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Soft in a sentence

He gave me a soft.
It was a soft kiss.
Do you see the soft.
Then, I felt a soft.
It was so soft that.
It was soft and warm.
Soft touch of a hand.

Her lips were so soft.
It was a soft sweet.
It was warm and soft.
Sue had a soft landing.
Joey sat on a soft mat.
For me it is a soft and.
It is leathery and soft.
A soft knock on the door.
He was so warm and soft.
His was voice soft and.
Austanite is a SOFT PHASE.
You’re too soft on him.
Like it was a soft throw.
My voice was soft, Yes.
Use the soft pedal often.
With a soft inland murmur.
He could have it too soft.
A nice soft rock please.
Her kiss was soft and warm.
Ground was moist and soft.
Finally I said in a soft.
Soft and pretty in colors.
I could never be so soft.
And lips as soft, but true.
He had started to go soft.
Soft sobs left her throat.
Then the soft rustle of a.
Smooth and soft and sweet.
He felt the soft hands of.
Now the sand was soft –.
A wail - soft but chilling.
One of them was still soft.

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