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Pallid in a sentence

His face was pallid, sunken.
The man was already pallid and.
Her face was a pallid, milky hue.
His memories were pallid, however.
The pallid Hublin shows him pages.
Within the pallid slivers slumbering.
It falls, whilst he with pallid stare.

Her face was a pallid oval in the gloom.
The man’s skin was pallid and mottled.
The pallid smile of Elizabeth poked Sophia.
His frowning face was pallid and quivered.
He wore tattered rags over his pallid skin.
Jean Valjean lay there pallid and motionless.
This ape had pallid skin and a Mohawk haircut.
Ted sits in his armchair, pallid and feverish.
Her fingers, cuddling it, were plump and pallid.
Burnham’s face turns to a markedly pallid hue.
A look of surprise flashed across his pallid face.
Elandria studied his pallid complexion with worry.
The entity motioned with his hand, Grinly's pallid.
The face of the soldiers were pallid in the torchlight.
Rachel, putting her kind old arms about the pallid girl.
Their pallid skins and slack expressions didn’t belong.
The doctor looked into Zygmunt's pallid face and told him.
A short creature with pallid green skin looked up to her.
I can see her, the pallid, good-for-nothing codfish!.
His tan was long faded and his skin was pallid and wrinkled.
The armoured plating of their pallid blue Security Division.
Tommy stared back, his face pallid and drawn, his eyes empty.
Both had risen, and were gazing at one another with pallid faces.
His pallid skin and bone-white hair made him look a living corpse.
The Single Sea, which lay upon the pallid shore with little motion.
The moon drifted from behind the clouds and exposed the pallid face.
Crass's fat face was pallid with fear as he clung trembling to his seat.
The Single Sea, which lay upon the pallid shore with little motion….
The big man plopped down and stared down at the pallid figure on the bed.
She repaid this sally with a smile, which transformed her pallid features.
He was sweating profusely and his normally pallid complexion was flushed.
He crawled up on his hands and knees, blood spilling down his pallid face.
By Jove! I resent his pallid Portrait by which the World thinks it knows me.

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