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Mete in a sentence | mete example sentences

  1. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall.
  2. He appraised Kitara as she continued to mete out orders.
  3. I am grieved! I am very sad! But MY justice I will mete out with MY.
  4. Kawa Tzul Taka can mete out punishment to those who offend him; and he.
  5. Elliott hinted it might even be too late to mete out internal punishment, but.

  6. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
  7. Whatever he had once suffered at the hands of humanity, he had no right to mete out such punishment.
  8. Her training even includes a short lesson where she must mete out pain and humiliation to a male slave.
  9. And there were people who were prepared to take the law into their own hands and mete out their own justice.
  10. We shall now mete out austerities to our chosen ambassadors in order to absolve them of negative Karma beforehand.
  11. Only the Creator of All can mete out such a sentence and he refuses to do so because he loves all his children (souls).
  12. You deserve happiness, and your failure to secure it makes me the more anxious to mete it out to you in fullest measure.
  13. The Curators mete out knowledge and progress in drips and drops, and see their duty to the people as that of a parent to an infant.
  14. There was no need for any laws or police or authority to mete out the proper punishments and make sure that in each case, justice was served.
  15. It was, in fact, expected of a King to follow Ignar, for the throne was to mete out Justice and provide protection, and those were the virtues of Ignar.

  16. As kicks and cuffs have not compelled us to take part with them, neither shall caresses or fawning, for we will mete out an equal measure of justice to both.
  17. I stood by the rector talking calmly with him about the punishment we could mete out to the dastardly accuser, when one of the men suddenly cried out with an oath.
  18. What with an expanding universe, the millions of galaxies and billions of stars, the exploding supernova and voracious black holes, I doubt it that God has the time or inclination to mete out justice to three humans on planet earth.
  19. Strange indeed, that a literal destruction would give the Lord no space to reward according to works—while to dump them indiscriminately into a furnace of fire—figurative or literal—with the devil, keeping them in perpetual life would enable Him to mete out to each their just dues.
  20. How many crimes committed by people in power have ever been properly punished? When is the last time you ever heard of a corrupt politician actually going to jail? What is the worst punishment we mete out to the worst, most corrupt Politicians? We just don’t let them have all that Power again.
  21. And so they set up before us a false semblance of Christ! ‘What measure ye mete so it shall be meted unto you again,’ cried the counsel for the defense, and instantly deduces that Christ teaches us to measure as it is measured to us—and this from the tribune of truth and sound sense! We peep into the Gospel only on the eve of making speeches, in order to dazzle the audience by our acquaintance with what is, anyway, a rather original composition, which may be of use to produce a certain effect—all to serve the purpose! But what Christ commands us is something very different: He bids us beware of doing this, because the wicked world does this, but we ought to forgive and to turn the other cheek, and not to measure to our persecutors as they measure to us.

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