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Milky in a sentence

He is the Milky Way.
In the Milky Way you lie.
The fourth one was a milky.
This is the Milky Way Galaxy.
Milky Way’s thick band of stars.
The milky glow spilled into the.
Is that our Milky Way galaxy on.

Her face was a pallid, milky hue.
Poured me a big mug of milky coffee.
A thick milky mist hung over the town.
It was so different to the old milky.
Which was declining on the milky head.
Ignorance links with the soul Milky Way.
Nagar aquamarine is always a bit milky.
In a swirl of the galaxy, the Milky Way.
Racing toward the edge of the Milky Way.
Racing towards the edge of the Milky Way.
Earth is also part of the Milky Way Galaxy.
The atmosphere was turning white and milky.
Del stared into the milky eyes of his squad.
It is not the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
And cast after the Milky Way with falling traces.
I looked up and holy shit, I was in the Milky Way.
Madra’s milky eyes bulged in their red-rimmed.
With the Milky Way, far above, stretching over us.
The sun is in a galaxy called the Milky Way that.
FBI is the office that goes into the milky culture.
Now they were just limpid milky pools of emptiness.
The milky juice from the fresh plant is typically.
Casey gestured at the Milky Way, blanketed by stars.
I want to remember those dark milky eyes, with not.
Tall and milky white with perfect breasts and legs.
He could only imagine where in the Milky Way he was.
At this rate, they’ll populate the whole Milky Way.
The poisonous ones yield a sticky, milky sap when cut.
She pauses and takes two small sips of milky white tea.
But, by God, I was lost, so to speak, in the milky way.
Did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded.
It would have been less disconcerting if they’d been milky.
The Milky Way is the galaxy within which human beings reside.

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