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Lowland in a sentence

on the swampy lowland.
lowland, water now faintly glimmered.
the stone causeway that crossed the lowland.
She grabbed the camp quilt and her lowland wrapskirt.
The exotic cooks pay anything for the lowland stuff.
Bonobos live in the remote lowland rainforests of the.
lowland close to where Sari had directed his attention.

The Hairy-Eared Dwarf Lemur inhabits lowland and highland.
would need for their reconnoiter down into the lowland area.
once again, a mountain of water swept over the desert lowland.
Suddenly there arose from all parts of the lowland a prolonged.
returning the lowland once again to its flat featureless existence.
There were other Worlds than those contained in Highland or Lowland.
There were other worlds than those contained in Highland or Lowland.
The surface of Venus is covered by about 20 percent lowland plains,.
the lowland when a huge wave rose up out of the sea and swept over the shore.
purchase land in the lowlands and lowland urban areas have crossed into India in.
It is believed they have run into the Lowland, but no titan can truly live there.
return to their native place and/or purchase land in lowland localities (in Nepal).
Below him a bluish shadow of movement flowed smoothly out over the lowland, slowly.
Let him rest, Forgo, ye big bully! barked Nurse Pym in her strong lowland accent.
So Joshua smote al the land, the hil -country, and the South, and the lowland, and the.
Jungle dragon—a somewhat generic term applied to lowland dragons larger than hill dragons.
followed the path as it again descended steeply down into the lowland, stopping only where.
across the Caspian Depression, a lowland region that straddled the two worlds of Europe and.
 So Joshua smote all the land, the hill-country, and the South, and the lowland, and the.
across the lowland, revealing a wide rock-strewn watercourse stretching out from the base of.
road into the lowland where the sea is on their left and some marshland and shallow lakes on.

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