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    1. I could not recall any such story in the news, and I paid attention as they argued pro and con over executing women for killing husbands, divorce laws, and then back to the subject woman

    2. I wonder if they have different purposes or if it’s all just a big con to impress the punters … Anna, you cynic!

    3. Cheap plastic children’s toys, tins of no-name chilli con carne, overpriced cans of soda and budget birthday cards sold at upscale prices

    4. ’ She turned abruptly, left the reception room, feeling the swoosh of the air con against her face

    5. Martin went into a coffee bar and ordered a café con leche and a scone

    6. He wouldn't be so easy to con

    7. The clause means what it says, which is that Congress, and by extension the other branches of the National Government, shall do absolutely nothing either pro or con a religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise of religion

    8. The so-called Wall of Separation between Church and State only exists in that the government can do nothing constitutionally either pro or con religion

    9. He couldn’t argue against that noble endeavor, but how hard was it to catch con artists on the phone?

    10. “Hello Con,” he rumbled when the call was answered, unaware that the girl was listening from the other side of the partially open door

    11. Con left his brother’s office and made his way across the large dimly lit club, still fuming inside

    12. Con smiled, filing away the information for future use

    13. Gary used to bring her, but only when Con was going to be there

    14. But it had made no difference in the end, she’d still been sold to anyone who’d pay for her, until Con had claimed her for his own that was

    15. How stupid it was, to allow Les Purvis to bully, con, browbeat, and finally persuade; that a night out wouldn’t hurt once in a while; that they were just good friends and he understood that

    16. Listen Con, I didn’t know what had happened till it was too late

    17. It actually was far more important than any job, heist, robbery or con I had pulled off before

    18. covered with chile con carne

    19. What I heard, when a con kicks on the outside,

    20. Was he pro or con on the subject of science’s compatibility with religious belief? I wondered

    21. Estoy aquí con mi novio

    22. have ~ with tener contacto con

    23. Estoy aquí con mi hija

    24. Estoy aquí con mi familia

    25. Come with (1) me / (2) us to the festival! ¡Ven (1) conmigo / (2) con nosotros al festival!

    26. Estoy aquí con mi novia

    27. with him con él

    28. Estoy aquí con mi esposo

    29. with it con ello

    30. Algo pasa con (1) el motor

    31. Vivo con mi madre

    32. Algo anda mal con el motor

    33. Me ocupo con (___)

    34. Sujétalo (con esto)

    35. Is there a problem (about this)? ¿Hay algún problema (con eso)?

    36. Are you satisfied (with it)? ¿Estás satisfecho (-cha) (con eso)?

    37. Seamos sensatos (con esto)

    38. Estoy aquí con mi hijo

    39. Me podría pasar horas hablando con usted (Fam: contigo)

    40. / (2) con nosotros

    41. ) tener problemas (con algo)

    42. with ~s (hair) con ondas

    43. with ~ (or ~ with) con qué

    44. Estoy aquí con mi esposa

    45. (together with) con; 2

    46. (by means of) con

    47. Jokes can be memorized and the Con can make it sound funny

    48. ~ con gas carbonated water

    49. ~ con almejas rice with clams

    50. ~ con conejo rice with rabbit

    1. “Oh my! I hope you haven’t conned her into wearing one of your funny creations

    2. “They conned us, Warlock

    3. Eileen had conned a younger pretty boy to do her drop for her

    4. Harry studied Alex for a moment, wondering if he was being conned

    5. "We've been conned!" Dave shouted

    6. Once again I was being conned into doing something that was sure to prove disastrous

    7. The Old Man had conned him into covering up at least six murders, and from the sounds of what was happening in The Pit, he had probably ordered a few more

    8. On the other hand, as I have many years ahead of me, it’s quite possible I could be conned again!!

    9. "Barry looks the part of a young lover, and he won't be too easily conned

    10. He is never conned

    11. As we were ushered in, I realised that we’d been conned

    12. ‘It’s obvious that, what’s his name, Lance, conned the two boys into poisoning the kid in the groundsman’s store room, set his mates on to you and locked Robert in the shed before setting fire to it

    13. The wizened little man pictured himself as quite the stud, so to uphold this ideal he conned a doctor friend into providing the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, plus instructions and paraphernalia for its use

