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Meek in a sentence

1. The heart of a meek.
2. He is meek and lowly.
3. Used to be meek, mild.
4. How could a meek 257.
5. The Meek and the foolish.
6. She was usually the meek.
7. Seek me all you meek of the.

8. Was the meek love a maiden feels.
9. The meek shall inherit the Earth.
10. Of course that was only a meek hope.
11. For the meek shall inherit the earth.
12. Raven gave a meek half-smile in return.
13. He managed a meek cough and spit out the.
14. The meek had indeed inherited the forest.
15. Revealed to the meek, but not to the proud.
16. This is who may enter MY Kingdom, the meek and.
17. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the.
18. But how meek she was when you spoke to her!.
19. He was a most meek and humble fellow, was Surikoff.
20. He was a good guy: calm, and probably a meek person.
21. Still, women in medieval times were not meek and mild.
22. He glowered at the meek little man who had dared to.
23. Happy are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
24. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
25. We have often heard the expression, "As meek as Moses".
26. The account of the meek Jesus given by Josephus may be.
27. This is the meek Jesus who was scourged for witnessing.
28. The meek Jesus is not responsible for all this abuse and.
29. She became breathlessly willing, meek to vanishing point.
30. He marched away down the lane, followed by the meek Dora.
31. But the sorrow of the meek whose spirits have been bowed.
32. Immediately, she composed herself and offered a meek smile.
33. Aunt Julia shrugged her shoulders and said with meek pride:.
34. Not meek little children fearful of the reprisals of the Law.
35. For they will be meek and gentle and will wait their turn gladly.
36. The Lord is good and upright; the meek will he guide in judgment.
37. I’ll be meek under their coldness and repentant of my evil ways.
38. The angel of righteousness is gentle and modest meek and peaceful.
39. With voiced harmony, your meek waters to the land you fondly bind.
40. One day she spotted Tyler with a meek but sweet girl named Candice.

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