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Lowland in a sentence

The exotic cooks pay anything for the lowland stuff.
She grabbed the camp quilt and her lowland wrapskirt.
Bonobos live in the remote lowland rainforests of the.
The Hairy-Eared Dwarf Lemur inhabits lowland and highland.
Suddenly there arose from all parts of the lowland a prolonged.
There were other Worlds than those contained in Highland or Lowland.
There were other worlds than those contained in Highland or Lowland.

It is believed they have run into the Lowland, but no titan can truly live there.
On every continent, in proceeding from north to south, from lowland to upland, etc.
Below him a bluish shadow of movement flowed smoothly out over the lowland, slowly.
Let him rest, Forgo, ye big bully! barked Nurse Pym in her strong lowland accent.
So Joshua smote al the land, the hil -country, and the South, and the lowland, and the.
Jungle dragon—a somewhat generic term applied to lowland dragons larger than hill dragons.
Most of the kinds we had back in the foothills and about ten kinds of big lowland thick-air ones.
Afternoonday can be quite warm, even as winter begins in the north, so for one day of the week lowland clothing can be worn.
Moshe had already sent Joshua and Caleb out to scout a way down to the lowland close to where Sari had directed his attention.
As far to the east as he could see, with the shadow of night closing over what used to be the lowland, water now faintly glimmered.
I did a shipment of lowland thesh before that, as I remember, I made about an iron or two a day for the labor I put into that deal.
Then, as it gradually disappeared into the sand, they followed the wide swath across the lowland, disturbed by many a foot and hoof.
Having already traversed about five miles on the upland, she had now some ten or eleven in the lowland before her journey would be finished.
The land shook as the mighty behemoth rose up onto it smashing everything in its way as once again, a mountain of water swept over the desert lowland.
It had crossed the delta and had gone down the road into the lowland where the sea is on their left and some marshland and shallow lakes on their right.
Below them the moonlight had started its march east across the lowland, revealing a wide rock-strewn watercourse stretching out from the base of the ridge.
He was carrying supplies at the rear and was looking down where the road crosses the lowland when a huge wave rose up out of the sea and swept over the shore.
They had headed down toward the place that Sari had pointed out to him, where there was relatively easy access to the stone causeway that crossed the lowland.
The rolls were just coming off when I went by there, I had several of the heart in parched kalic jelly, the wrap so perfectly toasted, and in a lowland wild thesh.
It was a densely populated area but he had every inch cultivated at least one level deep including the greenhouse atop his house where he kept tender lowland crops.
The second and largest surge smashed its way along, always seeking the lowest route to follow as it poured itself out across the desert lowland like a great river at flood stage.
Leading the group, Tina crossed in calm, moderate steps the 230 meters of temperate lowland forest ecosystem while following an old-fashioned pathway made of rough stone pavements.
Below him a bluish shadow of movement flowed smoothly out over the lowland, slowly enveloping the natural stone causeway, which disappeared as the apparition moved eastward over it.
Yes, yes, my son, but what are we to do about it that hasn’t already been done? We need to divert their attention from what you will be doing in taking the people east across the lowland.
The drovers immediately gathered around Moshe when they first caught sight of him, and Judah went on to see to the horses that they would need for their reconnoiter down into the lowland area.
Once the lowland Dutch got the upper hand: once Holland became a colonizing power: they became the most cunning, craftiest liars and betrayers and double-dealing greedy money-mongers in Europe.
Now they followed the path as it again descended steeply down into the lowland, stopping only where the road had been cut short by the great gash across the desert floor, where the flood had run its course.
Farther on, at a high point in the ridge that overlooked the lowland beyond, a lone figure stood motionless in silhouette, backlighted by the distant tower of fire, staff raised high, as if caught in a moment in time.
It is a fact that Americans from all sections and of all racial extractions are more alike than the Welsh are like the English, the Lancashireman like the Cockney, or for that matter the Lowland Scot like the Highlander.
By the time that the first rays of the predawn sun had reached up into the morning sky, the swarming mass of humanity had poured itself out over the lowland in a wide stream that overflowed both sides of the stone causeway.
The grasslands extended as far as the eye could see, rippled with slight hills and coulees in three directions, while to the east the ground gradually fell away into a lowland that extended for miles, affording a wonderful view in that direction.
The grasslands extended as far as the eye could see, rippled with slight hills and coulees in three directions, while to the east the ground gradually fell away into a lowland that extended for kilometers, affording a wonderful view in that direction.
Mountain breeds always differ from lowland breeds; and a mountainous country would probably affect the hind limbs from exercising them more, and possibly even the form of the pelvis; and then by the law of homologous variation, the front limbs and the head would probably be affected.

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