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Meek in a sentence

19 The meek.
But never meek.
Meek skis students.
The heart of a meek.
He is meek and lowly.
Blessed are the meek.
Used to be meek, mild.

How could a meek 257.
Blessed are the meek:.
Blessed are the meek,.
"Justice for the meek".
The Meek and the foolish.
She was usually the meek.
he will beautify the meek.
meek Jesus and his followers.
I have courage for the meek,.
Seek me all you meek of the.
Seek the justice of the meek,.
only the meek and mildewed behind.
The meek shall inherit the Earth.
his meek wife and innocent daughter.
For the meek shall inherit the earth.
no more, but the meek shall inherit.
Of course that was only a meek hope.
��� Said Hoover with meek smile.
meek for they shall inherit the earth.
…the meek shall inherit the earth….
Raven gave a meek half-smile in return.
I finished for him with a meek voice.
showing mercy for the innocent and meek.
he will beautify the meek with salvation.

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Synonyms for meek

meek spiritless mild modest tame