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Border in a sentence

His border will be on.
Red Axes of the Border.
The flag has a red border.
Border Patrol and the BLM.
This marked the border with.
Customs and the Border Patrol.
Border war with China (1962).

Carlisle just below the border.
Point to the Mozambique border.
Border? Maybe more than border.
A subsequent search of border.
Or kiss the border of her dress.
Border Patrol was ready this time.
We can’t go back over the border.
Hope is there--at least the border.
Forget those fuckers at the border.
There are hardly any border lines.
It served as the territorial border.
Border collies are a different breed.
They were now near the Kazakh border.
We’re beyond the border station.
Hippocratic oath stopped at the border.
That border definitely needs some tlc.
A Border Patrol team retrieved the boy.
The border of the Canaanites was from.
She touched the border of his pubic hair.
The border between Khafra and Tethys.
The border that was never to be crossed.
I’m at the border and on my way home.
Forty-three players arrived at the border.
Only ten more miles to South of the Border.
But it's as well on the border as anywhere.
We’re staying over at South of the Border.
Nothing will happen this side of the border.
Galeron’s laugh seemed to border on hysteria.
Along the mountains south-easterly border on.
Came behind him, and touched the border of his.
The road took us to the state border of Oregon.
River, and this was the border of the Promised.
On some streets with little traffic, the border.
It was bordering on humiliation.
The smell was aftershave bordering on gin.
It grew wild in some of the bordering regions.
This is not funny, she said, bordering on rage.
Dan Arkin’s former ranch bordering The Greenbrier.
He missed her with a passion bordering on obsession.
His love of 80s cars was bordering on the obsession.
How could they do that? She knew she was bordering.
Working on a string of impulses, bordering illumination.
Levi was bordering on the truth, he knew nothing about me.
Her spontaneity was bordering sometimes on the imprudence.
He was able to find one, bordering Tagaytay City and Mendez.
Bordering Gujarat, it had a large tribal and rural population.
The tension emanating from the Director was bordering on physical.
The terrace? A nervous laugh, bordering on a giggle, escaped.
Pacific Grove and Monterey sit side by side on a hill bordering the bay.
Each of these had a narrower strip of gold bordering them in the inside.
The fern has a short licorice flavor, bordering on both sweet and bitter.
We chose a lovely spot high on a wooded slope bordering on a nature reserve.
The forest bordering the cottage looked to be a suitable place to escape to.
But this, he added with a look bordering on condescension, you must.
He felt something bordering upon despair, which he had never known till then.
I’m sure of that, she agreed a little too enthusiastically, bordering.
Just here and there a complete paralysis of thought comes, bordering on a panic.
He immediately threw up his hands in the air as he faced her, bordering on panic.
This is bordering on ridiculous, she muttered, pushing thoughts of him aside.
Tall gum trees stood in a thick line bordering both sides of a narrow, sandy track.
You watch the road while I watch the houses bordering the road on its northern side.
Athene shuddered at the casts of the figures, their realism was bordering on creepy.
He then found himself facing one of his sailors, who seemed to be bordering on panic.
The invaders would soon reach the picket line bordering their region with Mystic Down.
But this, he added with a look bordering on condescension, you must already know.
To Ailia’s delight, the rest of the trip had been uneventful, even bordering on drab.
Then she spotted the fence bordering the far side of the field and broke into a run again.
Because of stubbornness bordering on psychosis, both camps have remained blind to pivotal.
We searched the area and, as I said, we found the gun in the hedge bordering your property.
BUT I CAN’T STAY LIKE THIS! Shouted the now hysterical secretary, bordering on tears.
Standing before Cruzel, the girl was confused and a little scared, bordering on the intrigued.
Pleasure at the jump they’d made from mere acquaintances to something bordering on friends.
They had ended the night late in an exotic frenzy mixed with passion bordering on the violent.
His tone bordered on the surly.
He was a Shakya prince who bordered.
They were bordered with currant bushes.
Sexual relations that bordered on rape.
Dialectical connection at a bordered region.
The expression she wore bordered on hatred.
It bordered upon stupidity, moral stupidity.
They were pink satin, bordered with swansdown.
Twitter-chants bordered every AS turned arena:.
What?! Alex’s voice bordered on shouting.
Georgian terrace had a garden that bordered this.
Somehow, they stood in a place bordered by clouds.
The road, a narrow strip of seal bordered by dust.
He was pruning the hedge that bordered the sidewalk.
Of the trio of doors that bordered the left side of the.
A dreamy quiet lay over the woods that bordered the blue bay.
She was still so wired that her speech bordered on incoherent.
In a moment of stubborn aversion, death bordered him with stare.
Nepal was a part of Northern India and bordered China and the.
The alleys were bordered with gloomy and very erect little shrubs.
Beyond Poseidon, Therese could make out a river bordered by forest.
Those Pyramids he mentioned bordered the western edge of the region.
The path was now plain before them, well-tended and bordered with stone.
I met Ned, a brilliant twenty-something young man who bordered on genius.
It was white wool, bordered with squares of green satin and cloth-of-gold.
They had it to themselves, a square mile of water bordered only by forest.
A small stream, no more than run-off from the hills to the south, bordered.
But it seemed to him she had behaved with a pride that bordered on insolence.
Sitting down, he pushed his teacup aside and opened a folder bordered in red.
They played in an alley of the garden bordered with a few shabby fruit-trees.
As time passed the two developed a sixth sense that bordered on mind reading.
She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered.
He kept as far as he could from the branches which bordered both sides of the.
Bordered by the Pacific to the east and the Atlantic to the west, South America.
I just smiled, as I walked along the dusty ground that bordered one of the pools.
The wide and broken road bordered by the remains of the parkland swallowed him up.
All bordered by yellow bands of light connected to floating spheres in intervals.
That was no hindrance to their desires of conquest because Berke was bordered by.
A few feet beyond the waterfall was the edge of the pool, bordered by thick bush.
Another correspondent writes that the transport of the crowd bordered on delirium.
Those borders form part of.
The camp has magic borders.
Borders and other online bookshops.
Borders used by the Migrants Table 6.
You are near the borders of the Shire.
When he arrived at one of the borders.
Both lines are then channel’s borders.
Amazon, Borders and other online bookshops.
After all, his place is within its borders.
Prepare to defend the ship against borders.
Borders were constantly under attack from.
That is why diabetes borders on consumption.
Along both sides, on the borders of the green.
The borders of the gate were different, though.
The creative imagination borders on the mystical.
I almost forgot, we will secure the borders so.
Yes, sir; near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey.
Yes, sir, near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey.
He wore a silk veshti and jibba with gold borders.
What beyond the borders of the infinite universe?
Palestine to respect the borders drawn up by the E.
Love does not construct fences, but opens borders.
Mostly from notoriety outside the Imperial borders.
The individual borders between sectors of the Slums.
That stuff is out of the wiredrawn borders, you know.
Tom's country ends here: he will not pass the borders.
Why not risk ourselves on a Territory without borders?
Send a message to the king to keep watch on the borders.
God knows how many borders they must have crossed by now.
These giants wash the country’s east and west borders.
Her spirit still helps protect the borders of the valley.
Borders of thin bodies are rather amorphous and changeable.
A place within the borders of my people’s ancestral land.
We will achieve the achievements of Jewels Without Borders.
I never before traveled beyond the borders of Coermantyr.
We are not a secure nation as long as we have porous borders.
I have often kept watch on the borders of the Shire in the.
Approaching one of those borders now, upon passing through.
We cared little for what lay beyond the borders of our land.
At one of the borders the girls were offered to the border.

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