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Ludicrously in a sentence | ludicrously example sentences

  1. It looked ludicrously hysterical.
  2. Other times, it manifests itself as a ludicrously overvalued stock market as seen in the late 1980s in Japan.
  3. Even then I recall loving her spunk, which is why I paid a ludicrously high amount of six dimes in those days.
  4. Brett monitored the systems as he carefully navigated the course at the ludicrously slow speed of one-hundred-fifty miles per hour.
  5. After all he had to maintain control over the operational arm, and this was now confirmed by the ludicrously obvious police statement.

  6. Instead: they give the ludicrously over-simplified example of a bush… and only what a person sees visually at first glimpse of its outer shape.
  7. Jonah suggesting something about a "love-child," and with this thought in his mind, the stranger's face, which happened to be opposite him, affected him too ludicrously.
  8. Venerable firms cast off their traditional prudence and behaved like drunken mud wrestlers, scrambling to foist ludicrously overvalued stocks on a desperately eager public.
  9. That day, in the post Resurrection break-fasting binge, she was dressed formally and a little ludicrously in a black taffeta dress with pleats and frills and a décolletage of Chantilly lace coming right up to her neck and chin.
  10. Unlike a ludicrously surreal dream with its incoherence unquestioned, this bore all the hallmarks of normalcy, except it was an idealised version: troubles in easily resolvable forms, rather then any improved coping ability on his part.
  11. It proves to me that the city is going zombie on supermarkets and there is a good chance supermarket share prices are going to get stomped into the ground over the next year or so, offering a fabulous opportunity to get in big at a ludicrously cheap price.
  12. A vision of herself in the restaurant car handing him over the money she had, chaining herself of her own accord to him, rose for a moment--danced mockingly, it was so ludicrously important an action and at the same time so small and natural--before her eyes.

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