    14. Yet none of these men thought of themselves as having made any particular offence to Fate – yes, they had stole, romped, smashed, threatened, conned and generally bootlegged their way through life, but in a way they thought of as fair and, criminally speaking, within the rules

    15. Those particular test subjects could be conned into believing anything

    16. We may be conned at home to think that that’s what we’re all about

    17. These damned bracelets cannot be charmed, conned or corrupted

    18. investors and management get conned by the asymmetry of information: many of these

    19. In this neighborhood, you learn to feel when you are being conned

    20. you need to recognize which evil behaviors you have been conned

    21. The trick is to not be conned, but if you have been, to negotiate hard

    22. putrefies captioned conned exterior below the belted fury

    23. �Hold on,� said Rinard, with a look of a man who had just realized he�d been conned for his last cent

    24. He turned himself in and admitted to the police how he had conned nearly every casino in Vegas out of millions posing as an English Duke and selling non-existent plots of real estate and forged deeds to fake castles, and with his previous spending and elaborate cons, every casino gave him large credit facilities

    25. Fisherman Ca realised Pon spoke no Vietnamese, so he told his brother about Kim and how he had been mixed up and conned into getting involved and how much he regretted being fooled

    26. The archers have conned me again!

    27. conned must end and I pray that this book form the first step in resisting the arrogance of the Academic

    28. ‘They conned me, and Mick got it all back when he could have

    29. We were sure as to ZJ’s mission and methods, yet ZJ’s Mom was so conned by ZJ that she had pushed and advocated ZJ’s agenda to be moved to Northwest High

    30. tough after being consistently lied to and conned into believing it is

    31. some real estate cronies conned her into some fraudulent investments and she lost the lot

    32. "But wait, and you shall hear if he conned his A B C to please me; and if it were worth while being civil to the brute

    33. By his elbow a delicate Siamese conned a handbook of strategy

    34. Is that how you conned him into coming here?”

    35. Clare regarded her attentively, conned the characters of her face

    36. Then he screwed up the paper and shoved it in his pocket, shaking his head as if he thought he had been conned somehow

    37. My main argument with you, Rookie, was that you believed it was the Holy Grail, that it couldn’t lose, and also that you were conned by a black box trading system with back fitted historical test results

    38. ‘But wait, and you shall hear if he conned his A B C to please me; and if it were worth while being civil to the brute

    39. As soon as they’ve bought and the price goes up, the pumpers dump, selling their shares at the higher price and leaving those they conned holding the baby

    40. Conned out of thousands

    41. I’m afraid I have heard a lot of similar tales, including those conned by boiler rooms selling worthless shares

    42. I got conned into buying subprime lender Cattles by the idiots on the BBs

    1. marked on the side of a conning tower

    2. The air intakes to the motor were on the top of the deck behind him and trapped, so the motor kept running and the craft kept moving but more as a submarine at conning tower depth than a boat

    3. “Nothing quite like conning a ship in heavy seas while standing in a puddle of vomit,” Jack noted

    4. Anne led the way to the veranda, where Susan was knitting, with Shirley and Rilla conning their primers on either side

    5. the deck forward of the conning tower

    6. One of the best ways of conning value out of people is just to simply lie about your real motives for asking them to sacrifice their values

    7. We could have murdered Frances, faked my wounds, driven up to the Alconas and, while I was conning Mad and Brian to give me an alibi, Jon could have driven on up to the studio in the Mercedes on his own

    8. ����������� �Main gun, target the sub�s conning tower and fire at will

    9. � Shells splashes bracketed the submarine at a rate of over nine rounds per minute, with a solid hit on the conning tower with the sixth round

    10. � She felt elation when she noticed that many had already sunk, their conning towers barely emerging at odd angles from the water

    11. � KapitanLeutnant Gunther Prien, who had watched the bomber raid from the conning tower of his U-47 docked at quayside, looked at the paper and had a sardonic smile

    12. � He read it aloud to his men in the conning tower

    13. � They soon saw men run out of the conning tower to a 37mm cannon mounted aft of the periscope

    14. � One of them examined the inert body inside the raft and raised its head towards the conning tower

