.
I turned to look her.
Tori gives her a look.
I look old, very old.
They look good on ya.
I took a look at my.
It was time to look.
Let me have a look.
He did not look good.
I look at him sharply.
He did not look back.
I look out the window.
I tried to look non-.
He did not look at her.
I look sideways at him.
They all look his way.
The look on his face.
He was afraid to look.
He turns to look at me.
I spun to look at him.
I need to look at him.
She took a quick look.
Look at that, will you.
It didn't look so good.
You had to look deeper.
They look at each other.
Lets have a look see.
Look at that march, I.

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