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Mining in a sentence

Now, on to Krull Mining.
Mining is a hazardous job.
Krull Mining is using the U.
Our miner was mining for gold.
In mining areas helpers are not.
It was an abandoned mining station.
Look at the history of gold mining.

He knew about mining and a host of.
Depletion Charges of Mining Companies.
Their specialty, though, is mining law.
Tarlor, observations on mining, xxxiv, 9.
A mining surveyor was caught by the guards.
I shall also do a little in the mining way.
Inspired by a trip to the coal mining museum.
I guess it’s possible that that mining.
He has been called the Prince of Mining.
Drilling, mining, logging and such activates.
I was their illegal mining operations investor.
One stands for mining, the other for ranching.
Half of it had been excavated in strip mining.
Mining has been a way of life here since then.
Mining coal is dirty business, always has been.
I'm into mining all sorts of metals and stones.
All deep mining, which was the traditional way.
New bitcoins are created through Bitcoin mining.
And then his dad started mining while he watched.
Leaving everything up to the mining gangs that.
Be careful with mining and oil exploration stocks.
Arkin ran his now defunct mining operations?
He’d been nine years old when the mining began.
If you have a mine, you are in the mining sector.
I just knew his work at the time was about mining.
Does Krull Mining know he has the documents?
Kenny and Jerry Matheson ran the mining operations.
The prevalence of crooks in mining is pestilential.
Greenbrier would have, for reasons other than mining.
This new mining boom wouldn’t last forever though.
My family has mining interests as well, and we all.
He would also serve as a Director of Billiton Mining.
And the asteroid mining was going to make him rich.
A little gold is still mined.
Opal is also still being mined.
Beings mined the mineral resources.
The quartz was mined in the state of Minas.
The body is the problem and mined the solution.
Once you have mined your own store of talented.
For several years they mined without an incident.
Asbestos was shown as a silicate, mined from the earth.
A huge percentage of their resources were mined and stolen.
This is how the Spanish mined, Dog whispered in my ear.
I had no idea the crystals were being mined by prisoners.
We have mined the veins of copper in this ore-laden granite.
And how much gold was actually mined there? Breckenridge.
The gold is mostly alluvial, so it would have been easily mined.
Copper continues to be mined at a faster rate than we consume it.
Some iron was mined from Altgeld, but it was of inferior quality.
Possessing the same physical and optical properties as mined gems.
This must be the place where Architalos mined clay for his pottery.
In the past they had mined straight down for the copper, open pit style.
There they panned for precious metals and mined for magnetic drive crystals.
What? Here? But why did they not blow up the bridge, if it was mined?
The people who worked there mined and completed a wide variety of other tasks.
Trent nodded, So he stayed, which means that the gold he mined also stayed.
Every time you visited me here, you mined a little more treasure, she said.
We may find a seam where they mined out enough were we can get above this water.
Nearly 90 percent of the known gold has been mined, with an approximate value of $4.
For ten thousands of years: gold mines were controlled and mined only by those in power.
Potash, a pinky, crystal-like substance, is mined from evaporated underground salt lakes.
They derailed trains, hijacked trucks, mined roads and destroyed arms and supply depots.
Teypachtli had just gone up the Thanuge to get some of the teoxihuitl stones mined there.
The mines, although almost mined out, left a legacy of a highly lucrative trading centre.
The social landscape is pockmarked by petty interdictions and mined with coercive penalties.
Our people mined the ore and metal veins in the Arkadian Mountain Range for many generations.
She takes her position with her periscope where she can watch the robots pass over the mined area.
Who has no social network? The festering zone of Africa where comptech's rare minerals are mined.
It can also be mined closer to the surface, but those pieces tend to be of lesser quality than-�.
Chinese cinnabars have no equals, and they have been mined and revered in China for hundreds of years.
The pueblo people mined them before the Spaniards came into the region and enslaved them in the mines.
You could take all the gold that's ever been mined, and it would fill a cube 67 feet in each direction.
It has however been extensively mined during the years and is now little more than a hollow rock shell.
Most of the mines in Sri.
Deep mines here in the East.
She would inherit silver mines.
There is gold in those mines.
It forgets positions of the mines.
I was a healer near the mines.
And the slaves worked in the mines.
I didn’t go in, fearing the mines.
Want to run the two mines? Free hand.
Knockers lurk in the caves and mines.
The dwarven mines had all but run dry.
Hartle hit the button for aerial mines.
The mines, they mine and process ice.
He compared this with his list of mines.
He wanted to get his hands on the mines.
There were also mines and stone quarries.
He cuts 'em up for mines and booby traps.
You wouldn't believe mines if I told you.
The Hungarian mines, it is remarked by Mr.
Olmsted, on the mines of, ix, 5; xiv, 237.
There are superior mines and inferior mines.
Many of these mines still litter some areas.
He had been taken into one of the gold mines.
They pour from the mines within the mountain.
This car, the mines, the company—it's yours.
I also saw that there weren’t any mines left.
The penalty for theft from the mines is death.
Children put to work in the coal mines as slaves.
But he never wanted Webster to work in the mines.
He searched for work in the mines initially, and.
At least we didn’t invest in those stupid mines.
Diamond Mines of South West Africa came into being.
But sciences should be like mines, where the noise.
My unit cleared land mines and unexploded ordnance.
But I’ll guarantee you those mines will be blown.
Champion, there were plenty of floating mines about.
His trouble and peril had been connected with mines.
We dwarves have claimed the mines in the north face.
List of testing instruments to be provided in mines.

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It used to be mine.
It was one of mine.
Have a sip of mine.
Her eyes fix on mine.
As it did with mine.
She used to be mine.
It is often in mine.
But in one of mine.
It'd be a gold mine.
She was now all mine.
In this book of mine.
To Break Mine In Two.
A good friend of mine.
That he is really mine.
This club is now mine.
See, I have mine here.
And the wreck is mine.
This woman is all mine.
And so should mine be.
The east wing is mine.
I can use all of mine.
I know he was in mine.
Your pain is now mine.
A friend of mine said.
Mine is the God of love.
Mine is of the witness.
I slipped mine into it.
I mean the mine road.
And then you held mine.
Not mine or my taste.
His eyes looked at mine.
He’s a friend of mine.
He's no brother of mine.
I take his hand in mine.
She is a friend of mine.
I took her hand in mine.
His cold lips touch mine.
Then you can taste mine.
Here, have mine for now.
You could never be mine.

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