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    1. I could not recall any such story in the news, and I paid attention as they argued pro and con over executing women for killing husbands, divorce laws, and then back to the subject woman

    2. I wonder if they have different purposes or if it’s all just a big con to impress the punters … Anna, you cynic!

    3. Cheap plastic children’s toys, tins of no-name chilli con carne, overpriced cans of soda and budget birthday cards sold at upscale prices

    4. ’ She turned abruptly, left the reception room, feeling the swoosh of the air con against her face

    5. Martin went into a coffee bar and ordered a café con leche and a scone

    6. He wouldn't be so easy to con

    7. The clause means what it says, which is that Congress, and by extension the other branches of the National Government, shall do absolutely nothing either pro or con a religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise of religion

    8. The so-called Wall of Separation between Church and State only exists in that the government can do nothing constitutionally either pro or con religion

    9. He couldn’t argue against that noble endeavor, but how hard was it to catch con artists on the phone?

    10. “Hello Con,” he rumbled when the call was answered, unaware that the girl was listening from the other side of the partially open door

    1. “Oh my! I hope you haven’t conned her into wearing one of your funny creations

    2. “They conned us, Warlock

    3. Eileen had conned a younger pretty boy to do her drop for her

    4. Harry studied Alex for a moment, wondering if he was being conned

    5. "We've been conned!" Dave shouted

    6. Once again I was being conned into doing something that was sure to prove disastrous

    7. The Old Man had conned him into covering up at least six murders, and from the sounds of what was happening in The Pit, he had probably ordered a few more

    8. On the other hand, as I have many years ahead of me, it’s quite possible I could be conned again!!

    9. "Barry looks the part of a young lover, and he won't be too easily conned

    10. He is never conned

    1. marked on the side of a conning tower

    2. The air intakes to the motor were on the top of the deck behind him and trapped, so the motor kept running and the craft kept moving but more as a submarine at conning tower depth than a boat

    3. “Nothing quite like conning a ship in heavy seas while standing in a puddle of vomit,” Jack noted

    4. Anne led the way to the veranda, where Susan was knitting, with Shirley and Rilla conning their primers on either side

    5. the deck forward of the conning tower

    6. One of the best ways of conning value out of people is just to simply lie about your real motives for asking them to sacrifice their values

    7. We could have murdered Frances, faked my wounds, driven up to the Alconas and, while I was conning Mad and Brian to give me an alibi, Jon could have driven on up to the studio in the Mercedes on his own

    8. ����������� �Main gun, target the sub�s conning tower and fire at will

    9. � Shells splashes bracketed the submarine at a rate of over nine rounds per minute, with a solid hit on the conning tower with the sixth round

    10. � She felt elation when she noticed that many had already sunk, their conning towers barely emerging at odd angles from the water

    1. As they drove home the conversation drifted to the pros and cons of having big name stars in Sci-fi movies

    2. Some time later mother and father rolled through the door in the middle of a heated argument about the pros and cons of holidays in the sun and gambling trips to Las Vegas

    3. There are two large bedrooms both with shuttered windows – one looking towards the sea and the other inland; a small third room off the main hall which would make a very good office; a large lounge dining room with views across the bay, a square kitchen and a bathroom with nice solid mod cons

    4. middle of a heated argument about the pros and cons of holidays in

    5. As everyone stood about discussing the pros and cons of this, Brent backed away and

    6. She’s listed the pros and cons for each one … a note saying that Bristol Council were not helpful

    7. All mod cons

    8. pros and cons carefully, she said;

    9. Let’s look at the pros and cons to the different communication methods…

    10. browser? Each has their pros and cons

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    Synonyms for "con"

    bunco bunco game bunko bunko game con con game confidence game confidence trick flimflam hustle sting convict inmate yard bird yardbird learn memorise memorize defraud diddle goldbrick hornswoggle mulct nobble rook scam short-change swindle victimize cheat dupe fraud mockery gyp graft opposed to contra in opposition at odds trick mislead take in peruse scan examine pore over

    "con" definitions

    an argument opposed to a proposal

    a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison

    a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

    deprive of by deceit

    commit to memory; learn by heart

    in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.