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Mellow in a sentence

She said in a mellow voice.
He was feeling a little mellow.
He was looking tolerably mellow.
Mellow colors of a hog-wild maple.
I kept hoping my father would mellow.
She would grow quite round and mellow.
They were all beginning to feel mellow.

But not bitter: mellow, an added bonus.
Maybe he was getting mellow in his old age.
Remember, she thinks Sicarius is mellow.
You would think over time he would mellow.
That's okay, she said, in a mellow voice.
The word Zen had become synonymous with mellow.
The voice was a gentle and soothing mellow baritone.
Having been described as a mellow creature with a.
Two o’clock at the Mellow Yellow Café in Tomioka.
Topps and I had slowly begun to mellow out at school.
And with that, the mood began to get a little mellow.
Let stand for about 10 minutes to mellow the flavors.
I need a nap, I told him in a mellow, dreamy voice.
The engine quickly settled into a mellow, rumbling idle.
Follow till the ending; it is only a little mellow bending.
Coltrane was playing one of his more mellow compositions, Q.
In my head, I tried to mellow things out, concentrating on an.
It seems that a lot can be said in favor of…the mellow fellow.
Let’s put something mellow in that pipe of yours and fire it.
I was taken aback but still mellow at being back in my hometown.
They arrived home in the mellow evening, happy, and glowing, and tired.
The wine was as mellow as a steam hammer, but she held back her grimace.
The other will be a large, delicately flavored apple, mellow, deep red.
THE OPERATOR CONNECTED ME with Claire first, and her mellow voice warmed me.
For a moment, Henry was conscious of the deep, mellow pulsation of the Tone.
Her voice was unexpectedly soft and mellow, with no trace of a Texas accent.
The Savannah Press offered: Her voice is exquisitely rich and full and mellow.
Hurrying to it, she picked up the receiver and spoke in it in a mellow, sexy tone.
As Olin continued to hit the bell they heard a constant tone, low and mellow in pitch.
Pass that around, I told the corporal in a mellow tone, all filled with confidence.
Summer had passed him by and the mellow cool of autumn had waned into the edge of winter.
Diane is in her bedroom listening to mellow and jazz music on the stereo as the phone rings.
A lot of people have got to go through and live in a house to make it mellow down all over.
Everyone agreed some mellowing out was in order.
It got you paranoid and talky, instead of mellowing you out.
She recounted the events of the evening, his concern mellowing her mood.
A distraction from the uncertainties, mellowing the edge of his predicament, he.
He was mellowing now, and for the past year had been seeing a young divorcée over in Wise.
And as he got older, instead of mellowing, the neuroses intensified and he lumped them all together.
The shaded sconces on the wall further amplified the mellowing sensation created by the subtle lighting.
The hostile, Gestapo expression showed signs of mellowing to what could be interpreted to be a sociable level.
Artaxis nodded his head before looking around at the mellowing atmosphere of the banquet that was drawing to a close for the night.
And so we sat at the head-table and ate and drank and the day became night, mellowing into a fine evening of drinking, song-singing and poetry.
The sconces dimmed, leaving the symphony in what appeared a halo of light and the rest of the room in a soft, warm glow that was very mellowing.
Times were good in those days, and I guess it was the mellowing of my soul, and the marriage between the soul and spirit, that put me in tune with His Presence.
Autumn is coming—already it is mellowing the leaves; and, as I sit brooding in this melancholy little town (and how melancholy the little towns of Germany can be!), I find myself taking no thought for the future, but living under the influence of passing moods, and of my recollections of the tempest which recently drew me into its vortex, and then cast me out again.
At one’s feet springs the dark-green nettle, with its slender crown of flowers, while the broad-leaved burdock, with its bright-pink, prickly blossoms, overtops the raspberries (and even one’s head) with its luxuriant masses, until, with the nettle, it almost meets the pendent, pale-green branches of the old apple-trees where apples, round and lustrous as bone, but as yet unripe, are mellowing in the heat of the sun.
His voice had mellowed.
I mellowed there, George.
He has mellowed, she said.
His friends say he’s mellowed a bit.
The sun had mellowed and the countryside.
Those five days with you have mellowed me.
The difference was that age had mellowed me.
She mellowed, perhaps in response to his huffiness.
Defeated by his lesser opponent, the congressman mellowed.
Shinds mellowed out and reminded himself that he had his.
Who knows, maybe he genuinely has mellowed a bit with age.
The creature looked at him and its facial expression mellowed.
Perhaps something like this would have mellowed Fenton for life.
The point was Ali came back, this time more serious, and Ish mellowed.
Spock mellowed as he realised Moo had been put in a difficult situation.
Still, death has mellowed me, and all I wish is to join my brethren in the lava.
Steve saw the man he had called Jules smiling now, seemingly having mellowed a bit.
Bob’s attitude mellowed over time, which made gaining his cooperation even more difficult.
The wine had so mellowed Rob that he refrained from giving the lout the clout that he deserved.
When hunger took over him though he mellowed, and grew wiser to the ways of God in His Holy place.
Helping Nicole with her rounds had mellowed her somewhat to the point where she no longer considered him a vulture.
I promise that I won’t hurt you, Sophia, Jericho mellowed, and voluntarily wiped her tears with his caring hands.
Life has mellowed out the challenges of my youth, but my aging process and diabetes give me a whole new set of challenges.
And, to be fair, Rohsail’s attitude towards Thirsk seemed to have mellowed somewhat under the corrupting influence of the earl’s sheer competence.
The two opposites hit it off immediately and once Skeets decided that Sam was physically invincible, his demeanor mellowed and Sam became Skeets Kirby‘s only true friend.
Hopkins might behold it with ineffable joy and see his own glory diminish if the suffering of the lost should wane, but that type of heart has never been mellowed by the softening influences of the gospel.
To you who are young, when the pages of your life are yellowed from time that has passed and your soul has mellowed from dreams that have died and your ship has sailed and your soul’s been sold and your tale’s been told.
This particular quality depends so much on the freshness of the paint that when this is mellowed and its vividness is lost, nothing will remain of value, if the quieter qualities of design and arrangement have been sacrificed for it.
The land had been cleared of wood for a reasonable distance around the work, but every other part of the scene lay in the green livery of nature, except where the limpid water mellowed the view, or the bold rocks thrust their black and naked heads above the undulating outline of the mountain ranges.
Knume mellows him out most of the time.
Warms in the tint, and mellows in the shade.
But mellows what we write to the dull sweets of rhyme.
A sure hit with a touch of raspberry flavoring that mellows with age! Original recipe yield: 6 dozen.
A human child is born, erupts through puberty, mellows in maturity, fades with age, and eventually returns to the dust of death.
As soft chorus that mellows the heart,.

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