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Happen in a sentence

Let it happen.
It can happen.
Make it happen.
I saw it happen.
It won't happen.
It could happen.
It will happen,.

This may happen.
It cannot happen.
It had to happen.
That does happen.
happen to the lock.
will happen to you.
Now make it happen.
was to happen next.
It will happen.
' It will happen,.
But it can happen.
it will not happen.
is going to happen.
Nah! Never happen.
It didn’t happen.
was about to happen.
did happen, I laugh.
was going to happen.
It must not happen.
They happen to you.
want that to happen.
It is happening.
The happening is.
This was happening.
This is happening.
happening in the den.
It is all happening.
What is happening?.
was happening to him.
But it was happening.
What was happening?.
happening in his life.
on what was happening.
It was happening now.
of what was happening.
was happening to them.
This is not happening.
It’s now happening.
you what is happening.
and what is happening.
It had happened.
It just happened.
As it happened,.
If that happened.
But it happened.
had happened to me.
And so it happened.
It happened to me.
what happened to me.
Then it happened!.
That have happened.
happened to be Kara.
If what happened?.
It happened before.
What happened now?.
And then it happened.
What happened to me.
Look what happened.
– What happened?.
What had happened?.
It all happened.
It already happened.
All that's happened.
It all happened fast.
happened to me there.
It just happens.
It happens the.
It never happens.
What happens at.
All happens ac-.
happens to us al.
What happens on.
What happens if.
Thus it happens.
It happens a lot.
That happens too.
If that happens.
This all happens.
When it happens,.
Hope that happens.
If that happens,.
' It never happens.
But what happens.
So what happens?.
This happens all.
Look what happens.
If this happens,.
And then it happens.
what happens to you.
And yet it happens.
What happens when.
happens to know you.

Synonyms for happen

hap happen occur pass materialise materialize befall bump chance encounter find