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Lovable in a sentence | lovable example sentences

  1. I am loving and lovable.
  2. His home was not so lovable.
  3. She will make a most lovable woman.
  4. How very lovable her face was to him.
  5. A big, goofy, lovable, great brother.

  6. This George Potter was really lovable.
  7. His moral nature is simple and lovable.
  8. And what’s most lovable in it?
  9. That’s what the Oneness finds lovable, and.
  10. They got lovable and doting son and daughter.
  11. He’s so lovable when he’s playful and carefree.
  12. Muhammad (PBUH) was a very lovable person with the.
  13. They slept the sleep of satisfied, loved and lovable youth.
  14. But this proud openness was made lovable by an expression.
  15. These Spanish people are most lovable and hospitable folk.

  16. Please come in! He greeted me as his most lovable guest.
  17. He was also lovable, sweet, and bright as a thousand-watt bulb.
  18. They slept the sleep of satisfied, loved and lovable middle age.
  19. They offered him Grumpy, lovable old Grumpy, the prize part of all.
  20. Life itself is no longer lovable, and many have decided that the best.
  21. Yinxue slowly stood up, her looks was so charming and lovable that just that.
  22. Her lovable doofus of a husband beamed at us through those squinty eyes and nodded.
  23. Remember that your ideas about "cute" or "lovable" may not appear that way to others.
  24. By that, I mean that she was in balance, definitely not spoiled, lovable in every way.
  25. This truth causes him to be anxious, for he doubts his ability to love and be lovable.

  26. That makes us just as lovable as each other and makes us brothers and sisters under God.
  27. She didn't care to be a queen of society now half so much as she did to be a lovable woman.
  28. The best selling author may still be trying to prove he’s smart, or lovable, or admirable.
  29. If only Tony hadn’t had to His lovable bad-tempered little brother, penniless somewhere in the West.
  30. He had that lovable nature that sees the best in everything first, and then prefers to look no further.
  31. Now that I have fulfilled my objective, I can sleep a little better, thanks to those lovable snakes at the U.
  32. For all her spoiled and willful ways she was such a lovable child that he lacked the heart to try to curb her.
  33. The lovable mutt was soundly snoring away, with the puppies piled up on top of and around him, likewise sound asleep.
  34. That kind is very lovable and spontaneous and human, of course, but given to carelessness in the interest of passion.
  35. Neo is not a hellish hound or a beast, Jack, but a lovable mutt… Nick commented dryly, his voice laced with smothered laughter.
  36. Again, my tired brain tried to keep me in bed, but this time I turned it into Goofy: a big, fat, cigar-smoking (but still lovable) Goofy.
  37. You are a kind and lovable daughter, and also an adorable sister to Alex and Nadine, she added as she pointed her finger at Alex and Nadine, respectively.
  38. It isn't, of course, in any way a bad thing to trail shawls after you on country walks; there is nothing about it or him that shocks or grieves; he is very lovable.
  39. It is probable that Miss Cheriton is all that you first thought her, unusually charming and sympathetic and lovable, and your characters simply didn't suit each other.
  40. Joel couldn’t help but chuckle at the lovable mutt, and with a waterlogged laugh of her own, Kathy reached over and scratched behind the canine’s ears, and grinned.
  41. As parents, it is easy to be enthralled, enticed and develops a special rapport with extra privileges to a son/daughter who is very affectionate, lovable, and demonstrative.
  42. He saw her furtively wipe the tears away with the back of her hand, and there was something so endearingly lovable about the gesture it made him want to kiss and comfort her.
  43. A truerhearted lass never drew the breath of life, always with a laugh in her gipsylike eyes and a frolicsome word on her cherryripe red lips, a girl lovable in the extreme.
  44. Leivers, so warm and young and lovable; he loved Edgar, who lit up when he came, and the boys and the children and Bill---even the sow Circe and the Indian game-cock called Tippoo.
  45. But he has, nevertheless, presented in the person of the O’Rourke of Castle O’Rourke, a clean, generous, whole-souled Irish gentleman, one of a type that is always lovable.
  46. I peered at my new house guests, they seemed to be psychologically stable, not exactly the typical offspring of my lovable, unreliable, irresponsible, confirmed bachelors of brothers.
  47. Even though they’d been unattractive she thought they were rather lovable looking and so he became an obnoxious runt of a terakian beast with bow legs and squinty eyes instead.
  48. How then could the torment of slaughter affect this animal when it gets lovingly excited for meeting its Lovable Who created its body thereby He profited it His nearness and enjoyment!!.
  49. He did not mind if the raindrops came on him: he would have lain and got wet through: he felt as if nothing mattered, as if his living were smeared away into the beyond, near and quite lovable.
  50. They listened to the clattering thud of clumsy, canine paws as their lovable chaperone thundered down the wooden flooring of the front hallway, as he headed towards the living room at full speed.
  51. As Kathy braced herself for the canine’s onslaught, Joel reached out a hand, and grabbed hold of the dog’s collar, effectively aborting the lovable mutt’s intention to pounce on top of them.
  52. He is a lovable little soul and the quickest among us, which is why it was he who was sent to investigate the release of power we detected when The Strike Force sought to capture Zarkog in Serminak.
  53. There was certainly a degree of shock among both fans and commentators when they tired of being lovable mop-tops firing off cheeky quips and started to appear surly and unshaven, just about two years later.
  54. If the brilliant creole and half-caste women of this warm, tropical country, are some of the most beautiful and lovable of the sex, their sallow, sinister-looking, natural protectors are just the very opposite.
  55. It is, of all the virtues, the one I prize the most; it is undoubtedly the most lovable of any, and unspeakably precious for its power of removing those mountains that confine our lives and prevent our seeing the sky.
  56. She didn't have a very good relationship with her mother, and her father, who was a quiet man and, she hastened to add, a lovable father whom she couldn't reproach, would only shake his head and say things like, Time will heal.
  57. Then because of the nature of codependency, Liam perceived his mother’s abandonment as his personal failure—‘if I was lovable my mother wouldn’t have left me’—and this obviously started Liam’s trend of lack of self-confidence.
  58. The character of the old pioneer, Colonel Parrish, and the two sisters, June and Rosamund Allen, and the reciprocal affection of the three, furnish the large element of human interest in the story, for they are very attractive and lovable people.
  59. Seeing the couple on the floor Neo thought they were playing a game, and he wanted in on the action too, so with a giant bound, the lovable canine playfully leapt on top of them, and with another happy, Woof he rolled off, and gave his mistress a big slurp of his tongue.
  60. For those who want to be acquainted with Lydgate it will be good to know what was that case of impetuous folly, for it may stand as an example of the fitful swerving of passion to which he was prone, together with the chivalrous kindness which helped to make him morally lovable.
  61. WHY DID I LOVE HER so much? Surely someone will read these pages and ask: What was so lovable about her? What was it that caused you, of all beings, so to love? You, a lover of men and women, a vampire, a destroyer of innocent souls, so to love? You, the focus of so much easy affection, and forever flaunting your hopeful stinging charm-why did you love her? What should I say? I didn't know her age.

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