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Materialise in a sentence

1. The Sender can materialise tentacles.
2. At Santiago the straw failed to materialise.
3. Smith waited for an argument from Chalmers but it did not materialise.
4. Although different numbers materialise on each wall, nothing else happens.
5. Still, if he is going to materialise without warning, he must get used to that.
6. Like most locals Linda was of the opinion that Medusa Bar would never materialise.
7. It was very warm on stage so fears about a derisory, cold-shrivelled penis didn't materialise.

8. If you come to the story late and a bid does not materialise, the shares can come down quite a bit.
9. Indeed, almost every prediction ever made that related to a specific date has failed to materialise.
10. It is most important not to think about the fruits, and expect them to materialise immediately, when.
11. It was mere politeness though; she did not expect his offer to materialise and nor was she bothered by the prospect.
12. This support programme did not materialise in Namibia and was one of the main contributing factors leading to its demise.
13. But an attack did not materialise and Brokin squinted his eyes, trying to focus on the shadowy figure to one side of the entrance.
14. The woman's partner lunges towards the struggle, but he is overwhelmed by dozens of dark apparitions, which materialise from nowhere.
15. Then Stren was in front of them, his sword appearing to materialise an inch from their throats without having to pass through the intervening air.
16. There is the usual chat about where we are going to eat and before long we are sitting in one of the local cafés waiting for our order to materialise.
17. We held our hands together, praying for God’s grace and blessings so our plans should materialise; and that He should use us as veritable tools to save other fellow students.
18. The job was for only three weeks, and since I had just applied for a seafarer’s passport which would take about a month to materialise, I could easily spare the time, what with my writing career stuck in the doldrums and my Author’s Club dead in the water.

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