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    1. (Please try to memorize them

    2. That day I was very careful to memorize the route the bus took to school

    3. to memorize at the beginning, but had given up after about five turns

    4. I just sat there and stared at the carpet between my feet, as if to memorize the pattern for future reference

    5. memorize so many rules, but that he should develop

    6. There was also a typewritten list of names and addresses that Quarles suggested he memorize if he were to explain his temporary duty assignment in Paris

    7. “What did you do, memorize a map of the city for fun?” says Christina

    8. The point is their ability to memorize and regurgitate the memory in a test is about the same

    9. The IQ definition of Dumb and Bright: One way to define misfires is to rate the ability to memorize and logically apply the memory

    10. Ch’o grew up being taken to all corners of the kingdom so he could envision every part of it and memorize it

    1. We could go down and look up the records, I confess I don’t have everything about that case memorized in spite of the fact that Ava is so respected and beautiful

    2. Once again Jorma seemed to be making mental notes, going on to the next question in an interrogation checklist he had memorized

    3. She did seem to have memorized the word, it seemed out of place in her speech

    4. He confessed that he was still uncertain of some of the information contained in no few of the texts, as he had not completely memorized those sections, yet

    5. if he had the obstacles on the route memorized down to the last step

    6. Did he have that memorized or something?

    7. Probably all the geeks in calculus had it memorized

    8. He gazed out over the ever-whitening fields rolling passed, and let the lines of one of the sonnets he'd memorized during the term echo through his thoughts

    9. and the credits started to roll (Elaine had memorized

    10. The Elf memorized every twist and turn through the systems flickering passed her eyes

    1. “I have no trouble memorizing sequences of numbers!” Caleb says

    2. Memorizing dates could be a boring exercise

    3. He mounted her, touching her curves, memorizing the landscape of her body

    4. (3) Reciting sutras (for example, Sutra on the Perfection of Wisdom) – this includes reading, reflecting on, and memorizing from these texts

    5. I hadn’t even noticed him come across to me, I was too busy memorizing the rest of my lines, but Levi had come

    6. I buried my face in his neck inhaling him; memorizing his scent, he always smelled amazing to me

    7. Their trial was short, yet then again, so long when it came to memorizing the lines

    8. Nonetheless, every team member had become totally familiar with the layout; and knew exactly where he had to go by memorizing how many steps and how many turns in what direction were required to reach his target

    9. matter of bowing my head, reading it, and memorizing points to

    10. Chinese characters is through memorizing

    1. But what the child memorizes with greater strength, and is then

    2. That is well, yet it is not enough to call any of them as a scientist or a true believer because, the real scientist is he who witnesses and tastes what he memorizes

    3. memorizes away from the piano and centers his mind on the

    4. A Hafiz is a person who memorizes the holy

    5. The colored pupil memorizes as rapidly as the white, but lacks the faculty of applying the things learned to everyday life; and I am of opinion that this will remain so for a considerable time—till habits of thought and individuality of ideas are educated

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    con learn memorise memorize retain

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    commit to memory; learn by heart