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    1. It was Yankee Swamp Fever and Waldeis had transmitted it when they shook hands when they were both scratched from hunting in the brush

    2. "Even though it's down over seventeen hundred feet since the break-out, and most of it's grown over by wildhull swamp since then, there's a thousand miles of open water around Darceen and that's a mile or two deep

    3. It's still over a mile deep under the swamp

    4. She would have to get the vagabonds together and give her swamp lecture, there were eight or ten in the crew who hadn't been thru here before

    5. They were more likely to get hurt playing with the crossbows actually than by anything in this little swamp, but there is real danger

    6. All in all there are about forty two islands between here and where the swamp starts, so we have to guess early which path to take

    7. The channels and sandbars upstream and the configuration of the swamp itself were constantly changing

    8. Once thru these sandbars; and before Great Fright Island, she would have to cut back south to avoid the swamp itself, but that should be just about dawn

    9. The swamp was still Upper Lake Shempala then, but the rivers hadn't moved much and what was labeled 'wild prairie' back then looked about like that now

    10. The resort towns on the north shore of the upper lake would all be gone now, this 'wild range' would get wetter and brushier til there was no doubt it was swamp if they went in that direction

    1. My limbs had been torn from my body, my entrails were in the bellies of dactyl's roosting in the swamps of the Ttharmine

    2. I could tell you some tough stories of that life too, out there IN the swamps

    3. Despite this surface decoration, though, there was an overpowering filth and stench, with rank, mephitic vapours rising from the inhabitant’s detritus and from the swamps by which Kumassi is surrounded

    4. A miserable silence was over everything; and around, as far as the eye could reach, stretched the dreary mangrove swamps, dark brownish green foliage above, and a mass of twisted roots rearing their pale stems above the mud and water below

    5. On the outskirts of one of these swamps an animal of the peccary species broke cover, but disappeared with a whisk of his tusks before I had time to pot him

    6. The Poles saw the Jews building beautiful homes and developing modern farms, and they, the Poles, were living in shacks near the swamps

    7. They swatted mosquitoes and crawled through crocodile infested swamps in the flood plains of snaking rivers

    8. With the sparse population, and lots of lakes and swamps for air-to-ground gunnery practice, the Broads would be ideal

    9. You have to ask yourself - Why was it found? And then, why was it found there? With all the swamps and accesses to water, there"s lots of ways to make a body just disappear

    10. The Sandinistas couldn’t catch them, but what did catch him that day, running through the swamps towards Kouna, was a cold realization: he, Truman Herrera, wasn’t a patriot who had done horrible things for his country, things that war made necessary

    1. Chrissie could hear her own breathing sounding loud in the stunned silence which swamped the room


    3. “Soroven Keep was swamped with these masses not three days before we set out

    4. The new generation swamped Baggies Beach

    5. Now that he was back in the office again, he was literally swamped by routine matters that had been piling up

    6. All this water would vanish into the sand in a day or two, but I needed to get across now, and avoid getting the engine swamped by plunging the truck into a ford that might turn out to be too deep

    7. But Faith and Una were instantly swamped with a wave of pity for her

    8. “How the teeth and the claws and the antlers of the beasts ran red with the blood of traitors, how the trees sent their roots and branches to block off the roads, how the wind beat on the gates of the city? Do you no more tell how the River-Daughter and the Sea-Father swamped the ships of the enemy?”

    9. As you might imagine, he’s not exactly swamped with lunch invitations

    10. As you might imagine, he’s not exactly swamped with lunch invitations

    1. Axel grabbed a spear and reloaded the shotgun as he ran to assist, anger and hatred swamping his other emotions in a blind fury

    2. Without his huge friend swamping him, he wasn’t

    3. On July 7th, a frightful storm raged, swamping the trenches and adding to the difficulties and discomforts of the army

    4. And a few metres away, a group of men are swamping a young women, every now and then flashes of her flesh betraying her position

    5. George Alvin Wiley is best known for his effective use of the so-called “Cloward-Piven strategy,” which called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants, beyond

    6. in swamping them with his queries

    7. � However, his tanks had in turn been the only thing stopping the overwhelming German force from swamping him

    8. wave, tumbling around it, swamping him

    9. With a swarm of 102 Chinese missiles swamping their air defenses, all but two of the Japanese destroyers were hit and either sunk or gravely damaged, with the unlucky AKIZUKI absorbing one of the missile impacts

    10. My mind constantly saw in others the persistent lust that was swamping me,

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    Synonyms for "swamp"

    swamp swampland deluge flood inundate drench saturate submerge bayou marsh mire quagmire morass

    "swamp" definitions

    low land that is seasonally flooded; has more woody plants than a marsh and better drainage than a bog

    a situation fraught with difficulties and imponderables

    drench or submerge or be drenched or submerged

    fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid