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Happen in a sentence

You happen to be a.
But it did not happen.
It was going to happen.
Bush got it to happen.
I knew it could happen.
So how did that happen.
It was bound to happen.

That was not to happen.
All will happen as you.
In which you happen to.
It did not happen often.
I can't let that happen.
All will happen by it-.
That they happen to you.
What would happen if a.
For this to happen you.
Q: When will it happen?
But this does not happen.
What will happen to all.
How did that happen?
I knew this would happen.
She simply let it happen.
It just doesn’t happen.
Graisse made that happen.
Now what will happen is.
But it will happen again.
I could make this happen.
But that didn’t happen.
How did this happen?
Nothing seemed to happen.
That can’t happen, Sam.
That will never happen.
How’d that happen?
Things happen for a reason.
Things wil begin to happen.
I don’t know what happen.
What happen is, while he.
W made all of this happen.
Being you have this happen.
Don’t let this happen!.
As to what is happening.
A big happening on the.
It was happening so fast.
That is so not happening.
You can see it happening.
I could see it happening.
I know what is happening.
But why is it happening.
Why is it happening now?
What has happening to her.
What is happening to me?
No way this was happening.
This can not be happening.
It was happening, like Mr.
It was just not happening.
This can’t be happening.
But nothing was happening.
I know what’s happening.
This was happening so fast.
What is happening in this.
This couldn't be happening.
Nobody happening by would.
He knew what was happening.
So prosperity is happening.
Success is still happening.
I don’t see it happening.
Can that be happening?
Nothing else was happening.
Is this really happening?
This must not be happening.
This couldn’t be happening.
This stuff that's happening.
How can this be happening?
Fat chance of that happening.
Nothing was happening, and.
What’s happening to me?
What was happening was real.
This could not be happening.
Creation is always happening.
Tim knew what was happening.
Who happened to be me.
It happened once with Dr.
This has happened to you.
Now an odd thing happened.
I don't know what happened.
This tour happened in 1993.
It all happened so quickly.
I do know what happened.
I told Bill what happened.
But nothing happened to me.
I am so glad this happened.
What has happened to you?!.
That it never happened –.
An unforseen thing happened.
It happened last Wednesday.
What happened to you? How.
My best one as it happened.
So tell me what happened.
What happened in here?
What happened to this guy?
Of course, nothing happened.
What happened next?
Then what happened?
The same thing happened a.
So what happened to cause.
What happened to Orphenn.
JOYCE: What happened next?
That’s all that happened.
When something had happened.
Tell me what's happened!.
Nothing has happened to him.
It happens to us all.
It happens to me, too.
It happens to be true.
This happens in a day.
This happens to be a.
A lot of stuff happens.
But as it happens with.
What happens to my arm?
But, what happens - - -.
M: All happens by itself.
It happens when we pray.
See what happens to you.
What happens when I.
Depends on what happens.
Now this is what happens.
This happens because we.
Let’s see what happens.
Nothing like that happens.
Is right that it happens.
Just watch what happens.
Nothing ever happens here.
Let see what happens.
What happens if he dies?
What happens to this.
What happens now?
Whatever happens to one.
Whatever happens happens.
As soon as that happens.
Nothing happens by chance.
That is what happens now.
Wait to see what happens.
What happens to the mind.
This happens because of.
That is what happens in.
This happens to me a lot.
This is where it happens.
Here's what happens now:.
But a funny thing happens.
It just so happens that.

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