    15. Conning and manipulating

    16. Comment: Conning others speaks to the heart of Psychopathy

    17. When it finished surfacing the top of the conning tower was about even with the dock

    18. The two sailors retrieved some sort of collapsible gangplank from inside the sub, which they erected between the conning tower and the dock

    19. While she was not an expert in ship identification, the large red star painted on the side of the submarine’s conning tower was enough for her

    20. Her copilot reacted with commendable speed and lined up her gun sight on the conning tower of the submarine, firing their two 30mm cannons installed in limited traverse mounts in the nose as men emerged from a deck hatch and ran to an anti-aircraft gun

    21. One rocket exploded against the side of the conning tower, blowing to pieces the gunners about to aim the 23mm cannon mount at the top rear of the conning tower

    22. “Everybody in this world is conning everybody else

    23. It wasn’t exactly honest but feeling guilty about conning a car salesman was like worrying about feeling a pretentious cunt while watching a French film on your iPad

    24. I don't know how much you make conning silly old ladies into buying stocks and bonds, but I'm sure it's not enough

    25. ” Playing the game that I did, I smiled, nodded and told him thanks, but even back then, when I was charming the pants off of men and the money out of their wallets, I still felt a sense of guilt for conning them into giving me what I needed

    26. Because legally, half-legally, illegally… lying, cheating, conning, distorting, snookering, finagling any kind of advantage possible: is how all businesses make their profit

    27. All the conning, planning, and scamming in the world would not and could not bring LD back

    28. But these leaves conning you con at peril,

    29. While at that work the submarine came to the surface quite close and made a complete circle round us, the seven men that we counted on the conning tower laughing at our efforts

    30. Jennings, though forced, on examination, to acknowledge a temporary revival, tried to keep her young friend from indulging a thought of its continuance;-- and Elinor, conning over every injunction of distrust, told herself likewise not to hope

    31. It took him more than an hour to do the job, and when I saw him coming towards me, conning a bit of paper, I can tell you my heart was in my mouth

    32. He closed the voice pipe, undogged the conning tower door, and stepped back out onto the bridge wing

    33. He stared at his ship’s handiwork, listening as the thunder of the army’s artillery rolled and bellowed, and then he drew a deep breath and turned back to the conning tower

    34. In fact, it’d be a whole hell of a lot easier on you if you were smart enough to stay inside the conning tower with young Cahnyrs!

    35. He wouldn’t have been able to see as well, and the interior of the conning tower left a little something to be desired in terms of comfort and breathability when the big guns were in action, but at least the armor would have prevented his feeling as if the Tellesberg Krakens had decided to use him for batting practice

    36. ” Zhaztro stepped back and around the solid horseshoe of armor which protected Eraystor’s conning tower

    37. One day, however, when he had been conning one of his music-scores, and by force of imagination was hearing the tune in his head, he lapsed into listlessness, and the music-sheet rolled to the hearth

    38. “I still say he’s conning us

    39. I wondered if she was conning me

    40. It was the hour of study; they were engaged in conning over their to-morrow’s task, and the hum I had heard was the combined result of their whispered repetitions

    41. Analysts liked the feel of pulling the wool over the consumer's eyesironic, as events turned out, because Eddie Antar was ultimately more successful at conning smart Wall Street analysts than street-smart New Yorkers

    42. Jennings, though forced, on examination, to acknowledge a temporary revival, tried to keep her young friend from indulging a thought of its continuance;—and Elinor, conning over every injunction of distrust, told herself likewise not to hope

    43. ” Yet the dance was over before I had succeeded in saying THOU, even though I kept conning over phrases in which the pronoun could be employed—and employed more than once

    44. The question must stand thus: “In what manner am I, a helpless, useless man, who, owing to the misfortune of my conditions, have wasted my best years of study in conning the scientific Talmud which corrupts soul and body, to correct this mistake, and learn to serve the people?” But it presents itself to them thus: “How am I, a man who has acquired so much very fine learning, to turn this very fine learning to the use of the people?” And such a man will never answer the question, “What is to be done?” until he repents

    1. As they drove home the conversation drifted to the pros and cons of having big name stars in Sci-fi movies

    2. Some time later mother and father rolled through the door in the middle of a heated argument about the pros and cons of holidays in the sun and gambling trips to Las Vegas

