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Pallid in a sentence

Publishing was pallid.
12, and margins a tad pallid.
His face was pallid, sunken.
The man was already pallid and.
then turned a bleak, pallid shade.
Her face was a pallid, milky hue.
The pallid Hublin shows him pages.

His memories were pallid, however.
pallid stone columns on either wall.
Within the pallid slivers slumbering.
pallid, wasting flesh of their faces.
her, his cold, pallid, lifeless body.
papery skin and pallid, baleful glare.
Her face was a pallid oval in the gloom.
The man’s skin was pallid and mottled.
His frowning face was pallid and quivered.
The pallid smile of Elizabeth poked Sophia.
He wore tattered rags over his pallid skin.
standing perfectly still, waxed and pallid,.
Jean Valjean lay there pallid and motionless.
Ted sits in his armchair, pallid and feverish.
This ape had pallid skin and a Mohawk haircut.
cream-colored dress highlighted her pallid skin.
Her fingers, cuddling it, were plump and pallid.
Burnham’s face turns to a markedly pallid hue.
Elandria studied his pallid complexion with worry.
A look of surprise flashed across his pallid face.

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Synonyms for pallid

pale pallid wan sick