    3. There are two large bedrooms both with shuttered windows – one looking towards the sea and the other inland; a small third room off the main hall which would make a very good office; a large lounge dining room with views across the bay, a square kitchen and a bathroom with nice solid mod cons

    4. middle of a heated argument about the pros and cons of holidays in

    5. As everyone stood about discussing the pros and cons of this, Brent backed away and

    6. She’s listed the pros and cons for each one … a note saying that Bristol Council were not helpful

    7. All mod cons

    8. pros and cons carefully, she said;

    9. Let’s look at the pros and cons to the different communication methods…

    10. browser? Each has their pros and cons

    11. The cons are that support can be time consuming (remote support can be

    12. There are too many internet cons out there claiming to give you instant traffic

    13. “That just proves everything has its pros and cons

    14. You need to look at the pros and cons

    15. Pros & Cons To Outsourcing

    16. When Minister Lyle came home we sat in their cosy lounge and discussed all the pros and cons of the position in Cape Town

    17. There were definitely more pros than cons

    18. She explained the pros and cons of the items that Josie and I were interested in, and after a while she’d forgotten what she had originally come to buy as she delved into our long list

    19. What are the pros and cons of such an economic system? The advantages of

    20. It was good to read and think about such issues as guns and gun control, man and global warming, the pros and cons to belonging to the United Nations, the validity of the term

    21. But such “newsworthy” subjects were less conducive for the exercise of debate, which was supposed to explore heady pros and cons

    22. He cautiously weighed the pros and cons before agreeing to another encounter

    23. Making a list of pros and cons, and then choosing the option that the evidence best supports

    24. Think about the pros and cons of a cloud solution versus installing on-premise

    25. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of consultants versus doing it in-house

    26. Sarah understood the pros and cons and realized that having one or two consultants in

    27. Consider the pros and cons of a cloud vs

    28. its own pros and cons

    29. conditioning yourself to see the pros and cons of whatever it is that you’re procrastinating

    30. Pros and Cons of Action

    31. one way to do this is by looking at the pros and cons of each job

    32. List the pros and cons of those jobs that

    33. You’ll most likely find that there are more pros than cons on your

    34. If you do find that there are more cons, take another look at the task you’re avoiding

    35. Are the cons that you’ve listed for that task real and legitimate or are you avoiding this one job so much that you’re not being

    36. you should find more pros than cons

    37. Hottman, Hansen, and their subordinates were using the 200 and 300 series of accounts essentially as “revolving funds” to make purchases and sales “off the books”; which was expressly contrary to the lab’s Policies and Procedures Manual which required all such transactions to be routed through Contracts on a green sheet that had to be signed by all senior management—preferably after a joint meeting to discuss pros and cons, and then be signed again by either myself or the Director

    38. types, and talking about their pros and cons

    39. the pros and cons, the upsides and downsides are for each example

    40. across to you what the pros and cons, the upsides and downsides are for each example

    41. discussing the possibilities? Weighing the pros and cons and

    42. I didn’t have much to say to Bull—finding it to be extremely arduous to weigh the pro and cons of my friendship with him and deciding whether or not to remain friends

    43. cons of becoming involved

    44. The senator told him the group had met, debated the pros and cons of Warren"s proposal and he"d like to meet with the scientist in the morning

    45. pros and cons of voting yes to the bot equality act

    46. together the various pros and cons of each one;

    47. Thinking it all over, and finding, with a heavy heart, that the cons outweighed the pros

    48. and cons and eventually concluded that, if the crèche didn’t move from its Morgenster

    49. In the meantime Hamish believed that the Government needed to examine the pros and cons before any action was taken to stop the process already fully developed

    50. the pros and cons of any new system, and keep a

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    Synonyms for "con"

    bunco bunco game bunko bunko game con con game confidence game confidence trick flimflam hustle sting convict inmate yard bird yardbird learn memorise memorize defraud diddle goldbrick hornswoggle mulct nobble rook scam short-change swindle victimize cheat dupe fraud mockery gyp graft opposed to contra in opposition at odds trick mislead take in peruse scan examine pore over

    "con" definitions

    an argument opposed to a proposal

    a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison

    a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

    deprive of by deceit

    commit to memory; learn by heart

    in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.